Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today has been a fairly easy day for Brent, he is still in considerable pain but it seems to be diminishing in intensity. We are starting to get into a daily routine and that too is helping, we know what is going to happen from one hour to the next.

The rehabilitation routine on the weekends is less intense than during the weekdays. Still go thru the same routine but it only lasts about half as long.

The way things are looking, we believe that Brent will be able to have short visits starting the first of the week. He is so sorry and disappointed that he hasn't been able to see everyone! We appreciate everyones love and concern, wish we could put into words the feelings we have!

Brent just ask me to tell everyone--in his exact words--- "I love you all, and feel so lucky to have such wonderful Christian friends. Keep me in you prayers, and God will work everything out"

Pete , Kathy & Brent


Sharon said...

We love and miss you, too Brent. And we do keep you and your family in our prayers. We are ALL amazed at your progress but mostly we are in awe at your strength and faith in the One who assures you that this will all work for the good.
You are an amazing young man and I am blessed and humbled by your testimony.

Anonymous said...

prayers for Brent offered up in Oxford, MS. our love to all of you. parents of Sarah Jane Bedwell.

Krys said...

i love you too, brent.

you rock my face off! :)


Lisa Carter said...

David and I are keeping up with you through your blog site and read it as often as we can. Reading the comments to you from so many of our common friends around the country and world always reminds me of what a special Christian family we have. I recognize so many of the names and know that even though many of us are far apart, we are all still your family and we all feel like we are in this with you. Most of us can't be there in person, but we're with you in heart.

Smiles and hugs,