Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Post!! (whats new with Brent!)

Its Wednesday night and I am doing very well! Today I worked in my standing frame for an hour, I was on my bike for an hour, I used the therastem (e-stim) machine for an hour and half, AND worked on my exercise program. Everyday I am striving to do better with each of my exercises. Once I reach a certain level on my bike I try to increase my pushing power the next time. I can currently push my bike approximately 80-90% every time.

Let me just take some time to let everyone know exactly the progress that I am making. There have been many people thinking I should be walking in a couple of days or at least in a few weeks. I am currently not at that level YET....but my progress is slowly getting better. I will do my best to explain the movements that I have regained.

After my accident I had absolutely NO movement or feeling. My legs felt like they were just dead weight. However, today after 7 months (hard to believe its been that long) I am regaining movements in my hips. I still have not regained anything in my knees and ankles...YET! One of my exercises is to lay on my side with one leg supported at the ankle and knee by someone. I am able to pull my leg up into my chest using my hips and then extend my leg straight out. I can do this several times back and forth very quickly and with a lot of force. My feelings are vague but are slowly returning. I also do an exercise when I cover my eyes and try to feel where my legs are being touched. Some of the feelings are vague but the hardest thing for me to do is localize exactly where I am being touched. I KNOW you are touching my left leg and I know you are touching the foot....but i have NO clue which toe you are touching?? But that will come back in time!

There is still a great possibility for me to walk with braces sooner than later. What this does is locks my knees and ankles in place. With braces and crutches I will be able to swing my legs at the hips in order to walk. Since my legs would be straight and not able to bend at the knee it will be an awkward walk.....BUT its a walk! I know that in time once I get more and more return in my legs I will be able to walk unassisted! Just like I use to walk before the accident-man, did I have a pretty walk!!! haha jk!

On July 22nd I am going for my evaluation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. The evaluation will figure out exactly where I am and the goals I want to achieve. Let me just tell you my goals....ITS TO WALK AGAIN! That should be a simple answer to give them. Once they evaluate where I am I will then go home for a couple of weeks while they design a specific plan for therapy. The Shepherd center is GOAL oriented so I guess they are going to have to help me walk again before I get discharged!

My progress has been tremendous! Moving my hips is crucial to walking again. I can brace my knees and ankles but I get most of my movement out of my hips. In time I know I will regain A LOT more in my legs. Slowly but surely I am getting better and I give ALL the glory to God! I humbly ask each and everyone of you to keep me in your prayers! This is going to be a long journey for me but it is one that I will need constant support through! Your prayers are directly affecting my outcome and progress! My progress so far is nothing short of miraculous!! To go from a complete injury with NO HOPE of recovery to being able to move my legs is huge. I am defying the odds and I have FAITH that I will walk again! Its FAITH! so hard to describe this feeling but I know that through prayers and God's blessings I will come out of this tragedy OK!!

I want to thank EVERYONE for there comments they lift my spirits so much to read them. I check this blog probably 10-15 times day to read the comments so many of you have written me! Thank you for your kind words.....AND SONGS?!??? haha Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!


Sue said...

That is so awesome how through faith and determination, you have not given up and are constantly striving to get well.You are such an inspiration. Keep on "moving".
Give your Mom a hug for me. She is one special lady.
With love,
Sue Poyet

christy said...

Happy 4th of July! You are in our prayers daily. Johnny has some new jokes for you when we see you in Atlanta! Keep up the hard work, we love you.
Aunt Christy and Uncle Johnny

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and your continued hard work and positive attitude! I know your Mom and Dad are,Your Dad is inspired by your dedication and talks about it daily, you are truly an inspiration to us all. Hope you, your family and friends have a great 4th!

Good luck in Little Rock next week, I will be praying for you and positive test results!

Love Ya Man!

Bob Farner

Kimberly said...

Brent I am uplifted today by your blog. I think about you and pray for you a lot when I walk to work. I believe you 100% when you write,
"In time I know I will regain A LOT more in my legs. Slowly but surely I am getting better and I give ALL the glory to God!" Your faith has inspired me in my own life in so many ways. People at UAMS still ask about you, my friend Melodee Harris did just this past week (she is the old who told me about Joni Erickson Tada).

I am grateful you are my friend and praise God for your progress. You work so hard for this, what's the rest of the world's excuse for not exercising? :)

With love and prayers and can't wait for 7-9,


Anonymous said...

well whatda know,I'm leaving a comment.I know you will check this 15 times today,so maybe just maybe I'll comment once an hour! Brent, you are an amazing person! Keep up the faith; you are stronger now than ever! Always remember that I'm praying for you.Have a happy day!!

turnaglw said...

It is an amazing recovery. I have not read in awhile so I caught up on your June and July post. I know a young man that had been diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago and has been healed. He has a site on caringbridge. it is boilingspringsclintjohnson. I would love for you to read it and see how strong his faith is as well. It is as strong as yours. Anyway I am glad you are doing well and I will continue to monitor and pray for healing.

Jay Alan's aunt
Leslie Turnage

Judy May said...

I am glad to hear things are going so well for you. With your determination and God's help, I feel sure you will reach your goal! Richard and I look forward to seeing you soon.

cahix said...

Brent: We can't wait to see you tomorrow. So much good is happening and we are very thankful God has answered so many prayers for you. I am not the least bit surprised by your progress. Hope to see Pete and Kathy also -
Love you -
Carol H. & family

Anonymous said...

Brent, I am glad to hear you are going to Atlanta for some intense physical therapy. I know your determination will pay off. Your faith is still amazing--so many would be angry about their circumstances, but you praise God even in the storm. Keep it up!
Jackie Hanegan

Anonymous said...


Gald to hear things are going well, I miss you being a part of my day, I can not wait to see to walk in here.
David Bowers