Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan. 12th -Day 36
Yesterday, our family was able to tour Baptist Rehab, here in Little Rock. We were impressed with what we saw. At this point, we believe this is where Brent will have his initial rehab. We are still researching a few other locations to follow up on his rehab after Baptist.

Before the surgery on Friday, the doctors were able to give him a nerve block, numbing the left arm. The medicine used in the nerve block to alleviate pain wore off around midnight. Brent had a rough night due to the amount of pain he was in. He was able to get a different pain medicine later that night to help ease the pain.
This morning seemed to go well, although he is still in pain, he is able to manage it. The physical therapist was able to show us some exercises to work on his range of motion. We have begun working with the left shoulder that was repaired just yesterday. He is currently able to raise his arm aprox. 5 inches (measuring from the elbow).
During surgery yesterday Brent lost around 600 cc's of blood. He received two units of blood this evening. Thank you again to all that have donated blood in Brent's name. He continues to be amazed by how many of you came to support him. When he receives blood, he makes sure to tell his nurses about his wonderful friends that donated blood for him!
To all you that have come to visit Brent but were unable to see him, we apologize. We hope we have not offended anyone. This has been a tough week having had two major surgeries. The surgeries have worn Brent out, and his body needs rest. He loves to have visitors, you always seem to cheer him up. Brent has told us many times that he has the best friends in the world. We believe him. You all have made a big impact on us and have found a special place in our hearts.
Please continue to keep Brent in your prayers- he still has a long road ahead of him. Pray also for Pete and Bryan as they will be flying back to Florida Sunday morning. Thank you for your prayers.


Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that Brent is having so muh pain right now, but we're glad to hear that he is already doing therapy on his shoulder! We'll be praying for you to find the best place for Brent's rehab. We are also still praying for complete recovery.

Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad that both surgeries went well and we'll be praying that his pain lets up! Thank you for continuing to update us all - we appreciate you taking time to do that. You're all in our prayers!

Robyn said...

Hi, I don't know Brent but I am a Harding graduate. My mom was in a bad car accident several years ago and had a spinal cord injury. She was paralyzed when she woke up and we spent many days and nights in the Baptist Rehab. I just wanted you to know how wonderful they are there. My family was thankful that she did her rehab there. They said they would treat her like their own mother and they did. We were first told she would never walk again. Thanks to her time in Baptist Rehab and God, she proved them wrong and within 2 months was walking on her own. You can feel good about Brent's rehab at Baptist. I am praying for your family!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Brent had such a good day. God has answered so many prayers on Brent's behalf. We are praying He will continue to give complete healing to Brent. I hope to see you on Thursday, Brent's birthday. I hope it is a special day for him. Tell Brent we love him.
The Hix's