Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request:

As I write this post Brent is in surgery, we were informed this morning that his right lung has fully collapsed and does not look good. He is having the Bronchoscopy preformed now, he is also having a larger chest drain placed high in the right side of his chest. When Brent left ICU, Kathy sensed his fear in having this procedure. Brent is worn out right now!

Pete & Kathy

Update 2:40Pm
Brent is out of surgery, the Bronchoscopy was completed and now the third chest drain has been placed. The doctors placed an endotracheal intubation tube in Brent to keep positive pressure in the lung and aid healing. They have scheduled another Bronchoscopy on Brent in the morning. Brent will remain sedated thru tomorrow's procedure.

Kathy and I thank you so much for your concern, calls, and most of all prayers!

Pete & Kathy


Jonathan said...

My prayers are with you all and Brent. Stay strong and God will continue to work miracles.
~Jonathan Boudreau

Mary said...

Our hearts share your pain and our prayers and thoughts are with you and Kathy and Brent. May God continue to strenghten you and continue to work in Brent's recovery. We love you all.

Don & Mary Brown

Lynnetta said...

Pete and Kathy
I continue to pray for Brent and for ya'll to have the strength needed to get through this. Brent is very strong and with God's help guiding the doctors, his lungs will be healed. I wish I was there to give ya'll a hug. I love ya'll. Lynnetta

Jared said...

Brent -
The PV Singles class is constantly thinking about you. You are in our thoughts and prayers and know that despite the rough times you are experiencing, God is taking care of you. See you soon, brother...

- jRod

Anonymous said...

Kathy and Pete,
Prayers are being lifted to the Father right this minute for Brent--we love you!!
The Hagans

The Bonners said...

Pete & Kathy,

This has been so very trying I know. We are just praying every day for the power of God to manifest itself. Moment by moment, day by day, God is with us.

I know you all are tired. As you know, the prayers and love and support of literally hundreds(and maybe even thousands by now)saints are all over you and all around you.

Your steadfastness and attitude throughout all this has inspired me, but break down if you need to. We'll all still be here, and more importantly, God will still be there should you need to fall apart.

With lots of love from Knoxville, Tennessee!

The Bonners - Eric, Paige, Reilly & John Reagan.

AND also from various members from the Central Church of Christ here in Knoxville.

Jay said...

God bless you Brent. Hang in there. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Jay and Sars

Cindi Burleson said...

Our prayers are with Brent and with you. God will provide. Look to Him for strength and lean on those around you when you are tired. Keep the faith.

Mickey and Cindi Burleson

Terri Anderson said...

Our prayers are with you and the doctors. I know God is sovreign and is at work through all this. Let's all continue to keep the faith because we know our God can do anything!
Terri Anderson

Kenneth Wingate said...

Pete and Kathy and the extended Adams family. We wish you the very best. Brent we are asking God to show you His power and love in healing and watching ove you. Thanks you and your family for showing your faith in God. Ken and Bonny

turnaglw said...

We are still praying for Brent in the Carolinas. God will work his miracles on Brent.

Leslie Turnage
Jay Alan's aunt