Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sorry, it's been a couple days since the last post--in some ways time goes so slowly and then other times it seems we can't keep up with the days that fly past.

Brent is doing really well in rehabilitation and is making progress everyday. Still working on the left shoulder trying to get more range of motion. It will be several more weeks before he will be able to bare weight on it.

Today we had a conference with everyone involved in Brent's recovery; Social Worker, Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Representative of the Arkansas Spinal Commission and it sounded like several others. (I was working in Georgia, and was on a conference call with them) Everyone seemed happy with Brent's progress.

The decision was made to keep Brent in Baptist Rehabilitation until February 8th. At that time he will have to come out of rehab. until he is cleared to bear weight on his shoulder. We don't have an exact time frame on how long this will be, anywhere from a few weeks to a month is a good guess. We are looking at two options; the first will be to get a handicap apartment for Brent and Kathy will stay with him, I will still fly back and forth--working Monday thru Thursday then staying in Little Rock, Friday thru Sunday night. With all the support Brent has with PV Church of Christ and the Singles Group this option has great merit. The other would be to bring Brent home to Leesburg where he could stay with us. This also has merit, so I guess where I'm going with all this verbiage is that we need your prayers that the best direction for Brent will become clear.

Brent continues to have an amazing spirit, he is so strong in his love of God--I stand in awe! I can't begin to thank everyone who continues to visit and lift his spirits! Thank you so much PV, and West Orange Church of Christ! Don't think we could have made it this far with out your support!

Brent loves visitors! (forgive him is he is asleep when you come) Your welcome to call his cell phone also, if he is out of the room just leave a message.


Becca Reed said...

Hi Brent and family,

I just want you to know that I have been praying for you and will continue to. You are loved and lifted up , even by the random people you wouldn't necessarily think of:) You are an encouragement to me. For real.

Peace to you all...and so much grace,

Becca Reed

Lester & Theresa Bennett said...

Our prayers are with Brent and his family.

Krys said...

Mr. and Mrs. Adams,
I would love to call Brent, but do not have his number. Could someone please e-mail me his number or perhaps a mailing address that I could send him a letter?
With love,


Mary said...

We will continue to ask God for guidence on the decisions that you need to make concerning this down time while Brent is healing.

We still pray everyday for Brent's total recovery and for your strength as his family to be there for him in whatever he needs. We look forward to the time we can see you again.

Love, Don and Mary

Linda said...

Brent, so good to hear from you and how much progress you are making. We still keep you and your family in our prayers. Hang in there, you know God will help you with all your needs. Hope you had a good birthday, I share this month with you. Keep improving everyday and may God bless you and your family.
In christian love,
Danny & Linda Slayton

Kimberly said...

Brent I miss visiting you. Monday I found out I have the flu. I want to be 100% well before I see ya next, when I will make you pay up on watching one of the Bourne movies with me :)

With love and prayers,


Brent Adams said...

From one Brent Adams to another…

Stay strong in the Lord and he'll see you through your recovery! I'll be praying for you!


Brent Adams
New Albany, IN