Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan. 11th, Day 35.

Brent was taken back to the O.R. just a few moments ago. We are getting a little too familiar with this routine. When walking into pre-op, many doctors were able to call Brent by name, showing their concern for him. I think the doctors might just favor him a little.:) Brent always greets the doctors when they come into his room, and makes sure to thank them when they leave.
The operation on his shoulder should begin around 8:00am. The Orthopedic surgeon expects the surgery to last at least 2 hours, probably longer depending on which procedure they perform. They will not know what they are working with until they are in the operating room. Please be in prayer that the doctors will be able to repair Brent's shoulder, instead of replacing it. We know that our Great Physician will be with Brent and guiding the surgeons hands. We will continue to update on the surgery as the day goes on.
Pete and Bryan will be flying out today around 9:00am, and should arrive in Little Rock around 1:00pm. Please pray that they will have a safe flight. Brent is looking forward to our family being together here with him.
Our family has an appointment with a local rehab center later today. We will be learning a little bit more about what the future has in store for Brent and what we can do to help him. We are asking that you pray for God to grant us wisdom to make the best decisions regarding Brent's rehabilitation.
Thank you all for your prayers and concern on Brent's behalf. He feels the comfort from those prayers.

Update 10:00am
The surgery started on the shoulder at 8:35am. We were informed just a few minutes ago that the surgery was going as planned. Whether or not they were able to repair the shoulder we are not sure yet- but we are taking the information as good news.

Update 10:25am:
We were just able to talk to the doctor who performed Brent's surgery. Surgery is now over, it took just under two hours. Praise God! They were able to repair Brent's shoulder. The doctor was satisfied with what he saw when he went in to operate, and said it went as well as it could go. It will be six weeks minimum until he will be able to bear weight on his left shoulder. It will require extensive rehab to get the motion in the shoulder that we desire. We are very happy with news about the repair. Thank you for your prayers that you have lifted up on Brent's behalf this morning.

Psalm 28:6-7 Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy.The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Brent can be thankful to have the shoulder surgery behind him and further blessed to have both his family and church family by his side. A day everyone has been patiently hoping and praying for.

Kathy said...

We are so happy to hear that Brent's surgery went as planned. We will continue to pray for the shoulder to heal quickly.God bless you all.
Robin, Kathy and Christopher

MamaPat said...

Thank God for the good news. He is faithful to answer prayers. We will continue to pray for a safe flight for his dad and brother. I pray the recovery will be complete. Pat Gregory (Jay's grandmother)

amanda s said...

Way to go Brent! That is such awesome news about the doctor's being able to repair your shoulder. Keep fightin'!

Kimberly said...

I was in prayer for Brent this morning before work, had meetings here and come not come over to the hospital, this is such wonderful news that his shoulder was repaired, not replaced. Will continue to pray for you all, Brent is so strong.

Much love and prayer,


Linda said...

What great news to hear Brent's shoulder did not have to be replaced that they were able to repair it. Brent now is on his way to healing his body. God bless you all. We miss you in Florida.

Linda and Ronnie

Renee (Nay) said...

God is good and know's just what we need before we ask. We thank him for watching over Brent and the doctors who performed the surgery. Now we will pray for a quick recovery and full motion of that shoulder.
May your family have a great weekend and we will pray for wisdom in the decesions you'll have to make on Brents future health concerns and needs...

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good news about the surgery. Steve is in Batesville- dad has heart problems - I've been sick all week with head/chest so don't want to be around Brent or you with this. You are in our prayers as always - Brent's BD is next week so we will try our best to make it special. Brent is so strong and such a fighter. God Bless you all - love - Carol H.

Anonymous said...

Great! Can't wait to talk to Brent, I will call you next week. And let me know if you guy's are up to some Lenny's or your fav - Moe's
miss ya and God bless,

Lynnetta said...

I had such a good feeling about the surgery today. I am so glad it went well. Now Brent can just concentrate on getting stronger. Brent will continue to do well because he has so many people praying for him. We love ya'll. Lynnetta and Benny

Judy May said...

This is such good news about Brent's shoulder. A couple of years ago, I had shoulder repair and it did take at least six weeks before I completely healed but now have full range of motion so it does happen! Tell him we continue to pray for him to have a full recovery.

Sharon said...

So thankful to hear your good news.
Tonight at CH&BS Homecoming, Justin Hunton said a precious prayer for you. There was a gym full of folks there who love you and your family.
We will continue to lift you guys up in prayer.
God bless,