Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brent has been in isolation for the past few days, we just got the report back that he is free of infection! There will be one final blood report, that should come back in the morning. We feel confident that will also come back clean and free of infection, Brent's temperature has been perfect for the past few days.

Thank each and everyone of you for lifting Brent up in your prayers, God has heard those prayers and has answered in a positive way!

We also understand that Brent's surgery is scheduled for 7:15AM CST tomorrow, this surgery is to repair his left shoulder, we won't know the extent of the surgery till after it is completed. We are not sure if both operations (shoulder and spine) are going to take place at the same time.
Just got a call from Kim M., she told us that Pleasant Valley had a prayer time after service tonight with about 20 from the Singles Class--praying for Brent's surgery and healing to be successful! When I told Brent there wasn't a dry eye in the room! Thank you so much!

David R., emailed this morning, Jon Gruden the Head Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers send Brent a letter and some Buccaneer game gifts. It was a touching letter, written in such a positive way. It is so neat, when a head coach of a professional football team will take the time to write a letter just hours before a big game! Thank you David, Brent was grinning from ear to ear!

To each that have posted comments- thank you! I we read, then reread each several times a day.

I'm sure we will post tomorrow several times as we get updated as the surgery/recovery progress.

Pete & Kathy


Lynnetta said...

Sounds like everything is going according to plan. We will continue to pray for Brent to be infection free and that his lungs will remain strong. I know God is guiding the doctors in their decisions concerning the surgery and I know he will guide them through the surgery. Please keep us posted tomorrow as soon as you know something. A big hug for all of you. We love you. Lynnetta and Benny.

Jennifer said...

Tonight our Singles group in Rogers prayed for Brent to be infection free. I am so glad to come home, check the blog, and see that so far, so good. I will be praying for Brent all day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow during Brent's surgery as they have been every single day since learning of Brent's accident. Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

We love you all so very much!

Carol, Ken, Izsie, Cody, Christian and Brianna

Anonymous said...

we love you all and are so thankful for the good news from the blood tests. We pray for Brent's continued improvement and for the surgery or surgeries to happen as planned! Will be following and praying every step of the way. Tomorrow is a big day, am sure it is hard to get much rest. Try and take care of yourselves. Love to all of you.

Terry and Gary Lashley

Johnny Johnson said...

I've posted the post-it note Brent drew of a smiley face on the frig. It reminds me that God is good all the time. All of you are in my prayers everyday. Our Life group had a special prayer for Brent tonight that was led by Al Millergren-a fellow Gator fan.
Johnny & Christy

mmlace said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated through the blog. There are SO MANY of us praying for Brent! We love you guys! You all will be on my mind and in my heart and in my prayers all day today as Brent has his surgery. Much love!--Lacey

Cindi Burleson said...

Brent is in our hearts and minds this morning. We've moved him to the top of the prayer list for successful surgeries today.

Continue to trust God for strength and comfort. His doctors will be guided by God's hands.

Mickey and Cindi

kellieja said...

Prayers are headed your way.

Please remain strong and hopeful!

Linda said...

We are praying with you today that everything goes well with the surgery. We pray that the surgeon's hands will be guide by our heavenly father. May peace be with you, Kathy, Brian and Amanda today.

Linda and Ronnie