Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sorry, it's been a couple days since the last post--in some ways time goes so slowly and then other times it seems we can't keep up with the days that fly past.

Brent is doing really well in rehabilitation and is making progress everyday. Still working on the left shoulder trying to get more range of motion. It will be several more weeks before he will be able to bare weight on it.

Today we had a conference with everyone involved in Brent's recovery; Social Worker, Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Representative of the Arkansas Spinal Commission and it sounded like several others. (I was working in Georgia, and was on a conference call with them) Everyone seemed happy with Brent's progress.

The decision was made to keep Brent in Baptist Rehabilitation until February 8th. At that time he will have to come out of rehab. until he is cleared to bear weight on his shoulder. We don't have an exact time frame on how long this will be, anywhere from a few weeks to a month is a good guess. We are looking at two options; the first will be to get a handicap apartment for Brent and Kathy will stay with him, I will still fly back and forth--working Monday thru Thursday then staying in Little Rock, Friday thru Sunday night. With all the support Brent has with PV Church of Christ and the Singles Group this option has great merit. The other would be to bring Brent home to Leesburg where he could stay with us. This also has merit, so I guess where I'm going with all this verbiage is that we need your prayers that the best direction for Brent will become clear.

Brent continues to have an amazing spirit, he is so strong in his love of God--I stand in awe! I can't begin to thank everyone who continues to visit and lift his spirits! Thank you so much PV, and West Orange Church of Christ! Don't think we could have made it this far with out your support!

Brent loves visitors! (forgive him is he is asleep when you come) Your welcome to call his cell phone also, if he is out of the room just leave a message.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A message from Brent

First off I want to thank everyone for there continued love and support through this very tough time. Things in my life are a lot harder now but with prayers and support I am trying hard to make it through it. Everyday is a new trial to overcome! I never thought my life would take a turn like this but I know that the Lord has a plan for me! I know that i need the Lord to help me through this and I know that he can do miraculous things to those who believe in him. I have been praying non-stop since I have been awake to do so. My parents and friends tell me stories about the first few weeks but my memory is not to keen from all the medications. The one thing that I do know is that I have an amazing support group and a lot of people care for me. It is so touching to know how many people pray on my behalf.
My prayer is that I will continue to get better everyday. I also pray that the Lord will give me complete healing and that I can use this experience to somehow bring glory to him. I love you all and have so many thanks that I do not know where to begin. My life is different now but I am still the same Brent. Please keep praying for me and we can make it through this together!
P.S. I want to give a special thanks to my church family at PV and all my Christians friends who continue to support me! My mom has been with me from the beginning she is the best mother a guy could ask for and I am so lucky she is my mom! My dad and brother and sister visit me often and they boost my spirits they are angels! My family is awesome! My Singles minister Hans has been so generous to come and work out with me through my physical therapy I can not thank him enough and everyone else! I love you all so very much


Friday, January 25, 2008

Today has been a good day for Brent, both morning and afternoon physical & occupational therapy went well. Brent is getting a little more range of motion in his left shoulder each day. Tonight I asked Brent if he wanted to get in his motorized wheelchair and go exploring the hospital. He thought that would be a good idea, so Brent, Bryan and I went all around Baptist Hospital. Ended up in the cafeteria, Brent was able to eat a good dinner--pizza, yogurt, and a Sprite. (Hey--in guy language that's a great dinner!)

Check back tomorrow, Brent said he wanted to write everyone a note on his blog!

We know that God is answering each and every one of your prayers for Brent, it is so awesome to be able to see the progress Brent is making both mentally and physically! Brent has such a positive attitude, and is smiling and pulling his practical jokes on both Bryan and myself. Just a few minutes ago, Brent was eating some chocolate candy and asked Bryan if he wanted some--Bryan said sure--Brent handed him an empty box. (it's one of those things where you would of had to be here)

We have been asked if Brent can have visitors, yes he can! Late afternoon (after therapy) and early evening are best for him.

Pete & Kathy

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sorry that we haven't added to the blog as we should, I flew back to Florida to work this week and haven't been able to keep up with things as I should.

