Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brent has been taken off Morphine and is only taking oral pain medication now. The doctors were just in, their current plans are to move Brent over to Baptist Hospital Rehabilitation either late today or tomorrow. This move is dependent on how Brent tolerates coming off the Morphine. His left shoulder and back are still very painful!
Brent has a lot hitting him right now and is a little overwhelmed, we are trying to take the big things and break them down into small problems that he can handle one at a time. He is very apprehensive about this move into rehabilitation, knowing there will be a lot of pain and pressure placed on him. He will not only have the physical healing but also the mental aspect of this process to deal with.
We'll post more today as details become clearer, we ask not only for prayers of healing but also prayers of peace for Brent.


Linda said...

We are praying for Brent as he makes the move to rehab and that all will go well.

Ronnie and Linda

Anonymous said...

Remind Brent that he has already been such an inspiration to so many of us. He has come a long way by taking things one day at a time. All of you will continue to be in our prayers, but especially Brent. God always brings us through the storms of life even if at times it does not feel like it. We love you all.
Paul, Kim & Zane Taksey

Joe Bedwell said...

Hang in there Brent! We love you and are still praying for you daily. In all of this, God is with you and caring for you. Keep up the courage to endure!

PS. Happy early B-day!!!!!


Cindi Burleson said...

We are praying for you constantly. Trust God for peace to deal with things one at a time. When you become overwhelmed, put your hand in His and rest. He will guide you through.

Mickey and Cindi Burleson

Natalie Wade said...
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Natalie Wade said...

You truly are an inspiration to all of us! You are making such great progress. I'm praying for you everyday as you travel down the road to recovery! Stay strong.
Love, Natalie

Michael said...

My classes of Juniors and Seniors at Westbury Christian in Houston are praying for you daily! I am jealous of your Tim Tebow autograph! That is pretty cool!