Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers! Brent's pain has eased considerably, he is able to talk with us and that is great. He has been sleeping on and off for the majority of the day, hope he'll be able to sleep tonight!

We were told by Orthopedics they plan to operate on his left shoulder Friday--we don't have a time yet. Just knowing the day, is great!

One thing we are learning is not to sweat the little things in life--and to count all things a joy! We can't explain how overjoyed we are to just be able to sit and carry on a conversation with Brent.
Today, is the one month anniversary of his accident.


Anonymous said...

Brent.....you and your family and friends are being prayed for by my family and I. We pray specifically for continued healing and the hope that comes from knowing that this life is but a small taste of the life that is to come with Jesus.

May God continue to bless you with the "little things."

Kurt, Steph and Allison Turner
Loomis, CA

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Brent's pain has
eased. Scotty is 7 now, and I know what it is like to see your child in pain. We are all praying for Brent and your whole family everyday.

Lindsey Walden-Miller

Andrea said...

Pete, Kathy and Brent,

We have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. I check this site daily (sometimes more often) to see how you all are doing. I am sure glad Brent is getting some rest and relief from his pain.

Our prayer continues to be that God will strengthen your family as well as heal Brent's body.

We sure can see that even through this most difficult time you are letting your light shine!

In Christ's love,
Mike, Andrea & Sarah Kaye Carter
Eustis, FL

Doug and Sue Poyet said...

Pete, Kathy and Brent,
I would like to share with you the blog site of another friend who I think you share a lot with. Pam Sailor was here at the school when we came (a teacher) and her son, Logan, is a burn victim at Shriners Burn Center in Cincinnati. His accident happened just before Thanksgiving. Her blog site reflects a lot of faith and comfort in God and I think you will find it encouraging. Here is the information (if you have time):

Go to: caringbridge.org
Web site name-logansailor
Site password – deerhunter

I don't know if you knew Pam and Jimmy or not. I hope you find encouragement from this.
We love you all!
Doug and Sue

Anonymous said...

Kathy,Pete and Brent,
Our prayers have been lifted up on your behalf since the evening we heard about your accident. Keep the faith! God is good and He has a plan for you Brent. Never give up.
Love you all
Mike & Karen Cockrell

Kathy said...

God be praised that Brent is improving and is able to rest! We hope that you two are getting some rest as well. We continue to pray for a full recovery and will not cease.

Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Lynnetta said...

Brent has come a long way in one month. So many prayers have been answered. I am glad they have set a date for his shoulder surgery. Brent is amazing. Ya'll are amazing. Ya'll are such an inspiration to so many people. Thank you for the update. I pray for Brent and the doctors in the upcoming surgery. I know it will go well. Pete, I also pray for your safety in traveling back and forth. You know how much I love to fly. I love ya'll Lynnetta and Benny.

Laura Day said...

PRAISE GOD that Brent is able to rest! we will continue to pray for God to move powerfully and speed Brent's recovery process, and that the doctors will have a clear vision for the next steps! We miss all of you terribly.... hugs to you al!
The Days

Anonymous said...

We will take this info to our life group tonight. Brent will be in our prayers. We're thankful for every bit of good news.
Tell Brent hello and we were asking about him and we love him.
Carol Hix