The next decision we have to make is where to move Brent when he comes out of Baptist Rehabilitation in about two weeks. Jeff S. with Pleasant Valley Church of Christ has connections with a very promising place in Little Rock, Kathy and I will meet with them Friday. The other option is to move Brent back to our home in Florida. Kathy and Brent have talked and it is looking like he may want to stay in Little Rock those 5 to 6 weeks. Brent has several Doctor appointments over that time period, so staying in Little Rock makes sense. We will know more by the weekend. It's so neat to see God working in Brent's life, many have asked what we are in need of--it seems our needs are met before we know there is a need.

Before I go further a word of thanks to Hans O. --he has taken over and filled in as a father for me while I'm working. Hans comes in the morning, goes to therapy and has learned how to help Brent. After therapy he stays with Brent so Kathy can get some lunch. Hans your awesome, what an example to Brent! Thank you!

Today Chuck, the pulpit minister with Pleasant Valley came and spent an hour with Brent, encouraging and praying with Brent.

There are so many more that I can't begin to name everyone who have supported, visited, prayed, and loved Brent. The Singles Group at Pleasant Valley is awesome, what an example!

The following came in an email to me from Kathy;

Brent's therapy is going well. Today he worked mostly on strengthening his right arm. He played a Play Station game that had camera hooked up so he could see himself. The therapist put a weight on his arm to make it more difficult. He was having to wave his arm in all different directions. He got a good work out. He is having to try and sit up and balance by himself, and having to put on his own shirt and today he practiced putting on a sock. He is having to do all of these things with mostly using one hand. Brent's own words " the small things we take for granted like putting on a shirt, are exhausting to him" . His left shoulder was sorer today because he is having to move it more in therapy. He gets kidded alot about wearing a Gator hat ( Hans says when he comes to the gym looking for Brent he just looks for the orange Gator hat). Dr. Kiser said they expect Brent to be at BHRI about two more weeks. We will have a more definite date next Tuesday, when we have a family meeting with the Dr. and therapist. Brent is so appreciative of every little thing and gives God the credit for providing him with small miracles each day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Many of you have asked how to leave a comment on the blog-

For those of you trying to leave comments but are unable to, here is what to do:
After reading a blog at the bottom you will see "14 comments" or "leave comments". Click on that to read others comments or leave one of your own. On the right side of that page there is a box where you can write a comment. Scroll down and you will see underneath "Choose Identity" a link that says "No Google Account? Sign up here". Click that. That does not mean that it makes you a new email account. They didn't word that very well. On the next page all you need to do is enter in a preexisting email address twice along with a password for this site. You will also need to enter a display name. First and last names would be appreciated so the family knows who is leaving the post. Then you finish the word verification and acceptance of terms and click the continue arrow. On the next page you will be able to leave a comment. From then on all you need to do is re-enter your email address and password whenever you want to leave a comment.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

As usual, not much goes on during the weekend. Kathy and I were able to attend services at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, I flew home after lunch today. I plan on working during the week, and will try to get back up either late Thursday night or Friday morning. Kathy is staying with Brent, as she has since the accident on December 8th.

Brent had one session with physical therapy today, talked to him for a few minutes on the phone. He indicated that it went well. Brent is starting to get some good movement in his left arm, and it doesn't seem as sore as before. Most of the therapy is on his left arm and shoulder, trying to get a better range of motion in the arm. It will still be 5 to 6 more weeks before he will be able to place weight on the shoulder. We are extremely happy with his progress, and with Baptist Rehabilitation.

Thank you so much for all your continuous prayers offered in Brent's behalf. We firmly believe God is answering those fervent prayers, and great things are in store for Brent!

Brent is able to read the blog and keeps up with the posts, thank you so much for all your encouragement! Your faithfulness is amazing, and really helps us keep a positive attitude!

Pete, Kathy & Brent

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today has been a fairly easy day for Brent, he is still in considerable pain but it seems to be diminishing in intensity. We are starting to get into a daily routine and that too is helping, we know what is going to happen from one hour to the next.

The rehabilitation routine on the weekends is less intense than during the weekdays. Still go thru the same routine but it only lasts about half as long.

