Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 4 at 1:10

Today there has been a bit of encouragement on behalf of Brent. Yesterday the doctors told us that the soonest they would be able to perform surgery on Brent’s spine would be Friday, today they informed us that they will be able to do that surgery later today! Praise God! We just finished speaking with the one of the doctors and will soon be speaking to the surgeon that will be performing the surgery. They will be performing two surgeries today- the first surgery will be done to help prevent blood clots, it is a serious issue but the surgery in and of itself is considered a minor surgery. The second surgery later this afternoon will be the most critical surgery; they will be realigning and stabilizing his spine. Please keep Brent in your prayers, we are specifically requesting that you pray for the knowledge of the doctors working with him. We know that the Great Physician will be with them guiding their hands as to what Brent’s specific needs are. Please continue to lift Brent’s name up to our Heavenly Father. On behalf of his family- we cannot thank you enough for your prayers. Your prayers have been a source of comfort to us and we know that is the reason we are able to stay strong for Brent. We feel that so many of these prayers have been answered. We wanted to share with you a few things that we have counted as a blessing throughout this ordeal. We know that we cannot list them all because God is continuing to show us new blessings, its unbelievable how amazing our God is and we wanted to share a few of those with you:
  • When we found out about the accident we were uncertain of how my parents were going to get here. The accident happened at 2:15pm. We realized the severity of the accident around 3pm, and my parents were able to get here by 8:30pm. The company that my dad works for, Farner Barley was able to make contact with the owner of Graham Construction out of Dublin Georgia, they flew their company jet down to Leesburg, and then from Leesburg to Little Rock.
  • Once here in Little Rock we were uncertain of where the family would be staying, a member of the Pleasant Valley Church owns the Guesthouse Inn, about 3 minutes from the hospital and was able to provide us with a place to stay!
  • UAMS is the best place in Arkansas for Trauma accidents.
  • UAMS has some of the best doctors in the southeast!
  • We found out yesterday that one of the orthopedic surgeons that has been and will continue to work on Brent was our older brother Bryan’s suitemate at Harding. -coincident? No it’s a God thing!
  • There is several staff members at the hospital that attend Brent’s home congregation, Pleasant Valley that have been able to help in many ways!
  • At one point early on we were told that Brent’s left leg was broken, the next day they came back unable to find the break in his leg!
  • We were told that the soonest Brent would be able to have surgery on his spine would be Friday; they are doing it today- Tuesday!!!
  • We have had all of our physical needs met before we even know what we needed!!
  • They told us after 72 hours, the lung would be at its most critical state- to the best of my knowledge, and doctors did not mention anything to us yesterday about his lung.
  • We have been constantly be surrounded by God’s people! From near and far; Aunt Christy, Uncle Johnny, and Aunt Carol from Alabama, Gary Lashley came from Florida, Matt Pruitt, Jantzen Cole, and Justin Hunton who have all grown up with Brent in Florida, as well as numerous members of PV, well over 100 in the first two days! Thank you!
  • We have had doctors coming in to pray with us. (This is a state hospital – not associated with any church or denomination)
  • Brent’s doctors are ones of faith, and keep reminding us the power of prayer!

There are so many more blessings that we cannot even begin to count them all, but we wanted to let you know just how truly blessed we feel to be children of God. He is our father is constantly watching over us. Our faith and your prayers are what will get us through this! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done; if I tried you wouldn’t hear the end of it! :) We are putting all our faith in God- and putting Brent into his hands. As one of the elders at PV has stated in prayer, God put Brent together once in our mothers womb and we believe He can do it again! – That quote has stuck with me! We are not limiting God and know that all things are possible through Him!


jackie hanegan said...

Pete, Kathy, Brian, Brent & Amanda,
I want you to know that you are in our daily prayers while you are dealing with the aftermath of Brent's horrible accident. It sounds like he has good medical personnel and the best facility to care for him and a strong church family to support him and you. The rest is in God's hands and what better place to be than in our Heavenly Father's loving hands. He loves Brent even more than we do and He is guiding those caring for Brent and guiding us to try and give support to you. I hope you can feel some of the love coming through to you and know that we will do whatever we can to help you. We will keep praying, you don't even have to ask for that. We love you!
Pat, Jackie, Cory, Ryan, Punky & Tati Hanegan

Thelma Palmer said...

Pete, Kathy, Bryan, Brent and Amanda,
Our Prayers are SO with you right now. Know that there are outstretched arms from Florida embracing you from afar. GOD is Faithful and Brent is his child. He will take care.
We Love You All,
Steven, Thelma, Travis and BriAnne Palmer