Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Great News On My Recovery! More Blessings!

Its been a few weeks since my last post but I wanted to start off by telling everyone whats new with me. I have continued my therapy at home and I have recently gotten canes to help ween myself from the walker. I have practiced with the canes several times and I must admit it is VERY hard! I am going to keep practicing and hopefully soon, I can put away the walker and be more independent.

I mentioned before that I was experiencing a change in my legs, something that I had never seen before. Whenever I put E-stim on my legs at home, My calf muscles would begin to flex! Being that I am a (lower motor neuron injury) my legs should not respond with contractions in my muscles. I have been tested several times and for two years my muscles NEVER contracted. Suddenly my calf started to flex and twitch under electrical stimulation.

I wrote one of the researchers at Shepherd Center to tell her of my new discovery with my muscles flexing. She wrote back, "Brent, it sounds like you are one of the very rare cases in which your peripheral nerves have grown back over time and have made the connections to your spinal cord!"

It was exciting to hear that I was a RARE case! I have no doubt that my recovery is not due to a rare coincidence. My body is changing every week, and I am continuing to get A LOT of sensory back! My legs are becoming sensitive to a variety of different stimulation. I get excited every time I see a change in my legs, I know that I am getting a lot of recovery. Talking with doctors and scientist they have told me that recovery YEARS after injury is very possible and can happen with incomplete injuries. I have personally met numerous people who have had NOTHING for 2-4 years and then regained a great amount of function, SOME EVEN WALKING!

Sometimes its hard to believe it has been 2 years. I look back and remember the hospital and rehab in Little Rock like it was yesterday. I was so blessed to have the support of my church family and friend in Little Rock. The love that was shown to me will be something I will NEVER FORGET! Since returning to Florida I have been shown so much support. From my weekly game night crew to the people at my church at West Orange I am continually encouraged and built up.

I feel that God can turn any situation for good and I can see it throughout this journey. Im not going to lie, I want so desperately to leave my chair behind and walk but I know everything is in God's timing. I have made HUGE gains something that nobody thought could ever be possible. I am starting to regain more now than ever before. I am excited for what the future holds for me and look forward to confronting whatever comes my way. I will continue to rehab and work towards my goals. Please continue to pray for me and my recovery. I know I ask for prayers on every post but I can not say it enough. The prayers of everyone does more than any rehab could ever do! I know and have FAITH that God will make me whole again!
So much in him,