The way things are looking, we believe that Brent will be able to have short visits starting the first of the week. He is so sorry and disappointed that he hasn't been able to see everyone! We appreciate everyones love and concern, wish we could put into words the feelings we have!

Brent just ask me to tell everyone--in his exact words--- "I love you all, and feel so lucky to have such wonderful Christian friends. Keep me in you prayers, and God will work everything out"

Pete , Kathy & Brent

Friday, January 18, 2008

Today has been a very busy day for Brent--Baptist Rehabilitation is run like a well oiled military organization, with a lot of love and compassion!

This morning Brent sat in a wheelchair for the first time--no he didn't care too much for the experience! He is having a lot of ups and downs right now, as would be expected. Overall his strong faith in God is keeping him going right now. I look over thinking that he is fast asleep, then after what seems to be a very long time I see him stirring. He wasn't asleep, but praying. Brent is sure teaching me a lot about having a strong faith to live by!

Brent's breakfast comes a few minutes after 7, after breakfast we go down to the first floor to therapy. He is working with two different therapists, both are amazing--matter of fact this whole facility is amazing. Occupational Therapists works with Brent one on one for about 45 minutes, then there is a break and then the Physical Therapists works another 45 minutes. After that he is rolled back into his room to rest before lunch. The same process is repeated after lunch. Therapy is 7 days a week, with Sunday being a little abbreviated. One thing we are seeing is that all the work is keeping Brent's mind focused and that is a good thing!

Today after running some tests, one came back elevated, this test is to determine the possibility of blood clots forming in the legs. So this afternoon after therapy, Brent was taken over to the main part of the hospital to have a CT scan preformed to determine if there were any clots. We have not heard the results of the scan yet.

Brent is still having pain in both his left shoulder and back, as we would expect. This morning the doctor prescribed a "Fentanyl skin patch" that is placed on Brent's shoulder, three days at a time. This patch seems to have helped.

Tonight Brent is resting, hopefully he will be strong enough to have visitors very, very soon! We are so thankful for all who have come up to visit Brent and to encourage him!

Pete & Kathy

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brent was transfered from UAMS over to Baptist Hospital Rehabilitation today around noon, it's only a few miles but the trip took a lot out of him. He was transfered by ambulance, and the transfer was rough on him. Once here we were impressed with the quality of care he received from the very moment he was rolled thru the doors. He will have the same team working with him thru his stay here.

We still don't have everything in place or understand completely how this process will work. One of the major obstacles to the rehab. is the condition of his left shoulder. It looks like he will be here at Baptist for anywhere from 7 to 14 days. During that time we as a family will learn how to care for Brent, and all the special needs he will have. After that initial time Brent will be discharged, we will need to care for him about 4 to 6 weeks while his shoulder heals. Brent won't stay here since the bulk of the rehab. will need to be done when he can bear weight on his shoulder. Brent's health insurance has a cap on rehabilitation expenses, Baptist doesn't want to use all his insurance coverage limits while he is unable to proceed with rehab. At this time we will either try to find a place here in Little Rock wheelchair accessible for our stay or bring him home to Leesburg (Fl) for this 4 to 6 weeks.

Today Dr. Kiser ran several tests on Brent to determine the extent of the injury to his spine. Dr Kiser met with Brent, Kathy and myself, we wish the test result had come back more positive. The end result is that Brent will only have about a 5% chance of regaining use of his legs again. This is preliminary, as the rehab. progresses they will continue to look of additional signs of possible improvement.

Our family would like to thank each and every one who have left posts, sent cards - emails, flowers, food, notes of encouragement and in general have supported our family in ways I can't begin to express! There is no way, we could conceive of going thru this without you, forgive me if we haven't sent personal thank you notes to everyone as we should, but trust us when we say -- Our family is so very thankful!

Pete & Kathy

Thursday Jan 17, 2007

Brent has requested that no one except family come by and see him. He is having a very tough time with the transition over to baptist which is scheduled for today at 12pm. We understand that people are excited to celebrate Brent's birthday with him, however he would like some time alone and has requested no visitors at this time. We will be posting ASAP concerning visitors dropping by and ask that you please check the blog here or at PV Singles before making your way down to the hospital or Baptist rehab.


