Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything is on currently on hold, but we are starting to see progress with Brent's recovery! The doctor came in tonight and took Brent's neck brace off--talking about a happy camper! If all the tests come back clean on Brent's blood work, it is our belief he will have both the spine repair and left shoulder replacement on Monday. This will help get us on the road to recovery and rehabilitation!

He is staring to eat a little better, the hospital is working with his diet--tonight--Turkey w/swiss- pickles & honey mustard, French Fries, 2 Sprites, Cherry Jello, plus a small Wendy's Frosty, supplied by mom and dad. (It's amazing how some of the smallest things are so big for us now)

Thank everyone who has been praying for Brent and his recovery. We are sure that God is answering our prayers, seems like Brent is getting a little stronger every day!

Since the weekend is here, nothing much happens till the first of the week. So I doubt there will be much in the way of new information to post for the next two days--please keep praying!

Pete & Kathy


Kathy said...

We are thrilled to read about today! We will be praying that Brent continues to improve this weekend and that the surgeries will take place successfully on Monday! Thank you so much for the info.
Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Anonymous said...

Praise God for such progress and simple pleasures. We appreciate the news of each success no matter how small. My Friday night Bible study group had a special prayer for Brent and your family. So many people are touched by your faith.
I miss you Pete and Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Your post left me smiling from ear to ear. Brent and is family needed a good day!

Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear Brent is improving. Being able to eat and drink is awesome, we know he will continue to get stronger each day. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. We know that God is good all the time, and he will continue to get you through this. We will be praying for the upcoming surgeries and Brent's continued rehabilitation and for you guys continued strength! We thank God for each little improvement no matter how small. Please feel the love and prayers that surround you and give Brent a big hug from us.


Terry and Gary Lashley

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME news!! I can only imagine who has the bigger smile today: Brent, Pete or Kathy. It truly is a wonderful blessing to a part of your life through this blog. Thanks for the updates.
May God continue to have His healing hand on Brent and His loving arms around the entire family.
Cynthia M

mmlace said...

It is so great to hear that Brent is doing better each day! He remains in my prayers everyday, and I know so many others are praying for him as well! Much love to you all!--Lacey

Anonymous said...

Been reading your web pages and you sound like a strong person, I have a friend that was injured oct.20 at a mx race in Decatur, Alabama. His name is Phillip Sherwood ( very strong willed person like you seem to be. I listed his web page so you can get in touch with him. He has alot of info that might help in your road to recovery. Keep your faith in god. Get well soon. Big E

Jay said...

Awesome news. Be well Brent! -J and Sars

Jay said...

Awesome news. Be well Brent! -J and Sars

Linda said...

What great news! Brent we are so proud of you. May you continue to get stronger and stronger. We pray for you daily. Pete thanks for keeping us updated. We also are praying for you and Kathy. You have such great faith in the Lord. We miss you guys.

Ronnie and Linda

Mary said...

This is wonderful news. Days like this help you get through the rough ones ahead because you know there are more good days to come.

We continue to pray for you Brent every day. God is working in your life and will get you through the surgeries and the the rehab. Your life will be better for all of this.

Pete and Kathy you are also in our prayers as is the rest of the family. We know this improvement means so much to you.

Yes getting to get Brent things to eat like a Wendy's frozen drink is a milestone. The simplest things are wonderful aren't they. Next he'll be wanting a pizza.

God bless you all.

Love, Don and Mary