Friday, July 11, 2008

Please continue praying for my complete healing!

Well its Friday night and I have had a world wind of a week! On Monday we flew to Little Rock where I had a speaking engagement at my church that Wednesday. When we arrived back at my old apartment I was excited to see all my old friends from Little Rock. We were laughing the second they walked in the door which really made me miss all my friends in Arkansas.

On Tuesday I woke up and went to Baptist Rehab where we filmed my progress to be put in a video for the talk on Wednesday night. I had prepared my talk for weeks. Every night I laid awake in bed thinking of the message I wanted to tell everyone at Pleasant Valley. I wasn't nervous because I had gathered all my thoughts and felt very prepared for the talk. However.....once on stage, I started reliving the terrible days in ICU. I looked out into the crowd and saw my friends and all the people who were there for me through out the toughest days of my life and the emotions could not stay inside. I struggled throughout the entire talk. I have tried SO HARD to block those days out of my mind. Waking up in ICU for the first time at 2 or 3 in the morning and asking the doctor why I couldn't feel my legs and hearing his response was an absolute nightmare! That second my world was turned upside down. However, I never gave up faith that no matter WHAT the doctors told me I WOULD WALK AGAIN! I know that God can perform miracles and with enough prayers I would be healed through faith!

I posted a link to the video of the rehab session at the bottom of this page. Know that all of these movements are mine! My legs are only being lifted up and supported. My improvements are TRULY A MIRACLE FROM GOD! However, I do not want everyone to think that I will be up and walking tomorrow or the next week. I still have a LONG WAYS TO GO! I ask you to please never stop praying for me and my complete healing!

I know that God has a plan for me that is the ONLY reason I am alive today. If my struggles can bring just one person to Christ than this has all been worth it! I am not going to lie to you this is hard. This is the hardest thing I probably will ever face but through faith and the continued support of everyone of you I will recover from this terrible tragedy. I will take this tragedy and turn it into something wonderful to glorify God! PLEASE, please now is not the time to give up on prayer. He has showed us that nothing is impossible and he has already performed a miracle in my life, lets keep asking him for my complete healing and together through faith we will show everyone a miracle and glorify him in doing so!

click the link below to watch the youtube video of my rehab session. (what you will see is all of my movements. I am not being helped on any of it. My legs are only being lifted up and supported so they do not drag against my other leg) PRAISE GOD!!!
YouTube - Brent Adams


Anonymous said...

SWEET!I beat everyone to it!

BRENT,you are always prayed for!

You work so hard, so don't give up.Effort equals results :)

I'll sign my name this time,


Anonymous said...

You are always being prayed for & always being lifted up!! The video was amazing to see all that you can do!!! You totally ROCK!!!

Cassandra Hicks

Elizabeth said...

I am still praying for you and am so thankful for your progress. I can't wait to see what happens when you go to atlanta! You are such an encouragement to me and to so many others!

Elizabeth Short

Cristina BFF!! said...

The video was amazing!! I'm so glad you put it up. I'm the lucky one though... I was lucky enough to see you do it in person!! All I can say is WOW! I was so happy to see you and your parents the other day!! Really anxious to see your speech soon!! I hate that I didn't make it. Huge Hugs!!

Allison said...

Way to go, Brent! Thanks for posting the video - it's so good to see your face again! We're continuing to pray for you and your recovery.
Ted, Allison & Madi Bowsman

debbie and jim said...

Well, son, you gave me goose bumps and tears of joy. We are continuing to raise you up to Lord. You look wonderful and it is so nice to see you smile. Give your Mom and Dad a big hug from us here in Kansas City. Keep the faith and keep on pedaling. You are going to finish with fine form!!! God is awesome and he loves you!! Jim and Deb

Matt said...

Awesome video! Never ever give up!

Kathy said...

WOW, BRENT! The video is so amazing! We can't wait to see you walk again! It was great that you were at church for the group picture today. By the time we finish the remodeling of the building I'm sure you will be standing in the finished picture! We love you and are praying for you!

Robin,Kathy and Christopher

Kimberly said...

Brent it was so great to see you and your folks! Everyone at PV is still talking about your visit and video. You are inspiring so many people by your faith and hard work. I feel lucky to call you my friend, despite your association with that strange Hans character ;)

Miss you bud!


shelly dahl said...

You were such an inspiration to me Wednesday night. Your dad is so sweet and when he was talking I remember how shook up he was at the hospital every time we came to see you. When your video started playing I was expecting you to be able to move your foot an inch or something. I was blown away. Such a great job and I love that you are giving God the glory. Love you.

Shelly Dahl

Anonymous said...

Hey - it was great to see ya tonight, and I always love to hear about your progress and all of the awesome stuff you're gonna be doing in rehab. I'm always thankful for the reminder of the power of prayer and miracles happening all around us. :) Have a great week!


Warren (Earl) Barry said...

Great Video, loved the music. That was worth a thousand words. I, like many others, have been keeping up with your writings but I had no idea even after having read your descriptions that you where doing that well. Keep up the progress.

Paul Cartwright said...

My name is Paul Cartwright you and I were at Harding at the same time but I am not sure we ever met. I was shocked to see the pictures on facebook but I am so impressed with your progress and with the healing power of our mighty God. I am a youth minister and I was wondering if your talk was recorded and in a format I might be able to see. Please shoot me an e-mail at if this is possible. Keep on recovering-Paul Cartwright

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your video. It is so inspiring to see the strength and courage God is giving you, and the encouragement you are giving the rest of us! You and your family continue to be in our prayers -- and can't wait to hear what happens next!

Dennis & Colleen Mount