Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Im Going to Rehab!!

Well after several weeks of waiting for a response and getting all of the paper work organized to send to the Shepherds Institute in Atlanta we finally got a phone call today! On July 22nd I am going to Atlanta where I will be evaluated by the doctors at Shepherds. They will test my legs to see what muscles are firing design a program specifically for my needs. I will be doing outpatient therapy which will require me living in Atlanta in apartments that are owned by the institute. Everyday I will go to the center for intense physical therapy and occupational therapy. Shepherds is a nationally acclaimed center for spinal cord research and therapy. They will work on my legs using state of the art equipment and therapy.

On July 22nd I am just going to be evaluated, however I will be admitted soon after the exam. I am not sure yet of the exact date I will be admitted. Being sent to this center has been an answer to prayers. I can not wait to get started with intense therapy! I AM READY TO WORK!! I will work everyday and all day until I walk again!

I see God working in my life every step along the way. I am defying the odds and continuing to work towards complete healing. The accident although tragic in some ways has been a blessing. The change in my life is definitely NOT something that is easy to handle. Everyday is a struggle, but I am blessed throughout every hardship I face. I have met so many great people who have encouraged me and been there for me throughout everything! I could NOT have done this without you all. Most importantly are the prayers that have gone up on my behalf. I can not even begin to tell you how each and everyone of you have had an impact on this miracle. The miracle that everyone is witnessing is a testament to the strength of God and my struggles will hopefully bring glory to him.

I am confident that I will walk again! Medically speaking this shouldn't be happening. I should not be able to move my legs, but I am! Even today I moved my legs with a lot of force and quickness. I can move them back and forth with NO problem. If someone puts resistance on my feet I can push them back. PRAISE GOD! Slowly but surely I am getting more and more back in my legs. Once I get into rehab I will have access to advanced treatment to regain more movement and strengthen the movement I have already gotten back.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Please, please, I need you ALL to walk again...I can not do this on my own. I continue to ask for your prayers so that I may have complete healing!
Please check out the link to the Shepherds Center
Shepherd Center: History


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GOD IS GOOD! Great News!

The other day our family was introduced to a physical therapists who specialized in spinal cord injuries. She was the wife of a gentlemen who works with my brother. Hearing my story she wanted to visit and work with me. When she arrived at my house we were overwhelmed by her knowledge of my injury and the different exercises she wanted me to try. My therapist stayed at my house for two hours and we did very intense workouts. It was funny but if you were a fly on the wall in my room you would think I was giving birth. HAHA! My therapist was yelling..."PUSH, PUUUSH!!" while my mom was saying "breath Brent breath" we all stopped and laughed at what we were saying. Although I didn't give birth I was definitely straining with every movement.

My family and I were BLOWN AWAY by the amount of movement I had in my legs. They were moving more than they had ever moved before. I could roll my legs from side to side, bridge my bottom off the bed a few inches and kick my legs down and back up on my side. I could literally push my legs down with force. PRAISE GOD! I am a miracle!

There is NO DOUBT that my progress has been a miracle from God. I have never given up and I never believed in the odds the doctors gave me. 5% is what they said.......5%!! Really?? I never thought God worked well with odds. Believe me when I say I still have a LONG WAYS to go! I don't want to give you the impression that I am doing jumping jacks, and walking....BUT, my progress is VERY encouraging. Hopefully soon I can get into rehab and continue with intense rehab. I will never give up on my goal to walk again one day. In order for this goal to come true I can not do this alone. My progress has nothing to do with me but from all the prayers that have gone up on my behalf. Whenever someone says a prayer for me you are directly affecting my progress.

My injury is beyond medical science. No one knows how each person will heal. Every injury is different but mine was the worst possible prognosis. A "T-10 ASIA-A COMPLETE" with that prognosis only 5% of people regain movement. When I left rehab I was a "T-11 ASIA-B INCOMPLETE" with this prognosis my percentage went up drastically but they were still unsure of the amount of movement I would get back. However, NOW I have much more movement and I have surpassed all the odds. In order for me to be healed I must have faith. Trust in God and give my recovery over to him.

