Saturday, January 26, 2008

A message from Brent

First off I want to thank everyone for there continued love and support through this very tough time. Things in my life are a lot harder now but with prayers and support I am trying hard to make it through it. Everyday is a new trial to overcome! I never thought my life would take a turn like this but I know that the Lord has a plan for me! I know that i need the Lord to help me through this and I know that he can do miraculous things to those who believe in him. I have been praying non-stop since I have been awake to do so. My parents and friends tell me stories about the first few weeks but my memory is not to keen from all the medications. The one thing that I do know is that I have an amazing support group and a lot of people care for me. It is so touching to know how many people pray on my behalf.
My prayer is that I will continue to get better everyday. I also pray that the Lord will give me complete healing and that I can use this experience to somehow bring glory to him. I love you all and have so many thanks that I do not know where to begin. My life is different now but I am still the same Brent. Please keep praying for me and we can make it through this together!
P.S. I want to give a special thanks to my church family at PV and all my Christians friends who continue to support me! My mom has been with me from the beginning she is the best mother a guy could ask for and I am so lucky she is my mom! My dad and brother and sister visit me often and they boost my spirits they are angels! My family is awesome! My Singles minister Hans has been so generous to come and work out with me through my physical therapy I can not thank him enough and everyone else! I love you all so very much



Anonymous said...


It's so good to hear from YOU! We are so glad to hear about all the progress you are making and the way God is shining so vibrantly through you.

You do have an incredible family...we've always known that! You are an incredible guy in the hands of an almighty, awesome God. Great things will happen! You are continually in our prayers!

Love ya!

Carol Evans Hilbert

Sharon said...

It is so good to hear from you!
We are amazed at the progress you show. Your faith lifts us all!
We love you so and will continue to pray for your healing and strength.
the josey's
now..share that candy with your brother!

Anonymous said...

Brent-y - - you are such a fighter! Your situation has already brought glory to God and shown hundreds of people the faith and hope we have as Christians, and has touched so many. We all continue to pray for your healing in all aspects and are just so proud of you and thankful to have you as a great friend. :) I hope to be able to see ya soon!

Robin Lashley

Anonymous said...


How can any of us think we are having a bad day ...when we stop and look at YOU ...and how you are handling your day. You are a true inspiration to us all. Continue to stay strong, share the faith and get better!

We love you and are praying for you!

mmlace said...

Brent, it is SO GOOD to hear from you!!! I come here everyday and read about how you are getting better and stronger everyday, and that is because of Him. God is and will be glorified through you because of your amazes me. The faith of your family and your parents...they amaze me as well! I constantly pray that the God of all comfort continues to strengthen all of you.

But most specifically, I pray that He continues to give you comfort, strength, and healing. Much, much love!--Lacey

Christy & Johnny said...

You are a inspiration to all of us! You have a great attitude and we always knew that you would have the same personality and wit that endears so many to you. You do have a wonderful Mom and Dad and brother and sister. We love you so much and believe with all our heart that God will do awesome things with your life! Keep up the hard work and know you are in our every prayer.
Christy & Johnny

Jennifer Smith said...

Thank you so much for sending us all a message...We are all pryaing for you like crazy. I have several friends and neighbors who I have asked to pray for you who ask me regularly how you are...there are networks of prayers all over who continue to pray for you. I know God has a plan for you and is shaping you into a special tool for him.
God Bless!!
Jennifer Smith

Joe and Sarah-Jane said...

Hey buddy!

Sounds like you are doing better each day. We can't wait to come see you again and hang out with you. We're really proud of you and know God is with you through it all. We are thinking of you and praying for you daily! We love you and keep up the hard work!

Joe and Sarah-Jane

PS. A few things/jokes to consider... "a Jitterbug". "Pop goes my heart!?" "work smarter not harder; in other words click, click, print, staple..grade 92" "If you have a fever, get some more cowbell! Preferably in the kitchen at Colton's!" "Watch out for those sharks in Apilachicola!"

Renee (Nay) said...

You are a shining light to us all. Most of us cannot and will not go through what you are going through. Your example of how to act in situations like this is a perfect example of how to lean on god for everything. We are so happy to read your thoughts and words on this blog. Please keep us posted on your progress. God is Good! Renee in KC

Jason said...


Great to hear from you. God bless your recovery and continued healing. Please keep all of us posted on your progress, you are such a great inspiration to us all.

In him,

Jason Kuepker

Linda said...


It is wonderful to hear from you. We thank about you everyday and will continue to pray for you as you continue to heal. Remember always that God is in control.

Love, Linda and Ronnie

Krys said...


I love you, and stand amazed by you.

Take care,
Krystle <3

Judy May said...

Brent, what a pleasure to hear directly from you! Your family has been so good to keep us posted but it's an answer to prayers to know you are doing well enough to send us all a message. You are certainly evidence that prayer is our life line to God and he hears, answers and gives us what we need. I continue to pray for complete healing for you. Our love to you and your family.

Terri Anderson said...

Dear Brent - It's great to hear from you! What a blessing you are to your family and friends. We will pray for your continued healing and opportunity to share your message!

Terri Anderson

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, pinch a nurse and eat more pizza

Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear from you! I am on my way to Ladies Bible class and stopped to read your blog b/c I know there will be questions as to how you are doing. You have been lifted up in prayer by your christian brothers and sisters here in SC. You and your family have been a wonderful witness to many. Work hard and keep that son of mine straight:)
By His Grace
Linda (Jay's mom)

Kimberly said...

Brent you make us all stronger through your faith My life has been incredibly enriched by being your friend.

With love and prayers,


Little Rock Real Estate said...

You are an inspiration. We love you.

Chris and Shelly Dahl

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent, I am so glad that you are doing better.....It has been awhile since I checked your blog. My prayers are with you.

I agree with you....with God all things are possible.

Hang in there.

margaret fsb dequeen