If you want to send Brent a birthday card or any other letter or card we encourage you to do so. Brent and his family find a lot of comfort in these. You can still send mail to:

1611 Wagon Wheel Dr
Little Rock, AR 72211

Thank you again for all of your prayers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today has been busy for Brent, just a beehive of activity around him--doctors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, more doctors........you get the picture. Brent is worn out, and is soundly asleep now.

Two social workers from Baptist Rehab. came over and let us know they plan to accept Brent tomorrow before noon. This is bitter sweet news, good from the standpoint the Brent will finally start the rehabilitation process but as we learned today he will not be able to have continuous rehab. due to his shoulder. The way we currently understand things, Brent will be an inpatient at Baptist for only 7 to 10 days. During that time he will start learning to care for himself, and some very basic things. After that, he will be discharged from Baptist until his shoulder is healed enough to support his weight and the stresses of rehabilitation. This will take somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks, from the date of surgery. Another words, we will have to keep him somewhere for about 4 to 5 weeks. We are still not sure of this process, the Social worker indicated that either we would need to have a place for him or the alternative would be a skilled nursing facility. Our intentions are to find a place that is wheelchair accessible and care for him, he will have home health coming to care for him, I assume everyday.

Once we get over to Baptist tomorrow, I'm sure things will be clearer---just don't know enough at this time to comment further. Brent and our family continue to ask for your prayers in this, that we become clear on the course of treatment and for Brent's peace of mind and pain. (as I wrote this morning--he is off all morphine now--he's having a hard time)

Pete & Kathy
Brent has been taken off Morphine and is only taking oral pain medication now. The doctors were just in, their current plans are to move Brent over to Baptist Hospital Rehabilitation either late today or tomorrow. This move is dependent on how Brent tolerates coming off the Morphine. His left shoulder and back are still very painful!
Brent has a lot hitting him right now and is a little overwhelmed, we are trying to take the big things and break them down into small problems that he can handle one at a time. He is very apprehensive about this move into rehabilitation, knowing there will be a lot of pain and pressure placed on him. He will not only have the physical healing but also the mental aspect of this process to deal with.
We'll post more today as details become clearer, we ask not only for prayers of healing but also prayers of peace for Brent.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan. 15th- day 39.

It is looking like Brent will be moving to Baptist Rehab by the end of the week. With this being a big move for Brent, Pete was able to arrange his work schedule to be with Brent during this time. Pete will be flying himself to Little Rock and should be arriving around 4:30 this evening. Brent is thrilled that his mom and dad will be here while making this move to rehab. Please pray that Pete will have a safe flight.

I wanted to share with you a little bit of our conversation last night with Brent. Which was very touching to me. We were talking about how when we face trials that we are to consider them pure joy. Not if we face trials, but when we face trials. God is never going to give us anything that we cannot handle. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We just need to trust in him. Brent told us, that God has given him a talent of being able to talk with people, and now God is giving Brent his podium. Brent cannot wait to tell his story and the things that God has done for him throughout this process. God has surely shown his presence throughout this processes of healing. It is amazing the comfort you find in God's word at times like this. It has a calming effect, that Brent has told us, is better than medicine.

Isiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you: I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan. 14th - Day 38

Today has been filled with even more accomplishments. Physical therapy visited early this afternoon to work with Brent's balance, and his ability to sit by himself. Brent was able to sit up again today, working on his balance. Yesterday it took three people to make him comfortable while sitting up, today it took one hand, occasionally just 2 fingers!:) He was able so sit up around 15 minutes. What a huge accomplishment! Keep it up Brent!
Respiratory visited Brent to assess his breathing. He has improved, and will now be having only two treatments a day, as apposed to three times a day. His breathing is doing much better.
Occupational therapy was also able to visit working on Brent's range of motion, and giving him tools to help himself through this process of rehab.
A representative from Baptist rehab was able to visit with us today, informing us that the initial rehab process should start this week.
It has been a very busy day. Please continue to keep Brent in his prayers. He has told us several times that it is so great to know he has so many people praying for him. When we asked him what he would like us to pray for... he listed the following:
- pray for strength mentally, physically, and spiritually.
- pray for the pain to ease.
- pray that we are making the best decisions concerning rehab.
- pray that Brent will be able to give God all his worries and concerns.
- and most importantly that God will use this situation to glorify HIM!

