Friday, January 18, 2008

Today has been a very busy day for Brent--Baptist Rehabilitation is run like a well oiled military organization, with a lot of love and compassion!

This morning Brent sat in a wheelchair for the first time--no he didn't care too much for the experience! He is having a lot of ups and downs right now, as would be expected. Overall his strong faith in God is keeping him going right now. I look over thinking that he is fast asleep, then after what seems to be a very long time I see him stirring. He wasn't asleep, but praying. Brent is sure teaching me a lot about having a strong faith to live by!

Brent's breakfast comes a few minutes after 7, after breakfast we go down to the first floor to therapy. He is working with two different therapists, both are amazing--matter of fact this whole facility is amazing. Occupational Therapists works with Brent one on one for about 45 minutes, then there is a break and then the Physical Therapists works another 45 minutes. After that he is rolled back into his room to rest before lunch. The same process is repeated after lunch. Therapy is 7 days a week, with Sunday being a little abbreviated. One thing we are seeing is that all the work is keeping Brent's mind focused and that is a good thing!

Today after running some tests, one came back elevated, this test is to determine the possibility of blood clots forming in the legs. So this afternoon after therapy, Brent was taken over to the main part of the hospital to have a CT scan preformed to determine if there were any clots. We have not heard the results of the scan yet.

Brent is still having pain in both his left shoulder and back, as we would expect. This morning the doctor prescribed a "Fentanyl skin patch" that is placed on Brent's shoulder, three days at a time. This patch seems to have helped.

Tonight Brent is resting, hopefully he will be strong enough to have visitors very, very soon! We are so thankful for all who have come up to visit Brent and to encourage him!

Pete & Kathy


Anonymous said...

Brent and Family,

I am so glad you are in such a great facility. That is so important! We continue to pray for your strength during this transition. My children pray for you every day. Every time they see me on the computer, they ask how you are doing. Hang in there. Your faith is a testimony to us all!

We love you all!

Ken, Carol, Izsie, Cody, Christian and Brianna

Anonymous said...

(Our God is an awesome God) + (Brent is an amazing young man) = Amazing Results!

Anonymous said...

Please post when Brent feels like having company. Rehab is very tiring and I know Brent is working very hard. Tell him we love him and prayers are being answered. His faith is such an example to all of us - C. Hix

Nancy said...

Brent and Family,

We continue to pray for your rehabilitation and want you to know you are on our prayer list at Central Haywood Congregation here in Clyde, North Carolina. God is awesome and we know you are in his hands.
Our love,
Bill and Nancy

Suzanne said...

What an inspiration you are!
God bless you on your road to recovery. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Suzanne Weltig and Family
from California
Brooke Wards COUSIN