Monday, April 27, 2009


I wanted to spend my time on this post to share with everyone not only my current progress but to show others that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I am so very fortunate to have the support that I have gotten since this injury. I have been to rehab centers and seen people with catastrophic injuries but they are forced to go through it alone. God has provided for me from day 1. Looking back on where I have come from to where I am now is a testament to the power of God!

My recovery has not been a coincidence, it is not by fate that I have recovered this far, but solely due to God working miracles in my life. From the day I was told id never walk again, I knew that a higher power had to intervene. I prayed a prayer that night in the hospital like I had NEVER prayed before. For an hour straight I made a heartfelt plea for God to bring me out of this ordeal. I wanted to be whole again, and not for one second doubt or limit his power. What an answer he gave me!! I am so blessed to have come this far but know that my recovery is just beginning! I will be doing therapy for YEARS but have NO DOUBT in my mind that I will walk again one day!

As far as my recovery goes, I have good news. These past few weeks I have been able to move my legs even more. Remember when I asked for prayers for my knees to return to me. WELL......slowly but surely they are coming back. I am able to know kick my legs out AT THE KNEES from a sitting position. During my pool therapy I did 25 reps of both legs underwater kicking my legs out and pulling them back down. PRAISE GOD!!! Although I still have more recovery to do in my legs, ITS A START!! Please continue your prayers for more recovery.

My dad bought a video camera this afternoon for me to use in my therapy sessions. I hope to most more videos to my blog in the weeks to come! So please keep following my progress, and i will share with everyone the Power of God, and you will see miracles IN ACTION!!

Mark 11:22-24
So Much In Him,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A great week in Little Rock!!

I am sorry for the delay in posting. I usually post on Sunday night but I was not able to last few nights. I returned from Little Rock on Saturday because my dad and I were not feeling well. However, my time in Little Rock was wonderful! I was able to see all my friends and attend the party that was thrown for me at my church! I was so happy to see so many people showed up. I also want to give my thanks to all the girls who put it on for me! I AM SO THANKFUL FOR SUCH WONDERFUL FRIENDS!!

Once we got there on Wednesday we stopped at my favorite eating spot in Searcy. GRANDPA's BBQ, I use to eat there all time time in college. Everyone there remembered me and even what I ordered! When it came time to pay the bill, it was ON THE HOUSE! I then went to visit my Barber/GOOD FRIEND Bob Lyons. Bob raised me while I was at Harding, always giving me advice and guidance. I miss them all!

On Thursday, I was able to visit Baptist Rehab Center (BRI) and see my therapists and doctors! I loved being back there to see them all. BRI really made an impact on me with all the wonderful therapists and friends. Its amazing how I left them a year ago but they still remembered me. My Occupational Therapist, Randy was working on a new SCI victim. He was injured just a few weeks ago and it was his second day at Rehab. Randy, wanted me to share with him MY STORY and to give him hope!! I was MORE than happy to talk to the gentleman. I told him, to NEVER GIVE UP!! No matter what the doctors say, keep faith in God, and work hard. It seemed that I really helped the gentleman as he was asking all kinds of questions about my recovery! I LOVED being able to relate to someone who was NEW to rehab from an SCI injury. I hope in the future that I can use that as my ministry! I want others to use my experiences and give hope to others that recovery from such a traumatic injury IS possible if you BELIEVE and have FAITH in GOD!!

While I was at BRI I was able to talk with Dr. Kiser who was my Doctor. For the FIRST time he was very optimistic on my recovery. He said that the next few years he will be really interested on my recovery. He then put his hand on my legs and asked me to kick my legs out, he was shocked when he could FEEL MY QUADS firing! Dr. Kiser is a good Christian man, but sometimes I feel he wears his doctor hat and is afraid to give false hope in patients. All he gave me were statistics and based on my injury being a COMPLETE and an ASIA-A the statistics of recovery were horrible. I refused to believe I would never walk again. For the first time he was optimistic on my recovery!

I want to thank everyone for making my trip to Little Rock so wonderful! I was flooded with love and support from the moment I got to Arkansas! I love all my friends and hope to return to you one day!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Im doing pool therapy now! Looking forward to a great week ahead!

It Sunday night and time for yet another post. This week has given me a great rehab session yesterday at my therapists house. My therapist has a pool and I have started to do therapy and work on walking in the water. I have made great progress in just two sessions of pool therapy. We have weights and noodles and all the equipment to help with my rehab. We put weights on my ankles and weigh them down and allow resistance in the water. I am so far, able to kick my legs and walk using a normal gate in the water! I was excited to see my steps as I walked laps in the pool. I really enjoy this new form of therapy and I feel it really helping my legs. I look forward to more pool therapy sessions.

On Wednesday I am leaving for LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS! I have spent too long away from my close friends and the members at Pleasant Valley. My family and I have planned a trip for a few days to visit my friends,church, doctors, and therapists. I cant wait to show them the progress that I have made! My friends in Little Rock are very dear to my heart. During the lowest times of my life, I was surrounded by so much love and support. I will forever be in their debt! I remember going to therapy at Baptist Hospital and being so hesitant and afraid. I was unsure of everything, still in shock of my situation. I remember being showed the rehab gym and being afraid and not knowing what to expect. I didn't say a word, and for several days I barely spoke. When I got to therapy I met several friends who helped ease my discomfort and fear. I will never forget my days there. I remember laying on the mat doing my exercises and feeling timid, when my friend Hans Oliver (the singles minister at Pleasant Valley) came into the gym. For the next couple months, he showed up EVERYDAY to do rehab with me! He learned everything the PT and OTs where teaching me. I was visited by friends almost EVERYDAY while I was in the hospital. We had pizza parties in my room, movie nights in my room. I was the envy of all the patients when they saw the love that was given me! I can not wait to return to all of them and say THANK YOU!! I will always carry my friends in Little Rock and Pleasant Valley close to my heart!! I will see you guys later this week!!