Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 21 5:30PM

Just a quick update, I will write more later.... First things first--Kathy and I thank God for answering our prayers. We would also like to thank each and every one of you who have been praying for Brent's recovery.

Today after several tests, and another Boncoscopy it was determined that Brent was strong enough for the doctors to remove the ventilator. This was a hard because he has been sedated with the tube in. The doctors now needed to wake him and slowly allow him to start breathing on his own before total removal. When he awoke, he was scared, saying "there is something in my throat." We were able to comfort him and help him understand what was happening.

The doctors said they were going to remove the chest tube being used to drain his right lung cavity. This is currently being done.

The neurosurgeon came by and told us that he wanted Brent stronger before going back into the operating room to reposition the screw in his spine. It looks like this surgery will happen next week.

I will update a little more later this evening.

Pete & Kathy


Cindi Burleson said...

We are praying for Brent at all times during the day. He and all of your family are on our minds often. Stay strong leaning on the Lord. He will provide.

Love and Prayers,
Mickey and Cindi Burleson

Cindi Burleson said...

We've added Brent to our prayer list that goes out all over the country. Gain strength in knowing that he is being lifted up by many.

Mickey and Cindi

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear how many people are lifting Brent and the family up in prayer. I've really grown to love this family's spiritual maturity. What a wonderful inspiration they have been to both Brent, hospital staff and others. I pray that God will continue to lay his healing hand on Brent and his loving arms around the entire family.
Cynthia M

Mary said...

Praise God! Another day of healing! Another day He has held you up and strengthened you.

You are all in our prayers from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night and sometimes in the night when we waken.

Brent we sure look forward to meeting you when this is all over. You are an awesome guy.

Linda said...

we want Brent and his family to know we continue daily to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Sounds like some things are improving, which we thank God for. We know He is answering our prayers. May God continue to give you strength daily.
In christian love,
Danny & Linda Slayton

Amadna S said...

Praise God! Brent is continuing to heal and be strengthened. This is such an awesome testimony to what God can do in our lives. Keep fighting Brent! You and your family are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Amanda Slayton