Monday, June 9, 2008

YouTube - Teenage Motocross Racer Rehabs at Sharp Grossmont

YouTube - Teenage Motocross Racer Rehabs at Sharp Grossmont

To everyone who has been following my blog I have recently come across a video on youtube which describes in detail everything that has happened to me since my accident. When I saw this video it was as if it was written about my life. Every scene I HAVE LIVED! Our accidents both occurred on a motocross track doing the sport which we loved. A freak accident left both of us with a huge struggle in front of us! I look at this video often for inspiration and I hope that each and everyone of you can do the same.
You will see a scene in the video where Jordan is moving his leg across a board in rehab he asks, "IS THAT ME?" funny thing is....that was ME about a month ago. I DID THAT! I moved my legs across the board about the same about as Jordan did. It gives me inspiration when I see someone who had the SAME unfortunate accident over coming the odds and doing the impossible. I KNOW that will be me one day! I have already come so far.....much further than the doctors ever thought I would! Now it is time to take the next step, and LITERALLY WALK AGAIN!! I believe in miracles and with the help and prayers of everyone that miracle will become a reality. I am currently looking up the Shepherds Rehab Center in Atlanta Georgia. I still have to get all my paper work filled out and medical records transfered to their doctors so that I can be admitted. I ask everyone to please pray for my acceptance into this rehab facility. I need to go so that I can begin my therapy as soon as possible! Once I get to rehab I can begin doing some of the therapy that you will see in this video! Some of it I have already done...LIKE MOVE MY LEGS! PLEASE, pray for my complete healing! I have faith that it will happen one day! Until then i will keep the faith!



Anonymous said...

Hey Brent, you don't know me, but I attend West Orange Church of Christ. I admit I'm not a rabid reader of your blog, but your determination and trust in God is unique and inspiring. Everyone at church seems to be crazy about you, which must mean that you're really something special. I don't think that any of us doubt that you'll be walking again one day. I wish you luck and speed with your recovery!
-Brittany Mountford
Colossians 1:9-14

Kathy said...

Hey Brent,
I tried to go to the UTUBE link you put in your message, but can't access it at work, so I will at home. We will definately be praying for you to get into rehab asap! Good luck!

Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring video! Thanks for sharing this story with us, so that we can see the kind of progress that you are making. I will definitely bring these specific prayer requests to our Father.
Your sister in Christ,
Cynthia M.

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me everytime I check your blog! You have such a great outlook everything! I will continue to pray for you! If you do end up in Atlanta that's only about 3 hrs from Montgomery so I will make plans to come see you! Keep the faith!

Cassandra Hicks

Matt said...

Keep up the awesome work. NEVER give up. You can't have a testimony without a test.


Matt said...

I left the previous message before I watched the video. That video could have been my life after my June 1995 accident. I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I was flooded with memories from my recovery. Brent, I am walking today......just as I believe you will be. Thank you for posting that video. I needed a reminder of how far God has brought me. Keep pressing forward.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Brent that video made me cry!! That is so you!!! And I have no doubt you'll be able to do the same thing he's doing. Love you and miss you!!

Amanda Raibley

Anonymous said...

I will watch the video when I get home. We are blocked from that website at work. I am amazed that you are still upbeat and positive about your recovery. It makes me feel the same way. I will pray for your acceptance at the rehab center. Love,Jackie H.

Norma said...

Hi Brent,
Wow! That video was awesome! I'm certain that is just a brief glimpse of the struggles, the pain and the hard work that you have endured (like Jason). I pray daily for your continued healing and complete healing. The video shows the determination that I know you possess and must have. I'll be praying that you get into the rehab program at Sharp Grossmont. I'm thrilled every time I read your blog because your faith, your determination, and your perserverance is quite evident and an inspiration to me. May God continue to bless and keep you. In Him, Norma Anderson