Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A great week in Little Rock!!

I am sorry for the delay in posting. I usually post on Sunday night but I was not able to last few nights. I returned from Little Rock on Saturday because my dad and I were not feeling well. However, my time in Little Rock was wonderful! I was able to see all my friends and attend the party that was thrown for me at my church! I was so happy to see so many people showed up. I also want to give my thanks to all the girls who put it on for me! I AM SO THANKFUL FOR SUCH WONDERFUL FRIENDS!!

Once we got there on Wednesday we stopped at my favorite eating spot in Searcy. GRANDPA's BBQ, I use to eat there all time time in college. Everyone there remembered me and even what I ordered! When it came time to pay the bill, it was ON THE HOUSE! I then went to visit my Barber/GOOD FRIEND Bob Lyons. Bob raised me while I was at Harding, always giving me advice and guidance. I miss them all!

On Thursday, I was able to visit Baptist Rehab Center (BRI) and see my therapists and doctors! I loved being back there to see them all. BRI really made an impact on me with all the wonderful therapists and friends. Its amazing how I left them a year ago but they still remembered me. My Occupational Therapist, Randy was working on a new SCI victim. He was injured just a few weeks ago and it was his second day at Rehab. Randy, wanted me to share with him MY STORY and to give him hope!! I was MORE than happy to talk to the gentleman. I told him, to NEVER GIVE UP!! No matter what the doctors say, keep faith in God, and work hard. It seemed that I really helped the gentleman as he was asking all kinds of questions about my recovery! I LOVED being able to relate to someone who was NEW to rehab from an SCI injury. I hope in the future that I can use that as my ministry! I want others to use my experiences and give hope to others that recovery from such a traumatic injury IS possible if you BELIEVE and have FAITH in GOD!!

While I was at BRI I was able to talk with Dr. Kiser who was my Doctor. For the FIRST time he was very optimistic on my recovery. He said that the next few years he will be really interested on my recovery. He then put his hand on my legs and asked me to kick my legs out, he was shocked when he could FEEL MY QUADS firing! Dr. Kiser is a good Christian man, but sometimes I feel he wears his doctor hat and is afraid to give false hope in patients. All he gave me were statistics and based on my injury being a COMPLETE and an ASIA-A the statistics of recovery were horrible. I refused to believe I would never walk again. For the first time he was optimistic on my recovery!

I want to thank everyone for making my trip to Little Rock so wonderful! I was flooded with love and support from the moment I got to Arkansas! I love all my friends and hope to return to you one day!


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Lou Butterfield said...


Learned about you from Linda Smith. Enough said!!! Ha.

Dr.Kiser was my wife's doctor too. Good man. As you said, didn't want to give false hope. My wife was in a horrible accident 7 years ago now, with 5 doctors saying she was going to die.

Dr.Kiser and others (led by the Spirit no doubt) helped her immensely. She is almost back to normal and has been for a long time now. Still has pain in her legs, but is doing very well.

I am confident things will just continue to get better and better for you.

When you have a moment please email me if you will. I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

Lou Butterfield: cfcb@sbcglobal.net

Thanks so much. God bless.

Cordially in Christ,