Monday, January 7, 2008

1:55 PM

Brent is still in the recovery room, we were able to see and speak with him for a few minutes. He is being moved out of Stepdown ICU and into room 418 (wing 4B), which is right around the corner from where he was.

Things are starting to move along, hopefully he will have the surgery on his shoulder this week, and we'll be on the road to recovery.

Please continue to pray for his recovery, we know God has answered our prayers and will continue to.

Pete & Kathy


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am from Shelby, Alabama. Both of my children, Bailey, age 10, and Kallee, age 8 1/2 race dirtbikes. I came across Brent's name and blog on one of our racing forums. I don't know Brent or his family, but I check the blog several times a day. This blog is truly a ministry. Thank you for touching and inspiring me. I pray for Brent and his family daily. With love, Robin Merrell

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Brent has been on my heart and in my prayers throughout the day, but I was just able to check the blog. Thank you for the updates and thanks be to God for the wonderful results. May He continue to hold Brent in His loving hands, as he heals his body and renews his spirit. We love you all and wish we could be with you... The Hopkins Family

jan messick said...

Dear Adams family, I'm checking the blog several times daily. Please know that you are in our constant prayers. I am so glad things are finally progressing. May God continue to bless and sustain you. Love, Jan and Parks

Judy May said...

It's good to get the news that the surgery went well and Brent is doing well. Although he still has a long road to recovery, his strength and faith will make the road a lot easier. We will continue to pray for a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the infection being gone, for the successful spinal surgery, for hope when we are helpless and strength when we are spent. Thank you for making the effort to keep up the blog when you have so much on your hearts. I continue to call on the Lord for Brent and all of you. Love you.
Sandi Gray

Renee (Nay) said...

We thank God for keeping Brent free of germs and letting him be able to have his surgery. We in KC will have pray time for Brent tomorrow in Ladies Bible Class at 10:00. He is in our hearts and minds all day long.
Amanda has been a joy to be around this last week but we know she has missed you all. Her mind has been on Brent and you. You all are good cristian family and God will see you through..Happy thoughts in KC

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for the success of the surgery today and will continue to pray for Brent and his FULL recovery. God has been so good!
By His Grace
Jay and Linda Weaver

Jane said...

Brent, You may not remember me. I go to TCU and met you a few years ago when you came to visit my friend Meredith. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that all the girls you met down here, are praying for you! Mere is keeping us up to date, and we know that God can do amazing things.

I also work for a church in FW so I have let our church body know and they are in prayer as well!

From Malachi 4:2 "But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings."

Jane H