Friday, January 25, 2008

Today has been a good day for Brent, both morning and afternoon physical & occupational therapy went well. Brent is getting a little more range of motion in his left shoulder each day. Tonight I asked Brent if he wanted to get in his motorized wheelchair and go exploring the hospital. He thought that would be a good idea, so Brent, Bryan and I went all around Baptist Hospital. Ended up in the cafeteria, Brent was able to eat a good dinner--pizza, yogurt, and a Sprite. (Hey--in guy language that's a great dinner!)

Check back tomorrow, Brent said he wanted to write everyone a note on his blog!

We know that God is answering each and every one of your prayers for Brent, it is so awesome to be able to see the progress Brent is making both mentally and physically! Brent has such a positive attitude, and is smiling and pulling his practical jokes on both Bryan and myself. Just a few minutes ago, Brent was eating some chocolate candy and asked Bryan if he wanted some--Bryan said sure--Brent handed him an empty box. (it's one of those things where you would of had to be here)

We have been asked if Brent can have visitors, yes he can! Late afternoon (after therapy) and early evening are best for him.

Pete & Kathy


Crystal Bruning said...

Thinking of You, Brent! We Love YOU Friend! Love-Crystal

mmlace said...

Each day brings more of His blessings as I hear of Brent getting better and stronger each day! :) You all are constantly in my prayers, and I look forward to hearing from Brent on the blog! Much love to you all!!!

brooke ward said...

Brent! I'm so happy that your physical therapy is going well! I knew you'd do great, you're such a fighter! I know Bryan is so happy to be there with you right now. I'm still praying hard for you and missing you all the way back in Florida and will hopefully be able to see you soon.... and I'll bring you a Publix sub!!!
In Him,

Linda said...

We are so happy to hear Brent's PT is going well. We pray that you continue to get stronger everyday. We are so looking forward to hearing from Brent on the blog. His progress has been so amazing to follow. God bless you all.

Love, Linda and Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Brent's note. That doesn't mean he'll have to give up his concierge does it?

Brent, you're in our prayers every day.

Taksey said...

It's amazing how just hearing that you all ate pizza together put huge smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. We are so delighted to hear that the therapy is going well, but we are more comforted in hearing that Brent is just being Brent! You guys are, as always, in our thoughts and prayers.
We love you,
Paul, Kim, and Zane

Kathy said...

How exciting it was to read the blog today and hear of your improvement! We are constantly praying for you and will continue to do so.

Robin, Kathy and Christopher