Monday, March 9, 2009

We serve an AMAZING GOD!!

Its Sunday night which means its time for another weekly update on my life! It still amazes me that people still follow my progress daily. Even though they do not leave comments I know that my blog is read by so many people! I am told all the time that they check my blog regularly and it encourages me to know so many people support and love me! I am so unbelievably lucky and thankful to all of you who pray on my behalf daily. I would like to encourage you to please share this blog with others. This blog is my ministry and it allows me to speak to others and hopefully give them encouragement. God uses people everyday to glorify him, I would like to hope that I am giving him glory through this blog. This blog however is only the beginning. In time, I would like to start speaking to groups about my experiences and showing others that through faith nothing is impossible. God will protect his children and he will show us miracles if we ask for them!
A few weeks ago, a member of our church family here in Orlando suffered a similar experience to what I had gone through. We received a call that a lady in our church's mother was in a serious car accident in Birmingham, Alabama. She was in critical condition with a broken back! Immediately the fear went to paralysis and if her mother would ever walk again! Maybe it is fate that this injury would happen to me so that I could help others? We kept in contact with the family trying to give them encouragement. My family knew all to well what they were going through. Through many prayers by the grace of God she did not suffer paralysis! She is actually taking steps now with a walker! PRAISE GOD!!!
We can not determine the paths our lives will take. All we can do is take the trials that are given to us and do our BEST to pass the test, while giving all the glory and honor to God all along the way! This accident is a daily struggle and is hard on both myself and my family. However, I do not ACCEPT this injury and never have from day one! I knew I would not spend my life in a wheelchair and told the doctors "that I will walk again!" despite the fact they said it wasn't possible. I told them that I WAS going to walk. They had heard that talk before! Everyone with paralysis says the same thing.....its just denial! I do NOT think like most people! My confidence does NOT come from what I can accomplish on my own, but through the grace of God! All of the statistics on spinal cord recovery has come from people trying to beat the odds ON THERE OWN! I am not going at this recovery by myself. My progress is due solely by the power of God. Recovery IS possible! I have seen it in many people! My friend Matt Courson from Arkansas who was involved in an ATV accident is now walking WITHOUT braces on the parallel bars in therapy in Baltimore! Pat Rummerfield has COMPLETELY beaten the odds and is walking perfectly fine today. My good friend Jennifer who I had mentioned in my previous postings is also making great recovery at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock.
My recovery is still in its infancy! I am really not that far out from my injury yet my progress has already been AMAZING! PLEASE PLEASE keep praying for me! Tell others my story so that they can be encouraged by my trials! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Brent you are a testament to true faith, I am praying you get back to Atlanta as soon as possible. You never cease to amaze me with how positive you are, I am inspired every time I read your blog! With love and prayers, Kimberly

Judy May said...

It was good to hear from you, Brent. I am always encouraged by your faith and optimism. I know others are also uplifted and you are a living example of how God can control our lives if we will just let Him. You remain in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Brother, In Jesus' name you will be able to WALK AGAIN. Keep up the faith. God hears you and is very proud of you trusting Him. I will pray for you.