I want to thank everyone for following this blog and continuing to pray for me. I come to you now asking for more prayers. Now is not the time to slow down on the prayers. I ask everyone to please continue to pray for me and tell others about my story and ONE DAY........I WILL WALK AGAIN!

Monday, June 9, 2008

YouTube - Teenage Motocross Racer Rehabs at Sharp Grossmont

YouTube - Teenage Motocross Racer Rehabs at Sharp Grossmont

To everyone who has been following my blog I have recently come across a video on youtube which describes in detail everything that has happened to me since my accident. When I saw this video it was as if it was written about my life. Every scene I HAVE LIVED! Our accidents both occurred on a motocross track doing the sport which we loved. A freak accident left both of us with a huge struggle in front of us! I look at this video often for inspiration and I hope that each and everyone of you can do the same.
You will see a scene in the video where Jordan is moving his leg across a board in rehab he asks, "IS THAT ME?" funny thing is....that was ME about a month ago. I DID THAT! I moved my legs across the board about the same about as Jordan did. It gives me inspiration when I see someone who had the SAME unfortunate accident over coming the odds and doing the impossible. I KNOW that will be me one day! I have already come so far.....much further than the doctors ever thought I would! Now it is time to take the next step, and LITERALLY WALK AGAIN!! I believe in miracles and with the help and prayers of everyone that miracle will become a reality. I am currently looking up the Shepherds Rehab Center in Atlanta Georgia. I still have to get all my paper work filled out and medical records transfered to their doctors so that I can be admitted. I ask everyone to please pray for my acceptance into this rehab facility. I need to go so that I can begin my therapy as soon as possible! Once I get to rehab I can begin doing some of the therapy that you will see in this video! Some of it I have already done...LIKE MOVE MY LEGS! PLEASE, pray for my complete healing! I have faith that it will happen one day! Until then i will keep the faith!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Updates on my life!

Its another week and yet another post from me! It is just amazing how many people have told me they are reading my blog and keeping up with my progress. I appreciate each and everyone of you thinking of me and continuing to pray for my recovery. I know I do not post everyday, in fact I try to post once a week. I do not want my writings to become boring and mundane. I am sure you do not want to hear about what I had for breakfast and the latest movie I watched. I try to only post important progress or if I have a message to share with everyone. Please be patient with me and PLEASE continue reading, this is my ministry. One blessing that has happened since my accident is people actually LISTEN when I talk now! HAHA!
The reason for this blog site is not only to record my thoughts and emotions during this trying time but to show others that ANYTHING is possible! This blog is my story it is the way to reach people and for that I have been blessed. It is hard to find blessings in just a terrible accident but in ways I am lucky to have this platform to reach others! I didn't ask for this life, but its the hand I have been dealt. Ive never been a big folder in poker, so I guess I will just GO ALL IN! HAHA! This is the only life I have and it is the only thing that will define me. I have to use this life to the best of my ability and be an example to others. This accident has changed my life and given me a new outlook on what is important. I use to be so concerned with physical things and worried about the stupidest of things. However, my worries and concerns have vastly changed since I woke up in the hospital and was given a new life.
Please understand that I have NOT given up! I will NEVER give up no matter what until I walk again one day! It will happen, this is not an empty statement but a the truth! Faith is something that has to be tested! Right now....I am being tested like never before. I will not fail this test! With the help and prayers of others I will make it through this terrible tragedy and I will make a difference! Prayers are already been answered any my recovery has gone beyond medical science. No one can explain my progress....it is not suppose to happen, BUT IT IS! PRAISE GOD! Thank you all for your continued prayers and concerns on my progress!

P.S. 5 posts is really excessive. I read each and every comment and LOVE receiving them . I was pumped to see that my comment number jumped from 3 to 8 in SUCH a short period of time. I logged on to read the 5 new comments only to find it was the SAME COMMENT! HAHA! Good one KB!

P.P.S. HANS! (there I wrote about you)