Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you all for your support!

On this Sunday evening, I wanted to thank everyone for giving me so much encouragement from the video I posted last week. I was blown away by how many people that video impacted. It allows everyone to see with there own two eyes the power of prayer. I must say, that I still have a LONG ways to go in my rehab. I am not where I want to be in my goal of walking. I have regained a lot back in my legs, but I still need the assistance of a walker and braces to walk. My quads are not yet strong enough for me to support my body weight without the aid of braces. However, as you can see in that video, I have regained my hips which is something I was not suppose to do. I can take normal strides from the hips in order to walk. PRAISE GOD! I still need my quads and hamstrings to come in stronger in order for me to walk "normally".
I have made HUGE gains in my recovery. My ability to walk so far is beyond what anyone thought would be possible. With hard work and determination (and the power of God) I know that I will one day walk again. If I have come this far whose to say my recovery can not go even further. Everyday, I look down at my feet, trying to gain more control and movement in them. I sometimes stare at them for a long time just trying to get that BIG TOE to move a little bit more! This accident is so humbling! Who would have thought that just over a year ago, my concentration and thoughts would be towards MOVING MY BIG TOE!? It amazes me how God puts our problems into perspective. We can be humbled and brought to our knees so quickly. We feel like we have everything under control, then in a flash you are concentrating on moving a BIG TOE! I pray that everyone can use my experiences and understand how small we really are in this world. I hope people can realize that the only thing big enough to handle our problems is God! We have to give it all to him. The doctors (although they did a marvelous job on me) can not fix the body quit like the one who created me. I still remember the prayers a cried out laying in the hospital bed in ICU when I heard the news of my injuries at 3 AM. I prayed and prayed that I would be healed from this injury. After THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of prayers from friends around the world, my healing is slowly becoming a reality. I have to be patient, and steadfast in my recovery. Im not going to put a date on my full recovery, but just the unwavering FAITH, that it will happen! I will show the world what is possible! PLEASE continue to pray for me! I need help from everyone, and I know that with my friends and support it will happen. I am SO LUCKY to have the support group that I have! THANK YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

Again, another uplifting post. Thanks so much for sharing your struggles and accomplishments. You are an inspiration to many. Love, Robin Merrell

Mary B said...

Moving that Big Toe is a great accomplishment. Next thing we know you'll be reporting moving another toe and then a foot. It will come and I pray we'll be here to celebrate each step with you. You're already teaching strong lessons about faith.

Love ya, Don & Mary

Terri said...

Brent - You truly have an amazing faith and it is a blessing for all of us. You make me want to be a bigger and better person. My prayers will continue to be for your complete and total healing!
Keep up the good work!
Terri Anderson

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sparky! I know I will see you walking in here soon! I love it.


Dave Reed said...

Brent, I have been a litttle side-tracked lately and I am just now catching up reading your Blog entries. I loved the video..who was pulling the strings to move your legs forward?????? Was that really you on your own doing all of that??? It was awesome!!!! You were standing tall and lifting those legs like you had been doing it for years. You are making such great progress; the Lord is talking to you through your legs. I am sure he grins each time he sees you light up with each new nerve he speaks into your legs. Keep up the hard work and great faith; it will come!! Love you brother, and I am very happy for your tremendous progress. Dave