Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please Pray For My Friend!

I wanted to thank everyone who reads my blog. I am in awe of how many people it has reached and the prayers that have gone up on my behalf. It is for that reason I come to you now asking to increase your prayers for a very special friend of mine! Her name is Jennifer and lives in Benton, Arkansas. Through a very tragic sequence of events she had her neck broken and is currently struggling with paralysis from the neck down. I feel like God has put Jennifer in my life through this struggle. We talked on the phone last night and we shared so much in common. She was in the same room I was in at Baptist Rehab once I left and she will be admitted to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta at the same time I will be there. Jennifer is only a few months out from her accident and still has a long way to go. However she shares my faith in God and the power of miracles. She has her prayer warriors already going to God on her behalf and now I wanted to add mine to the mix. Together we are going to flood God with prayers and we will witness a miracle!
God puts people in our lives for just this kind of reason so that we can help others out. Jennifer and I were strangers as of yesterday but we share a common belief and a common goal of complete healing! We are both being dealt with a very big trial in our lives and it in these times that we can rely on God and put our faith in him. Each and everyday I firmly believe that one day I will be whole again. I believe the same for Jennifer as well! In order for this miracle to happen we MUST keep the faith. So far my recovery has been miraculous. I received an email from my physical therapist from Little Rock saying he is amazed by my recovery and the belief that I have in my healing. He said, “I never want to tell people what will happen because every now and then there are “Brents” out there who defy the odds!” I can say without a doubt that my recovery and healing has come from God! Although I still have a long ways to go I know God hears your prayers that you give on my behalf. Now I would like to ask that you extend those prayers to my friend Jennifer! She has a long road ahead of her as do I but together we can overcome this tragedy. Boy, do WE have a story to tell!
The reason I write this blog is to show others that through faith NOTHING is impossible. My recovery is only to glorify God and I know that so many of you do that each and every time you read my posts. If this tragedy can bring others to him than it will all be worth it! I ask everyone now to please lift Jennifer up as well! This blog reaches around the world and it baffles me how many people it has reached, PRAISE GOD! I ask for everyone to not give up on your prayers and to BELIEVE! We can not have faith with doubt. Believe God can answer prayers and I know that both Jennifer and I will be a miracle that he can use to glorify him!



Anonymous said...

Let Jennifer know you have some awesome friends praying for her! And're at the top of the list,as well as Jennifer.

Do not let your heart be troubled.Believe in God.
John 14:1


Anonymous said...


We have not met personally, but I know you through PV. Jennifer's mom is my cousin. I am so pleased that you and Jennifer have spoken. I appreciate your comments and prayers on her behalf. I am so excited and eager for the two of you to begin therapy in Atlanta! I know that God is working in both your lives. You are both in my prayers.


Dave Reed said...


I love your example of faith without doubt! Even more, I love how you lead others when you are in the heat of the battle of a personal trial. God, Jennifer, and many of us that love you, appreciate the spiritual uplifting we get each time we read your blog. We will certainly remember Jennifer and keep her in our prayers daily as we do you.

Dave Reed