Saturday, January 5, 2008

We just got the official word, Brent is scheduled for surgery Monday the 7th. Possibly both surgeries, we're not sure about the shoulder. Brent is still under contact isolation precaution, so we have to wear gowns and gloves when we are around him. Either Kathy or I spend most nights with him, since the nights are the hardest on him.

OK, here is the really great news--- one of Brent's friends from Harding called Pam Tebow and asked if she would get Tim to send an autographed picture. Well, Brent just got a personalized signed picture of Tim Tebow throwing a touchdown pass in last years national championship game against Ohio.

Timmy Tebow

To Brent Adams
God Bless You
and Go Gators!

Brent is so excited! Thanks Grant, you made Brent's day!

Pete & Kathy


Lynnetta said...

I am so glad they have set a date for the surgery. I will continue to pray that Brent be infection free and that everything will be the way it needs to be on Monday for the surgery to proceed as planned. Justin's computer has been down so I called him and read him the blog. He was so excited about Tim Tebow sending Brent the picture. He said that just makes him love Tim Tebow even more. Stay strong. We love ya'll. Lynnetta

Cindi Burleson said...

We sure are praying that everything goes as scheduled now. We'll continue to pray for Brent to remain infection free.

I know these long days and nights can wear you down. Continue to fine your strength in God. He carry all of you through this troublesome time.

Tell Brent we are praying for a swift recovery and a new "normal" for his life.

Mickey and Cindi

Kathy said...

We will be praying for the surgery on Monday! God bless all of you and thank you so much for continuing the updates on the blog.
Robin, Kathy and Christopher