Monday, January 7, 2008

9:30 PM

Brent has been in a lot of pain since the spinal surgery, the pain medication (Morphine) was set so he could push a button every ten minutes--that hasn't been enough and was dropped to every six minutes. After about three hours, that still wouldn't take care of his pain. He was given a shot of "Toradol" and that seems to have worked--for now.

Kathy is going to spend the night with him, he wakes frightened at times. Once the nurses get to know him, and he gets use to them, things seem to go better. We have been blessed to have really good nurses and techs!

I need to return to work, so I will be flying over to Georgia tomorrow early afternoon, then down to Florida on Wednesday. Our daughter Amanda is flying back to Little Rock on the 10th and will stay for about a week--don't know what we would do without our kids! I am going to try to get back up on Friday and hopefully, bring Brent's brother Bryan with me. Brent's birthday is the 17th, so we may try to celebrate it a few days early!

Several have asked our plans for the upcoming weeks/months. I will be traveling home and working during the week, hopefully returning for long weekends. Kathy isn't working, so she will be able to stay in Little Rock with Brent most of the time.

Again, our family would like to thank everyone who has been praying for Brent, we know without a doubt that God has and will continue to answer our prayers! We stop and thank him for all his blessings He is showering on our family everyday!

Thank you to all those who continually stop by the hospital and support Brent--even when they can't get in to see him!

Pete & Kathy


Doug and Sue Poyet said...

Pete, Kathy and Brent,
Just wanted to remind you that I'm praying "continually" and constantly checking your blog. I'm thankful for your faith. You know we love all of you. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

so sorry Brent is in so much pain.Surely it will be better soon. Sometimes it is amazing what a difference 24 hrs can make. It has to be so hard to see him suffer so much. Your family is so precious. Please know we love you and will keep praying. You guys are so brave. Please know you are in our hearts. Thanks for keeping us so well informed. Wish we could be with you!


Terry and Gary

Cindi Burleson said...

We are praying for Brent always. Waking up scared can be a reaction to the morphine. It will wear off after a while.

You are so blessed to have a family who is there for each other. Remember to give everyone a hug. Stay strong. You will weather this storm.

Mickey and Cindi

Leigh Anne Hawthorne said...

Brent and Family,
I just found out today about the accident. I work for Simmons First Bank in Searcy and have talked to Brent through the years. I will be praying for you and will stay updated through the blog. Hang in there!! God is with you!!
Leigh Anne

Anonymous said...

Brent and family,
My sister goes to church at College Hills in Lebanon, TN and my friend's aunt goes to church at Pleasant Valley. I was told about your story and have been checking on you everyday. I am praying that God holds you tight and gives you the strength you need during your recovery. My 4 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with cancer Aug. 06, so we know how much faith in God means during troubled times. May God bless your family in a very special way.
Monica Dempsey
Memphis, TN

Lor said...

continue to pray and think of Brent. Thank you for updating us, I know it must be a difficult thing to do. We are boldly asking God for Brent's recovery!

Loretta P. said...

Parents helplessly watching their child in pain has to be the hardest part. We are all praying for your strength and comfort, as well as all our deep prayers for Brent. Just know we are all wanting to help you in any way to walk through this dark valley. In times like this, I always remember, "This too shall pass." lvoe you, Loretta Parrish

Tad and Michelle said...

We are praying today is a more comfortable day for Brent than after the surgery. We keep you all on our minds and in our hearts.

Sue Poyet said...

May God comfort Brent and you.(quickly!!) My prayers are with you.I love you all and miss you, Pete and Kathy.
In Him,
Sue Poyet

Thanks for using the blog.
I've tried several times to write you and hope this works this time.

Amanda said...

Dear Brent and family, We continue to pray for all of you. Especially now with the current and upcoming surgery. God can do all things. He answers all prayers. Brent is a very strong young man and with the help of God we know he can come through this. We are praying for the lack of infection, clear lungs, No fever and strength and courage for all of you. You are such a wonderful example of a faithful Christian. I am so thankful you have a new family in Little Rock.
Love and Prayers,
Gill and Pat Gregory, Jay’s grandparents.