Thursday, August 14, 2008

News On My Progress!

Well its Thursday night and I just got done with my therapy session. Tonight was the hardest I have ever worked with my shirt being completely soaked in sweat by the time I was finished! I was exhausted but the results of my workout was very encouraging! Tonight we worked on lifting my leg up off the ground and setting on the workout table/mat. Laying on my workout mat with half of my body hanging over the edge and one foot on the ground I was able to lift my leg up off the ground with a lot of force and with just minimal assistance set it on the mat with me. This is great news I was able to lift my leg off the ground with a lot of force pulling from my quads. I also worked on negative resistance and trying to slowly bring my leg down to the floor. This was also a great success as I was able to bring my leg down to the floor and even stop it in mid air.

Next we worked on standing pivots. Today I stood up with hardly any assistance and minimal pushing. Once I was standing I was able to weight shift and move my legs slightly with very small increments. Once I took weight off of my feet I would turn myself and sit down in a chair from my workout mat. This was a great accomplishment, once I master this technique I will be able to move from chair to chair without using my arms to transfer. I will be able to stand up and sit down using just my legs!!

After each and every workout session I see great improvements in my abilities. The Lord is definitely guiding my recovery. I have come so far from where I was in Little Rock. I feel like I am very close to walking. I still have a LONG WAYS to go! I don't want you to think that I will be walking any week now.....although with God....It's possible. However, my progress is getting better. We are confident that with braces I will be able to start walking but we are waiting for Shepherds to take me to that step. Until then I will prepare myself each and everyday for Atlanta.

I called the Shepherd Center today and was told that I would be admitted in mid September. I was told I would more than likely be admitted during the week of the 15th. I was also told that Jennifer and I would be going in at the same time. I am looking forward to going through Shepherds with a friend. We are going to keep each other encouraged and motivated all along the way. Please never stop praying for the two of us! We need all of your prayers to make it through this rehab. Each and every workout REALLY takes it out of me. I am use to sports and gym workouts but NOTHING is as difficult as my rehab sessions. It is because of your prayers I have progressed to where I am today! PRAISE GOD!! I can not WAIT for him to use me to further his kingdom. I AM READY!!



Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing the things that God is doing for you and through you. He is definitely hearing the prayers for you and allowing sooo many wonderful changes to happen. It's always a great day to see a new post. Thanks for sharing.

Waiting for your return to PV.
Cynthia M.

Dave Reed said...

Brent, when I sing the song "I can only imagine" I think of you and the wonderful things that God is doing for you, and through you; and we can truly "only imagine" for only God knows the full impact. As I observed the Monday night crowd gather around you this week, I felt the presence of God so strong that I could almost visualize Him in the room. When I looked at the faces of those present, I knew they were also witnessing God's hands at work. God's work with you and your family has been a great example for all to see. Your dad and mom have become tremendous examples of sacrifice and love. I am so thankful that God allows us to be a witness of his great works; works that "we can only imagine". I pray daily that God will continue to bless you with healing; and now I pray that you will be a great instrument for God as you encourage Jennifer.

Have a God blessed day with the tingling of new nerves.

Dave Reed

Anonymous said...

That's great Brent! Your progress in this short time is nothing short of a miracle. Your drive for success is so encouraging and think you will/have reach many people through your story. Keep up the GREAT work!

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have to say that you are such an inspiration to everyone in the SCI world. Shepherd is a wonderful place, and I have no doubt that they will get you walking again soon. My boyfriend is currently there in their in-patient program. He is scheduled to go into day program the beginning of September, so hopefully, we will see you there. I look forward to reading your blog and hearing all of your progress. Your positive outlook is so wonderful, and your determination is amazing. Please know that I have been sending positive energy and prayers your way. Stay strong and go forward.


jerry burchfield said...

Brent: For it to be so hard you sure make it sound easy. I'm not even sweating from reading your blog. ha.

Great, great news. We're thankful for your progress. May God bless.

Kimberly said...

Brent that is great news that you and Jennifer are going to Shepherds at the same time! I admire you so much for your encouragement to others (and to me!).

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

I know it will be hard, but you can do it w/ God's help. We'll keep praying for you. I knew of another person that I used to work w/ that went to the Shepard's Center. It was hard work. Glad you might be going w/ a friend to stay encouraged.

You are an encouragement to us.

Lori, Mike, Brighton & Cortland Janeczek

Anonymous said...

Brent, Hi I heard about you from my friend Jen. What a witness!! I'm am so excited that you two found each other. I do believe there is a "reason" for this all. I'm expecting great things from the two of you.

Somtimes it's more than amazing to set back and watch God go to work. It's better than an NFL football game.