Thank you all for your prayers.

Update: 10:00pm
Brent was able to sit up in a recliner tonight for three hours!! Great job!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan. 13th- Day 37.
Brent told us today has been the best day ever in his entire stay here at UAMS. Brent has been able to get some much needed rest. He was able to work on his range of motion exercises earlier today and seems to be getting a little more movement than he was yesterday! Way to go Brent! His back is also continuing to heal. His lung is continuing to improve. They will continue to do breathing exercises with Brent once he enters rehab to make that lung even stronger. He still has a long road ahead of him but his desire to fight is evident. He is to do exercises in reps of 10, 3 times a day. He always goes the extra measure to do a few more than he has to.
Around 4:00 today, physical therapy came to work with Brent. The objective was to get him sitting up in bed, with minimal pain. I think Brent was a little hesitant to let the three women try to move him, but he let us. We were able to get Brent sitting up 90 degrees in bed, with his feet on the floor.-with minimal pain!:) After a few minutes, the pt told him he could lay down. He requested to stay sitting up just a little be longer. He sat up easily 7-10 minutes. He did wonderful!! He said it felt so good to finally be able to sit up! Brent has had a great day, working hard toward his recovery.
Pete and Bryan had a safe flight back to Florida today. It was great to have the entire family here for a few days.
Thank you all so much for your prayers. We cannot thank you enough! Brent also expresses his appreciation to each and everyone of you. We can't imagine going through this without the support that you all have granted our family. What a blessing it is to be a part of God's family!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan. 12th -Day 36
Yesterday, our family was able to tour Baptist Rehab, here in Little Rock. We were impressed with what we saw. At this point, we believe this is where Brent will have his initial rehab. We are still researching a few other locations to follow up on his rehab after Baptist.

Before the surgery on Friday, the doctors were able to give him a nerve block, numbing the left arm. The medicine used in the nerve block to alleviate pain wore off around midnight. Brent had a rough night due to the amount of pain he was in. He was able to get a different pain medicine later that night to help ease the pain.
This morning seemed to go well, although he is still in pain, he is able to manage it. The physical therapist was able to show us some exercises to work on his range of motion. We have begun working with the left shoulder that was repaired just yesterday. He is currently able to raise his arm aprox. 5 inches (measuring from the elbow).
During surgery yesterday Brent lost around 600 cc's of blood. He received two units of blood this evening. Thank you again to all that have donated blood in Brent's name. He continues to be amazed by how many of you came to support him. When he receives blood, he makes sure to tell his nurses about his wonderful friends that donated blood for him!
To all you that have come to visit Brent but were unable to see him, we apologize. We hope we have not offended anyone. This has been a tough week having had two major surgeries. The surgeries have worn Brent out, and his body needs rest. He loves to have visitors, you always seem to cheer him up. Brent has told us many times that he has the best friends in the world. We believe him. You all have made a big impact on us and have found a special place in our hearts.
Please continue to keep Brent in your prayers- he still has a long road ahead of him. Pray also for Pete and Bryan as they will be flying back to Florida Sunday morning. Thank you for your prayers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan. 11th, Day 35.

Brent was taken back to the O.R. just a few moments ago. We are getting a little too familiar with this routine. When walking into pre-op, many doctors were able to call Brent by name, showing their concern for him. I think the doctors might just favor him a little.:) Brent always greets the doctors when they come into his room, and makes sure to thank them when they leave.
The operation on his shoulder should begin around 8:00am. The Orthopedic surgeon expects the surgery to last at least 2 hours, probably longer depending on which procedure they perform. They will not know what they are working with until they are in the operating room. Please be in prayer that the doctors will be able to repair Brent's shoulder, instead of replacing it. We know that our Great Physician will be with Brent and guiding the surgeons hands. We will continue to update on the surgery as the day goes on.
Pete and Bryan will be flying out today around 9:00am, and should arrive in Little Rock around 1:00pm. Please pray that they will have a safe flight. Brent is looking forward to our family being together here with him.
Our family has an appointment with a local rehab center later today. We will be learning a little bit more about what the future has in store for Brent and what we can do to help him. We are asking that you pray for God to grant us wisdom to make the best decisions regarding Brent's rehabilitation.
Thank you all for your prayers and concern on Brent's behalf. He feels the comfort from those prayers.

