Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We learned yesterday that the doctors have scheduled surgery to fix the screw in Brent's back sometime on Wednesday, seeing as that there are no infections. They will need to put Brent back on the vent while he undergoes this surgery. While they are in the OR, they also plan on doing another Bronc to help clean out the lung. Please pray that there will be no infections and that the doctors can go about the surgery as planned. Once the screw in the back is reset, ortho can then set a date on when they will do surgery on the left shoulder.

Also a Psychologist came to see Brent Monday morning she said Brent seemed fine -- she did not recommend any medications for depression. Brent told her he was frustrated because he was not getting any answers, but today he was getting some. She said he was smiling and making jokes about the food here. She did not feel it was necessary to even make an appointment with her at this time.

Please continue to pray that Brent can stay free from infection so that his back can be operated on and then his shoulder. And pray for his lung to continue to heal. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

Brent's surgery on his back is scheduled for 7:15 AM. Pray it all goes well.


Cindi Burleson said...

We will be praying for success on Wednesday. We will also be praying for a short wait for the shoulder surgery so that Brent can begin to heal and recover.

God will provide!!

Mickey and Cindi Burleson

Anonymous said...

We are leaving early tomorrow for wedding - Brent will be in our prayers that the surgery goes well. Thank God for the good news today. Tell Brent we love him.
C. Hix

Anonymous said...

In reference to Brent's call in the middle of the night- this is in a strange way progress. He is going through stages of grief that are necessary. I remember waking up from having the 3 screws put in my leg Oct 05, the pain was too much to bear, they put me back under fast. The second time I woke up I was on a pain drip, but I knew my leg was severely broken. I still didn't come to grips with everything until I was home from the hospital, when I had to go to rehab. I will be there for Brent and you all through all of this. I have not forgotten all the people who saw me through.