Sunday, July 20, 2008

Im Going To Shepherds Center In Atlanta!

The reason for the post today is to inform everyone of my upcoming appointment with the Shepherds Center in Atlanta on Tuesday July 22nd at 1:00P.M. The plans right now are to leave here Tuesday morning and have my dad fly me up there for my appointment that afternoon. The Shepherd Center offers three different programs:
1) OUT-PATIENT- This is where you live off campus but drive there about 3 times a week for several hours of therapy, this is NOT what we are really wanting to do. I want to maximize my time there and do therapy as often as possible! I would work out 7 days a week for 8 hours a day if I could!!! Also the living arrangements for outpatient will be up to us to find. Do we stay in a apartment? hotel? We need to know the best decision to make!
2) DAY-PATIENT- This is similar to the outpatient except I would go to therapy DAILY! This is the program I would really like to get into. It would maximize my time there and I would get the most out of my rehab! If we have to MOVE to Atlanta for this therapy I do not want to go a few times a week. As a daypatient the rehab center own special apartments which they PROVIDE us to stay in while we are doing rehab. I special van will come by every morning and pick me up and take me to rehab so that I can do my therapy! This is the IDEAL SITUATION! I will have a place to stay, and I will be working out everyday! (PLEASE PRAY I GET INTO THIS PROGRAM)
3) BEYOND THERAPY- Beyond Therapy is a very INTENSE rehab program which maximizes your return through active training! Lots of physical exercise and using state of the art equipment to regain function. Beyond Therapy is DAY-PATIENT on steroids! This is actually something I would REALLY like to be apart of the only thing is....there is a VERY long waiting list to be apart of this program! I would take this program for SURE, but I dont know if I will be able to get in?
So those are the programs that they offer. I have decided that since Beyond Therapy has a waiting list I would like to be apart of DAY-PATIENT so I could get the most out of my time there plus have a place to stay. It would just make life so much easier! I want to be on the list for Beyond Therapy and when that opens up hopefully I can be apart of that program. Until that time I NEED REHAB and DAY-PATIENT would best fit my needs at this time.
I ask everyone to PLEASE pray for me and the upcoming decisions and my evaluation next Tuesday. Pray that the Lord will guide me and the doctors to make the BEST decision on what I need! Pray that I am able to have housing and things work out in that regard.
After my evaluation on Tuesday I will then go home to Florida for a week or two until they have developed a program that would best fit my needs. I will then return to Shepherds to be admitted! Please, please pray that everything works out!
P.S. I am getting more return everyday! I need the PRAYERS to KEEP COMING!! Please dont stop!


Anonymous said...

So i'm sitting watching you do you exercises and am still completely blow away. its amazing how much progress you've made since you came here in May! God is so amazing and you are such a miracle!!! keep up the good work Brent!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely in my prayers. And you should know that you are the 1st prayer request at our Girl's Tuesday prayer group each week. It's great to have specifics to go to the Lord with. Keep up the faith.

Cynthia M.

P.S. Can't wait to see you again in LR, maybe to play S-Games.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are improving everyday.We serve an AWESOME GOD;He is soooo faithful! I'll be praying to day and tomorrow. Stay strong!

Cannot forget to leave my name!

Kimberly said...

Brent your video alone is so powerful if these doctors see you in person and know how far you come I believe there is no way they can turn you down for day patient status! At Vespers tomorrow we will keep you in front of the Lord.

Much love and prayers,


~Cristina!~ said...

I am soo excited for you and your appointment tomorrow Brent! This day program sounds perfect for you... how can they not think so too!!?? I will be thinking about you tomorrow and praying that we hear great things! Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

you are in my prayers tonight as always you are so positive i love it God is truly amazing

God bless


mmlace said...

Brent, I've been praying for you ALL DAY!!! Please let us know something as soon as you know which program you'll be admitted to!!!

I'm so excited about this opportunity that lies ahead for you, and even more excited to see you allow God to continue to work in your life! He's doing some AMAZING things through you!!! Much love!!!

Robyn said...

hey brent, i have never met you but have heard about you. my husband is thomas (clints friend who is a patient at shepherd center) we were hoping to get to meet you today but i hope all went well with your appt and things work out great. the shepherd center is wonderful and we couldnt have asked for a better place!