Update 10:00am
The surgery started on the shoulder at 8:35am. We were informed just a few minutes ago that the surgery was going as planned. Whether or not they were able to repair the shoulder we are not sure yet- but we are taking the information as good news.

Update 10:25am:
We were just able to talk to the doctor who performed Brent's surgery. Surgery is now over, it took just under two hours. Praise God! They were able to repair Brent's shoulder. The doctor was satisfied with what he saw when he went in to operate, and said it went as well as it could go. It will be six weeks minimum until he will be able to bear weight on his left shoulder. It will require extensive rehab to get the motion in the shoulder that we desire. We are very happy with news about the repair. Thank you for your prayers that you have lifted up on Brent's behalf this morning.

Psalm 28:6-7 Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy.The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

jan. 10th

Today seems to have been a good day so far. Brent still has pains, but is able to manage it. They are in the process of slowing taking him off some of the pain medications. The physical therapist came in this afternoon and was able to show us a few exercises to help Brent start the road of recovery. The pt was very helpful and was able to talk to mom and I for an extended period of time, giving us added hope for the future. We were also able to visit with the orthopedic surgeon that will be performing the surgery on his shoulder tomorrow. It looks like the surgery will begin around 8:00am. Please pray that there will be no infections and the surgery can go on as scheduled. We are also asking that you pray for the doctors, that they may be able to repair the shoulder inset of having to replace it. Although both are an option, repairing will be a lot better in the long term.

Bryan and dad will be on their way to Little Rock tomorrow. Please pray for them to have a safe flight. Thank you so much for all your prayers!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers! Brent's pain has eased considerably, he is able to talk with us and that is great. He has been sleeping on and off for the majority of the day, hope he'll be able to sleep tonight!

We were told by Orthopedics they plan to operate on his left shoulder Friday--we don't have a time yet. Just knowing the day, is great!

One thing we are learning is not to sweat the little things in life--and to count all things a joy! We can't explain how overjoyed we are to just be able to sit and carry on a conversation with Brent.
Today, is the one month anniversary of his accident.

Monday, January 7, 2008

9:30 PM

Brent has been in a lot of pain since the spinal surgery, the pain medication (Morphine) was set so he could push a button every ten minutes--that hasn't been enough and was dropped to every six minutes. After about three hours, that still wouldn't take care of his pain. He was given a shot of "Toradol" and that seems to have worked--for now.

Kathy is going to spend the night with him, he wakes frightened at times. Once the nurses get to know him, and he gets use to them, things seem to go better. We have been blessed to have really good nurses and techs!

I need to return to work, so I will be flying over to Georgia tomorrow early afternoon, then down to Florida on Wednesday. Our daughter Amanda is flying back to Little Rock on the 10th and will stay for about a week--don't know what we would do without our kids! I am going to try to get back up on Friday and hopefully, bring Brent's brother Bryan with me. Brent's birthday is the 17th, so we may try to celebrate it a few days early!

Several have asked our plans for the upcoming weeks/months. I will be traveling home and working during the week, hopefully returning for long weekends. Kathy isn't working, so she will be able to stay in Little Rock with Brent most of the time.

Again, our family would like to thank everyone who has been praying for Brent, we know without a doubt that God has and will continue to answer our prayers! We stop and thank him for all his blessings He is showering on our family everyday!

Thank you to all those who continually stop by the hospital and support Brent--even when they can't get in to see him!

Pete & Kathy
1:55 PM

Brent is still in the recovery room, we were able to see and speak with him for a few minutes. He is being moved out of Stepdown ICU and into room 418 (wing 4B), which is right around the corner from where he was.

