Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My story-Tell Others!

Well its Wednesday night and I figured I would write on my blog due to everyone telling me that I don't do it enough! This has been a very good week. My dad and a friend of our family built me a workout table. The table is exactly like what I worked on at rehab in Little Rock. Its a few feet off the ground and is firm enough for me to do all my workouts instead of using my bed which is really comfy and soft but not ideal for working out on! I am in training now in preparation for rehab in Atlanta. Since they want to work on walking at Shepherds I am trying to prepare myself so I can hit the ground running once I get there. Some of the things I am working on is strengthening my core so that I will have better balance when I support my weight. I still pray daily for more return in my legs which will make walking that much easier, one said this was going to be easy! In fact it is just the opposite, this is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Everyday is a struggle but I know I will get through this with God's help and the prayers of so many of you.

I am amazed everyday by the response this blog has gotten. I try to write on the blog once a week and I hope to write on it more often once I get to Atlanta. I will tell everyone of my daily progress so that I can have specific prayers while I am in therapy! I need constant prayers to come my way so that I can one day be whole again. I know that nothing is impossible and I know that from the miracles that my family has seen since this accident. The Lord has a plan for me, one which I do not know yet but he will reveal it to me in time! If this accident can bring others to him than it will all be worth it!

Please use this blog as a ministry to others. Tell others of my story so that God can be glorified through this accident. The progress I make is because of him and this should all be for his glory. I will work hard to keep my legs strong and keep moving them as much as possible. However, I still ask everyone to please pray for my complete healing, which has been my prayer since this accident occurred. I know that complete healing is possible and I ask for everyone to please keep me in front of God with this request! I will get through this and I plan to dedicate myself to helping others who have suffered such a traumatic accident. I am blessed to have the support of so many people and it's faith that will see me through this! I hope to pass that encouragement on to others so that they can believe! I want to thank everyone for your prayers. I ask everyone to please keep praying for me! Thank you all for your encouraging words and comments you leave on my blog! They build me up every time I read them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,
Your blog is truly a uplifting ministry to others. So many here in Montgomery read it weekly and tell me how they are praying for you. We are so thankful for your progress and thank God for you being able to go to the Shephard Center in Atanta. We are also thankful for you. You have always brought so much joy to all those you meet. God is using you in a wonderful way and I know He will continue to use you and bless you in all you do. We love you,
Aunt Christy and Uncle Johnny

Brenda said...

Morris and I are in Pensacola this weekend for the Conquerors youth rally. He told me that he saw you when he was in your area a few weeks ago and he said you looked great! We do read your blog and pray for you often. Your hard work and determination is an inspiration to anyone who is keeping up with your progress. We are thankful for your strong faith and your desire to give God the glory. We are so excited that you will soon be in Atlanta at Shepard Center. It sounds like you are ready to work!!
God bless you!
Brenda and Morris

Kimberly said...

Brent, Christina and Stephen Kearby and I rode together to the Boone Park Elementary Service Project today and we were talking about your blog and your inspirational you are with your faith and walk with the Lord. I *still* want you to think about writing that book we talked about :)

I can't wait to hear about your therapy in Atlanta. YOU ROCK!!!

Much love and prayer,


Dave Reed said...

Good morning speedster Brent! I came by after chuch to give you a hug and you had already departed. Sorry I am slow to getting to your side! I always enjoy looking across the isles and seeing you sitting there in your elevated position just above the audience so we can give you a wave. I know the difficulty you go through to get there so I always see your presence as being very special. I plan to do a no-notice check on you this week to make sure you are working hard on getting ready for Atlanta! I know you are excited to get there to get the help you need and to do everything you can to help your body recover. We are all excited for you. Brent, Mrs. Reed and I pray for you and your family every day. You are truly blessed to have the best support system in the world-Christian parents. More specifically, a great mom and dad, tender hearted siblings, and an employer that provides a plane. But most of all a God that loves you and thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ that are praying for you on a daily basis. You might not see a regular physical presence of your support team, but if you look into the heavens you will see see a stream of prayers be lifted to God daily with your name attached. You may even feel a breeze as the energy of the prayers stirs the winds as the prayers rise to heaven. O.K., it is time to stop reading and get back to the STEM and your workout!!!!! We love you Brent, and we are thankful God put you into our life's pathway to heaven. Have a great day.

Dave & Jeannie Reed

Anonymous said...

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Kathy said...

You are truly an inspiration to all of us! Your family is as well. We are so excited every time we read how much you are improving and will always hold you up before God for strength and COMPLETE HEALING! God is good, all the time!

Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Amanda said...

Brent with a story like yours it's hard NOT to tell others about it!! For someone to hear your story or read your blog it would be hard for them to deny God's hand in every aspect your recovery. So many people all over the world are thinking about you and praying for you daily. I can't wait to hear about all the great things He's going to do with you once you get there.
Love you!
Amanda R.

KSullie said...

Hey, Brent. I can't remember if I told you a while back that I was following you through your blog. Many of us from the good ol' HU days are. This is Kristin (Organ) Sullivan by the way. You may remember me.
The Lords favor is certainly going before you. I pray that continnues. Great story!