Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prayer WORKS! Details from my Atlanta trip!

Well Tuesday we left early in the morning for Atlanta to visit the Shepherds Center. The day was FULL of miracles which we can not explain. Every door that we thought was closing got blown wide open by a chain of coincidences that we believe without a DOUBT was God 's hand.
(miracle #1) We arrived at the Center an hour and half early so that we could find our way around. While my parents waited in a room I decided to check things out. I went into a rehab gym and met a therapist there who I thought could answer our questions. We had SO MANY questions and did not know where to go in the hospital. The therapist laughed and said, "you are in luck!" She went on to tell me to ask a lady on the other side of the gym for help. I asked the therapist if the lady worked at Shepherds? The therapist replied, " can say that?" So I went over to this lady to ask for help in finding out where I needed to be and what program to be apart of in the center. She was the BIGGEST help and so sweet to me. She helped give me some ideas for therapy and what to expect at the hospital. The lady was at the center to be apart of a television interview for the it would turns out the lady i was talking to was ALANA SHEPHERD! It was kind of....Her Hospital!! A coincidence? YOU BE THE JUDGE!
(miracle #2) I was doing my evaluation with the Physical Therapist who saw some promising things with my legs. She knew for sure I had my hips but felt a flicker in rest of my legs like they were trying to fire! However, she was hesitant with my rehab because of my shoulder. She said i was a candidate for braces, but the therapy put A LOT of stress on your shoulders and didn't know if mine could take it. She left and came back a few minutes later and said, "You are in LUCK, there is a "shoulder clinic" going on right now with a doctor who specializes in spinal cord and shoulder problems.....hahaha...I have BOTH problems......A COINCIDENCE?? NO! She said the clinic is always full BUT....there was ONE opening and she was able to squeeze me in, if I left right away! We went over to the clinic and the doctor was WAITING on us, ready to evaluate my shoulder so I could be admitted into the program! I had X-rays taken of my shoulder and the doctor was baffled! He said, "Well....your shoulder has had the best possible outcome" He explained that my shoulder had FUSED with my body. Basically what that means is the ball does not float in the socket...instead the ball is fused to the socket so it doesn't move. Sounds bad...BUT let me explain! The doctor explained that with a shoulder shattered as bad as mine that its is common for doctors to surgically fuse the shoulder. However they do so with limited movement about 30 degrees forward and 30 degrees to the side. However, mine just HAPPENED to fuse itself...and it did so at the perfect place giving me more than 90 degrees in both directions. This makes my arm VERY functional and really strong since they are fused. My shoulder blades is what gives me most of my range! But he was going to CLEAR ME FOR THE PROGRAM!!!!! He said my arm was really strong since the bones fused themselves and they did so BETTER than if a doctor were to PURPOSELY do it! COINCIDENCE? haha....there are some miracles at work here!
So we currently have some paper work to finish up but we will be in the DAY PROGRAM at Shepherds! I will get to workout EVERYDAY to maximize my return. We have been put on the list for BEYOND THERAPY and other research programs...hopefully when I am done with the Day Program I can move straight into BEYOND THERAPY PROGRAM! Everything worked out better than we could have ever expected! We saw so many miracles and could not believe how the doors opened for me! God is guiding my life and my recovery! He is healing me better than doctors. He is laying everything out for me to succeed and one day walk again! Thank You so very much for your continued prayers. It is YOUR prayers that is making this possible! Please do not ever give up and keep me in front of God so that I can one day see the full power of his miracles and walk again!!


Anonymous said...

Yaahhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooo!! That is awesome news. It is certainly God doing the miracles - that's amazing. Who knew that a fused shoulder would be such a tremendous blessing? :) I am sooooo excited that you've been accepted into the Day Program, and can't wait to hear with each day how God continues to bless your life. Thanks for sharing!

See ya soon,

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I can't wait to hear your progress there. Yesterday God put the people in the right places in your life. How amazing!!!!!!! Love you! Esther

Nick said...

God is great...

I'm so excited about your news -- not that I understand the shoulder thing completely, I'm picturing you like Superman with a shoulder more powerful than all of ours, but if someone needs it, it's you for the rehab, so use that super-shoulder... Yes I do sound silly and I know it...

I'll keep praying and continue to follow you every step of the way (yes I did choose my words very carefully)...

-- Nikos

Anonymous said...

AMAZING news Brent!!!! I believe this calls for a MOES celebration!?! ha ha.


Anonymous said...

That is most execllent news...told ya those dimples work everytime...haha ttyl xoxoxx's

Ande Michele

Anonymous said...

Finally!You posted something....
I'm not sure how to about this....a huge smile with lots of tears in my eyes!!
God is a progressive God! Hallelujah! He just keeps chasing you down with blessings! SA-WEET!

you know who it is.

Kimberly said...

Brent I just said a prayer of praise, I am completely blown away by your blog of miracles!!! I agree, so many things lining up for you is God's hand in your life. Thank you for sharing this great news with us!

With love and prayers and so much gratitute to the Lord,


Amanda said...

AAAHHHHH!!!!! I'm so excited!!! This is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear more!!! We'll keep praying every day for you and all the miracles still waiting to happen!! Love you!!

Amanda R

meredith said...

Brent!! I'm so excited to hear the news, you are awesome! I can't wait for more updates- you're in my thoughts and prayers DAILY! Now, give YOUR family my love!!

Dave Reed said...


The dock awaits your footsteps!!!! When you said your goal was to someday walk down the ramp and onto our dock even then God was working these little miracles in your body to someday soon make that walk possible. We are extremely thankful to God and happy for you that things went so well in Atlanta. Oh by the way, tell Mrs Shepherd I said hello next time you meet her. She will not know who I am but you will get her attention!! You are truly an awesome personality! Your positive thinking and your great faith are two of the greatest qualities you possess. They will carry you until you can carry yourself. Thanks for update. With great love and admiration, Mr & Mrs Reed.

Kathy said...

PRAISE GOD! When I spoke with your dad at the Spiritual Growth Workshop I was so amazed by all of the wonderful things he said about the trip to Atlanta! It was great to get to the computer and read it all again! May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family!

Robin,Kathy and Chris

Linda said...

Miracles do continue to bless your life!!! You are such an inspiration to us all. We pray that God will continue to uplift you as he takes you through your programs. Thanks so much for the posting.

Love, Linda and Ronnie Vaughn

Kevin Bacon said...

B Rent

Saw the DVD of ya speech at Cool Preacher Man’s Church. Where was Cool Preacher’ Man? Who was the Kojack dude?
Hay, the speech was VERY IMPRESSIVE. The therapy seems to be goin great.
Will I Am is gettin scared about the dance. The Bacon is thinking Dec 31 2009 should be a good date. The Bacon is cookin up a plan. The Bacon wants ya to be in perfect shape cus we gonna do a dance workout.
You and I are gonna challenge Will I AM and the hugger to a dance off. We are gonna Footloose, Samba, Tango, etc. Will I AM and the hugger better be ready cus the Bacon and B Rent are gonna tear up NYC

Keep up the good work cus B Rent is gonna hava to dance for his New Year’s Dinner on Dec 31 2009

To be serious for one moment, glad the trip went well.
peace out

Judy May said...

You know what-it's awfully hard to read your blog with tears welled up in my eyes!!! This is such wonderful news but I guess it shouldn't be surprising when God is so active in your life. You are such an inspiration to me.