Things are starting to move along, hopefully he will have the surgery on his shoulder this week, and we'll be on the road to recovery.

Please continue to pray for his recovery, we know God has answered our prayers and will continue to.

Pete & Kathy
Brent is now in the operating room (7:10 AM), we were told for the last few days he would have both surgeries today, then yesterday we were told he was scheduled for left shoulder surgery. When we were in pre-op this morning Dr. Pait walked in indicating to us Brent was going to have the screw in his spine fixed. Dr. Pait knew nothing of the shoulder surgery.

We have been able to talk with Brent and keep him calm for the most part. He has said over and over how much he appreciated all those who have and are praying for him. He feels the comfort of those prayers, and knows that God is with him.

I'll update the blog as the surgery progresses and he proceeds thru recovery today.

Kathy and I can't thank you enough for your concern and prayers.

Pete & Kathyk

Update: 9:50 Am CST We walked out of Pre-op around 7:15 this morning thinking they were ready to wheel Brent into surgery. Just asked the front desk in the surgical waiting room, they didn't start the surgery till 9:08. Dr. Pait indicated the spine surgery would last around 2 hours.

Update: 10:50 AM
Dr. Pait just came to the waiting room--all went well with Brent's surgery. Dr. Pait was able to go in and reposition the screw, Brent's back is stable and he will be off all spinal precautions. He has been released by Neurology to Orthopedic to have his shoulder surgery. We do not know when the surgery to repair/replace his shoulder will take place.
Brent lost very little blood during the operation, and should be able to go back to his room in a few hours.

Kathy & I can not express to each of you how much your love and concern but most of all -- Prayers mean to us.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brent has been in isolation for the past few days, we just got the report back that he is free of infection! There will be one final blood report, that should come back in the morning. We feel confident that will also come back clean and free of infection, Brent's temperature has been perfect for the past few days.

Thank each and everyone of you for lifting Brent up in your prayers, God has heard those prayers and has answered in a positive way!

We also understand that Brent's surgery is scheduled for 7:15AM CST tomorrow, this surgery is to repair his left shoulder, we won't know the extent of the surgery till after it is completed. We are not sure if both operations (shoulder and spine) are going to take place at the same time.
Just got a call from Kim M., she told us that Pleasant Valley had a prayer time after service tonight with about 20 from the Singles Class--praying for Brent's surgery and healing to be successful! When I told Brent there wasn't a dry eye in the room! Thank you so much!

David R., emailed this morning, Jon Gruden the Head Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers send Brent a letter and some Buccaneer game gifts. It was a touching letter, written in such a positive way. It is so neat, when a head coach of a professional football team will take the time to write a letter just hours before a big game! Thank you David, Brent was grinning from ear to ear!

To each that have posted comments- thank you! I we read, then reread each several times a day.

I'm sure we will post tomorrow several times as we get updated as the surgery/recovery progress.

Pete & Kathy

Saturday, January 5, 2008

We just got the official word, Brent is scheduled for surgery Monday the 7th. Possibly both surgeries, we're not sure about the shoulder. Brent is still under contact isolation precaution, so we have to wear gowns and gloves when we are around him. Either Kathy or I spend most nights with him, since the nights are the hardest on him.

OK, here is the really great news--- one of Brent's friends from Harding called Pam Tebow and asked if she would get Tim to send an autographed picture. Well, Brent just got a personalized signed picture of Tim Tebow throwing a touchdown pass in last years national championship game against Ohio.

Timmy Tebow

To Brent Adams
God Bless You
and Go Gators!

Brent is so excited! Thanks Grant, you made Brent's day!

Pete & Kathy

Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything is on currently on hold, but we are starting to see progress with Brent's recovery! The doctor came in tonight and took Brent's neck brace off--talking about a happy camper! If all the tests come back clean on Brent's blood work, it is our belief he will have both the spine repair and left shoulder replacement on Monday. This will help get us on the road to recovery and rehabilitation!

