Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2 3:45 AM
As you have read Brent is scheduled for more surgery today (spine -- 7:30 AM ??) with more to come in the next few days (left shoulder).

Brent called his mother a few minutes ago, upset that he wasn't able to move his legs. Kathy and I have both talked to Brent on the phone this morning. We were very honest, but optimistic of his future--it isn't over, we have just begun! As I have said many times, things could have been much worse--God is good and has answered so many of our prayers to date. Brent needs to go thru the process and emotions of dealing with his extensive injures, he is strong and we will work thru this together with your help and prayers. Brent asked over and over that I (we) pray for him, I know Brent's faith is strong and he will rely on God above all! We have received emails, cards and letters from all over, reassuring us that you are also praying for him--Thank You!!

Kathy and I are in the process of looking into rehabilitation facilities for Brent's recovery. Our first thought was to get him home to central Florida, soon as possible. After seeing the strong support Brent has with the Church - Pleasant Valley Church of Christ - we now are thinking he may need the initial rehabilitation in the Little Rock area. The Singles group at PV, have been amazing to Brent and our family--the Elders, Ministers, staff, and members have supported our family and met every need-- many times before we were even aware of the need. (Thank you!!) Kathy and my home congregation, West Orange Church of Christ have been so supportive, members have driven 900 miles to comfort us, we have had countless calls, cards, and support. Many other churches have helped and supported us!

We have a close friend who has called the trainer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the trainer/doctor recommended another facility in the Tampa area for rehabilitation. Since it was a holiday, I haven't been able to speak with the doctor, I intend to do that today. We are checking into all options at this point, Brent will ultimately have the final say. We also have knowledge of a great facility in the Atlanta area -- Good Samaritan that we will be in touch with.

Forgive me if some of this post isn't making sense--dealing with many things including lack of sleep.

Pete & Kathy

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Anonymous said...

I hope Gods strength will be with Brent as he comes to terms with his long term condition. It will be a hard day for him and we will pray for him and his family.