Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 11

Brent wasn't able to have the surgery on his lung last night, for what reasons I don't know. But he is having it this afternoon and it should last about 30 minutes. He's not really up to seeing visitors right now, and only Amanda and Kathy are at the hospital with him. I will update as the day progresses. Please keep Brent, Kathy and Amanda in your prayers and keep Bryan, Pete and Brooke in your prayers as they are traveling.

Brent was able to have surgery on his lung this afternoon at 1:54pm. They were able to go in and perform a bronc. They went in to observe the condition of his lung and clear it of obstruction. The surgery went well, but Brent is now back on a vent, because the stats were not to the doctors satisfaction. At this point we are still down in the OR waiting room, until they are able to find a room for Brent. He will be moving up to an ICU on the fourth floor, for more intense care. Thank you all so much for your prayers, please continue to lift him up in your prayers.

Brent has been moved to to ICU room 452 - He is able to have visitors 2 at a time- although he does get a little overwhelmed at times. Dad and Bryan will be back up here on Thursday evening, Bryan will be staying until December 25th, and Dad will be here until January 1st.


Anonymous said...

My name is Jill Lawson. I am Vice President of Operations at Heritage Bank in Jonesboro, AR. Brent has called on me a few times & just yesterday I sent him an email to get a quote on some equipment that we need. I have dozens of salesmen that call on me but, for some reason I really liked Brent & the way he handled himself especially being as young as he is. I just received a Christmas Card today from Business Machine Systems & found out about the accident. Please know that I will keep Brent & his family in my prayers. Miracles do happen. I am living proof. Thirteen years ago I had a malignant brain tumor. I was not expected to survive but the brilliant doctors at UAMS & God literally saved my life. My neuro-surgeon was Dr. Al-Mefty. I tell you this because I want you to know that Brent is at the very best place in the world. In Christian Love, Jill Lawson

Terri Anderson said...

I appreciate so much Jill Lawson's comments and share her impressions of Brent. You know immediately that he is genuine, smart and so sweet. Knowing that he is in the same hospital as Jill, and being reminded of the greatness of God are both comforting thoughts. We are all praying constantly for Brent and his family. I know he is in good hands!
Terri Anderson

denise said...

Pete and Kathy, We are constantly in prayer for Brent and your family. I would like you to know how much your families faith is impacting others.We discuss it in every class and every lifegroup. In our home, you were highly thought of before, but we are truly amazed at the whole family. The Church there and those surrounding you now ,are also great examples to all who have heard of the accident.This is so hard,and we all feel so inadequate to help,but God's love and strenghth is evident in you all.Our prayers are with you. Love, Mike & Denise Watson

JD Eddins said...

Brent and Family,
Meg and I have been praying for ya'll since we heard about the accident (as well as our church). Brent was also the guy that could make you laugh- no matter what was going on. I know that he'll need that same attitude as he recovers from these injuries. It has been amazing to the faith of your family that is reflected in the posts and in the comments here. God Bless!