He is staring to eat a little better, the hospital is working with his diet--tonight--Turkey w/swiss- pickles & honey mustard, French Fries, 2 Sprites, Cherry Jello, plus a small Wendy's Frosty, supplied by mom and dad. (It's amazing how some of the smallest things are so big for us now)

Thank everyone who has been praying for Brent and his recovery. We are sure that God is answering our prayers, seems like Brent is getting a little stronger every day!

Since the weekend is here, nothing much happens till the first of the week. So I doubt there will be much in the way of new information to post for the next two days--please keep praying!

Pete & Kathy

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Jan 3

Brent had several visitors last night who stayed and watched football with him for a few hours. I think yesterday was probably one of the best days he's had. For those of you that want to visit him you are more than welcome to but please don't be offended if he's tired and just wants to sleep. He enjoys the company but gets tired easily. If there are any updates today we will let you know, but today will probably just be another day of waiting and resting. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, "You are my God." Psalm 31:14

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Kathy just called, the operation has been postponed again. The blood work taken on December 31st, shows an infection. Now the earliest Brent will have the operation to take care of the screw in his spine will be Friday.

Doctors have now said that the soonest the operation on the back can take place will be on Monday. They have taken another blood culture and will know the results of that in 48 hours. Brent has been and continues to make improvements concerning his right lung. It still has a long way to go, but improvements are being made. Brent was moved out of ICU today. He was moved to room 413. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our family. We cannot thank you enough.
January 2 3:45 AM
As you have read Brent is scheduled for more surgery today (spine -- 7:30 AM ??) with more to come in the next few days (left shoulder).

Brent called his mother a few minutes ago, upset that he wasn't able to move his legs. Kathy and I have both talked to Brent on the phone this morning. We were very honest, but optimistic of his future--it isn't over, we have just begun! As I have said many times, things could have been much worse--God is good and has answered so many of our prayers to date. Brent needs to go thru the process and emotions of dealing with his extensive injures, he is strong and we will work thru this together with your help and prayers. Brent asked over and over that I (we) pray for him, I know Brent's faith is strong and he will rely on God above all! We have received emails, cards and letters from all over, reassuring us that you are also praying for him--Thank You!!

Kathy and I are in the process of looking into rehabilitation facilities for Brent's recovery. Our first thought was to get him home to central Florida, soon as possible. After seeing the strong support Brent has with the Church - Pleasant Valley Church of Christ - we now are thinking he may need the initial rehabilitation in the Little Rock area. The Singles group at PV, have been amazing to Brent and our family--the Elders, Ministers, staff, and members have supported our family and met every need-- many times before we were even aware of the need. (Thank you!!) Kathy and my home congregation, West Orange Church of Christ have been so supportive, members have driven 900 miles to comfort us, we have had countless calls, cards, and support. Many other churches have helped and supported us!

We have a close friend who has called the trainer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the trainer/doctor recommended another facility in the Tampa area for rehabilitation. Since it was a holiday, I haven't been able to speak with the doctor, I intend to do that today. We are checking into all options at this point, Brent will ultimately have the final say. We also have knowledge of a great facility in the Atlanta area -- Good Samaritan that we will be in touch with.

Forgive me if some of this post isn't making sense--dealing with many things including lack of sleep.

Pete & Kathy

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We learned yesterday that the doctors have scheduled surgery to fix the screw in Brent's back sometime on Wednesday, seeing as that there are no infections. They will need to put Brent back on the vent while he undergoes this surgery. While they are in the OR, they also plan on doing another Bronc to help clean out the lung. Please pray that there will be no infections and that the doctors can go about the surgery as planned. Once the screw in the back is reset, ortho can then set a date on when they will do surgery on the left shoulder.

Also a Psychologist came to see Brent Monday morning she said Brent seemed fine -- she did not recommend any medications for depression. Brent told her he was frustrated because he was not getting any answers, but today he was getting some. She said he was smiling and making jokes about the food here. She did not feel it was necessary to even make an appointment with her at this time.

Please continue to pray that Brent can stay free from infection so that his back can be operated on and then his shoulder. And pray for his lung to continue to heal. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

Brent's surgery on his back is scheduled for 7:15 AM. Pray it all goes well.