Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 3

This is an email Pete (Brent's dad) wanted you all to read.

Another update on Brent---
Well there are times in a persons life that are benchmarks, today may have been one of those days.

A long time ago, we knew a young woman with terminal cancer--we prayed,we prayed, we prayed--asking God to heal her and make her whole again.She was so young, had children, was a rock in the local congregation--so much to live for........ in class one evening we were again speaking to God about her, someone in the back of the class spoke up and said "I'm mad at God! He should heal her!" A very wise person spoke up and reminded us that God may look at things differently than we do. God is more interested in the spiritual welfare of his children, than the possible physical problems. I know this is hard, but try to think about it. In my eyes, that is exactly true--God will be able to use Brent.

Kathy and I are very lucky in the strong church that Brent is a part of-- currently the elders are on their way to pray over Brent.

Please remember that Kathy and I know, beyond any doubt, God is in control and has a plan--we continue to pray for a miracle.

Please pray that God will use Brent to show how powerful and awesome He is. He has already answered many of our prayers. We strongly believe that through prayer God CAN heal Brent completely. We pray that He can use Brent to strengthen our faith and others. --Kathy

So much in Him!

Pete & Kathy

Please continue to pray and pass this along so that others can begin praying as well. We will continue to update as soon as there is any other information.

Re: Address
For those of you who have asked about sending cards, you can send them to Brent and Jays house and Jay will bring them to the family. As soon as we get an address at the hospital where they can receive cards I will post it.

1611 Wagon Wheel Dr
Little Rock, AR 72211

Re: Food Preparation
For those of you who would like to prepare food for the family we would like to coordinate this in hopes of preventing over abundance as well as a lack of food. The only day that is being covered thus far is Thursday evening. They do have transportation to pick up food if it cannot be dropped off at the hospital.

Dec. 10th Carol Hix is providing taco's from Taco Bueno for dinner
Dec. 11th Cynthia Matthews & Amanda Slayton - Sandwiches
Dec. 12th Tia would like to prepare a meal to be delievered around 5:30 pm
Dec. 13th Bill is providing pizza for the family.
Dec. 14th BESH, out of Tavares, Florida the company that Brooke Ward works for is providing food this night.
Dec. 15th
Dec. 16th Sara Kathryn Smith is providing food for this night.

Call before you take food up there and I will post it to everyone up to date
501-366-1492 Jay Cell

We aren't sure of the best way to keep this organized but for now if you would like to post in a comment to this post on when you could provide and even what you may bring others can see when/what to bring. Meals and/or possible finger foods and/or sandwiches would be fine.

There are 9 family members staying in the waiting room each day to give you an idea of what to prepare for.

Canned drinks, water bottles and ice are very helpful as well.

Anything that you would like to do would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Blood Drive
Will be held at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ. More information below under the post "Blood Donation"


Brooke Ward said...

Brent you are a fighter, I know you will make it through this. I want you to know I will be here for you no matter what! I hope you know how many people are praying for you and care for you! I hope to be up there soon to see you!
Pete, Kathy, and Bryan and Amanda: I am praying so much for ya'll as well, I know this is so hard on you. Things at home are fine so please dont worry about anything here! I love you all very much!

Christy Canady said...

I knew Brent at Harding just three and half years ago, but how long those three years do seem! So much has happened since then, and so much more is STILL going to happen. The strong prayers of many mean the world and definitely can make a difference, something I know personally.

I had a ton of prayers and support from my family and friends, and a couple years of recovery time, to get me where I am today. In June 2004 I suffered very similar injuries in a vehicle accident: traumatic brain injury/closed head injury, a punctured lung, broken bones, and other internal injuries. I still do not know why God allowed these things to happen to me, but I can promise you my faith is much stronger and I want to be there for others in similar situations.

Romans 5:3-5 says we "...rejoice in our sufferings, because we know suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."

That hope has been and is still so strong for me. From just reading this blog I can see how much Brent's family cares for him; please do not lose hope! God has an awesome plan for Brent and he will be able to use this testament somehow. Every person's injuries are different, but if you ever have any questions about his recovery, email me anytime at or call my cell at 318.401.5668. I'm sure my parents would gladly talk to you, also, and I am now friends with Independent Living Specialists here in Shreveport who would gladly help you find any resources Brent needs. I am already praying for Brent and the family. =)

Christy Canady said...

Brent is so strong, he can and will pull through this...he already is!

George Welty said...

We are praying for Brent and for your family. I will be there Thursday or Friday. I love you guys - george

Megan said...

Please know that Brent is in my prayers, and the prayers of my friends and family here in Ohio. I just moved back up north, but for the two years I was in Arkansas, Brent was a very good friend to me.

Brent, I am praying for you! I know we have not kept in touch, but I care about you immensely.

melissa said...

My husband and I both went to Harding with Brent, and we will be lifting him up daily!

Brent, know that there are many, many people out here who are thinking about you and lifting you up. We pray for healing of your physical body, but we also pray for God to give you strength spiritually and emotionally during this time.

Love, Kevin and Melissa (Edwards) Shelby

Jared said...

Brent, you wouldn't believe the network of support that is behind you right now. it really makes me proud to see how many people care about you and your family. i really do love Pleasant Valley. you are in our prayers...

- jrsr

Ryan Kessinger said...

Brent you are in my prayers. You are in all of Lake County's prayers. Continue to be strong. God will deliver you through all of this. To the family: You are also in all of our prayers. This is not an easy time for you either. Continue to stay strong and trust God. I know you will. If you guys need anything let me know. If you have questions about what the doctors are talking about and need some more explaining you can call me at anytime. I will try to put it in terms that are easier to understand. If there is anything we can do here in Lake County for you let me know.
With all our Love,
The Kessingers and The Messicks and The Mabry's and North Lake Chapel

Tim said...

Pete, Kathy, Brian, Amanda & Kyle,

I am Amanda Raibley's mom. We were privileged to meet Brent this past summer. You have a wonderful, caring, strong son. Jay and Amanda have always spoken highly of him. I don't doubt that he will pull through this stronger than he was before.

I want you to know that our family is praying for Brent's recovery and for strength for your family to get through this overwhelming ordeal. We have sent out an email prayer list to our friends, family and churches around the country to pray for Brent as well. I hope and pray that you feel the comfort and strength of many people around the country embracing you in their hearts and prayers.

Tina and Tim Raibley

Janice Kemp said...

Pete and Kathy,
Our hearts are breaking for you and the kids right now. Continue to put your trust in the Lord; He has a plan. Brent has been added to the New Life prayer list too. He has many strong and caring prayer warriors all over the country!

Praying for all of you,
Janice and Lee

Amber said...

I knew Brent at HU and we are also "neighbors" here in Little Rock. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as you go through this. Our church at Chenal Valley is praying for you! Stay strong!

Stephen & Britney said...

We knew Brent at Harding and admire his passion for life and love for our Awesome Father. Please know that we are lifting Brent up to the Father and believe that He can heal him! Love to all of you!

Michele Baker said...

Adams family,
Your family at Christian Home and Bible School is continually lifting you up in our prayers. We pray for your strength and faith as well as healing for Brent's injuries. God has great plans for you and for Brent - hold on to that hope.

We love you!

Kristen Green said...

Thanks for continuing to keep us updated even in the midst of this turmoil. We love Brent and your family so much.

Sara Kathryn Smith said...

I would like to bring food for the family on Sunday December 16. If they have a suggestion on what they would like I would be happy to accommodate that. Also, what time should I plan on bringing food? My e-mail address is If you need me to bring it another day, that is fine. I live in Conway, so I am only 30 minutes away.