Monday, April 6, 2009

Im doing pool therapy now! Looking forward to a great week ahead!

It Sunday night and time for yet another post. This week has given me a great rehab session yesterday at my therapists house. My therapist has a pool and I have started to do therapy and work on walking in the water. I have made great progress in just two sessions of pool therapy. We have weights and noodles and all the equipment to help with my rehab. We put weights on my ankles and weigh them down and allow resistance in the water. I am so far, able to kick my legs and walk using a normal gate in the water! I was excited to see my steps as I walked laps in the pool. I really enjoy this new form of therapy and I feel it really helping my legs. I look forward to more pool therapy sessions.

On Wednesday I am leaving for LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS! I have spent too long away from my close friends and the members at Pleasant Valley. My family and I have planned a trip for a few days to visit my friends,church, doctors, and therapists. I cant wait to show them the progress that I have made! My friends in Little Rock are very dear to my heart. During the lowest times of my life, I was surrounded by so much love and support. I will forever be in their debt! I remember going to therapy at Baptist Hospital and being so hesitant and afraid. I was unsure of everything, still in shock of my situation. I remember being showed the rehab gym and being afraid and not knowing what to expect. I didn't say a word, and for several days I barely spoke. When I got to therapy I met several friends who helped ease my discomfort and fear. I will never forget my days there. I remember laying on the mat doing my exercises and feeling timid, when my friend Hans Oliver (the singles minister at Pleasant Valley) came into the gym. For the next couple months, he showed up EVERYDAY to do rehab with me! He learned everything the PT and OTs where teaching me. I was visited by friends almost EVERYDAY while I was in the hospital. We had pizza parties in my room, movie nights in my room. I was the envy of all the patients when they saw the love that was given me! I can not wait to return to all of them and say THANK YOU!! I will always carry my friends in Little Rock and Pleasant Valley close to my heart!! I will see you guys later this week!!


Cristina said...

You know patients come and go and we forget about a lot of them... but for some reason we can't forget about Brent at BRI!!! :) Maybe I helped ease some of your fears those first days?? As I cranked on your shoulder??? Or made you play checkers but moved the pieces really far away??? :) What torture! It was the start of a wonderful friendship..(don't get me teary!!) and I'm so happy for you and all you've done... I can't wait to see you and the fam later this week!!!! Get ready to put on a show!

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I am excited that you get to go to Little Rock to see your frineds. Have a great time! Dave