Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank You So Much!!!

Well I am back writing on my blog! I was excited to see that a one Mr KEVIN BACON wrote on my blog last (I had to explain to my mom what 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon meant) haha. I am glad to hear that my blog is getting to so many different people. I thrive off of all the encouragement I get from reading my comments on my blog. Everyday I am working harder than I have ever worked before and I know that in time I will overcome this tragedy and turn it into something good!
One thing I have learned from all of my therapy is that my legs are REALLY HEAVY! You would be surprised just how often you use your legs to perform everyday tasks. Balance, slouching, turning, lifting almost every task you do in a day you use your legs even in times where you don't realize you are using them. I have four 45 min sessions Mon-Fri and some on Sat and Sun as well. Seven days a week I am in the rehab. gym working on everything I need to be independent. I have met so many great friends in rehab. As many of you know I very rarely take anything too seriously (although I take my rehab VERY SERIOUSLY) I tend to constantly play pranks and jokes on all my therapists. However, when it is time to get to work I put my game face on! I even come into therapy after hours to work on the "motomed" bike (this is a passive bike that will turn your legs for you). I have been getting some pretty interesting results on the bike as well- (more on that later). I am working on my transfers with a sliding board into a car and onto the bed. My shoulder has been holding me back some because everyday it gets sore with all the pushing I am putting through my arms. But I am not making any excuses! I will work as hard as I can despite any limitations that I have in my arm.
I do not know yet how God will heal my body but I figure it is better to have learned all of this training and NOT need it than NEED all this training and NOT have it! I am making progress everyday in therapy and soon I will have all the skills I need to get by on my own. Lord willing I will get more feeling and sensations back and possibly even movement. I have heard this injury can take YEARS before I find out the extent of my injury and what I will get back. Now onto the good news!!!!!!!!
I have been working on the MOTOMED bike which is just a stationary bike with alot more bells and whistles. The bike can determine spasms in my legs and also muscle tone. Sensors in the petals detect if I put force through the petals and the bike will shut itself down and tell you that "you are now pedaling yourself" this phrase has come across on the bike SEVERAL times. The bike will be moving my legs and the motor will shut off and a message will tell me that I am actively pedaling the bike. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! My physical therapists doesn't know what to make of this! He told me to get off the bike and he got on it to see if it was malfunctioning but whenever he put pressure in his legs the machine will stop the motor (IT WAS WORKING FINE!) Everyday I try to get on this bike even though I am not scheduled to ride it!
I am always encouraged by even the smallest achievements. I know that everything will work out and that I have to focus only on the things I can control and put the rest in God's hands. I have FAITH that things will work out and that I will one day get my legs back. The only thing I ask is that all of you do not give up on me. PLEASE continue praying for me and my recovery. I know I have so much support and I can not thank you enough for all your encouragement. I will keep all of you in my heart each and every time I go into rehab. Thank you all SO MUCH!



Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

Praise to our Father for each and every bit of progress that you have made! You mentioned in your blog that good will come out of this, but I believe that you have already made a tremendous impact on hundreds of people and your influence will only continue throughout your lifetime. It will only be in eternity that you will realize the full impact of your life on the lives of others. We continue to pray for the complete healing of your entire body. Give your Mom a big hug for me - she is quite a lady.
Carolyn Harp

Anonymous said...

It is so encouraging to see the progress you are making -- and your strong faith and commitment to God's will. Your "never give up" attitude is a lesson for all of us! We have been following your progress on your blog since the accident and really appreciate the updates so our prayers
can be with you each step of the way.
What address can cards be sent to? We have members of our church here in Ohio who have been praying for you, and we are not sure we have a current address. Thank you, and
we can't wait to hear what happens next!

God bless you,
Colleen Mount

Sharon said...

Dear Brent,
So wonderful to read yet another encouraging, uplifting entry from you.
YOU have an amazing trust and faith in our Lord. This blog ministers to countless people. You make us aware of the little things we take for granted and that everyday is a gift.
You have many, many people praying for you from all over the world.
What an incredible testimony you have!
Keep us all updated.
sharon josey

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Thank you for your awesome encouragement and faith. It was so great to see your parents for the first time since your accident. However, we still can't wait to hug you and see your charming smile. Oh...very impressed with the Kevin Bacon comment!

You're in our prayers!
Love ya,
Paul, Kim and Zane Taksey

Janice Kemp said...

Keep up the hard work. There are so many praying for you all over the world! You are never far from our thoughts and prayers in the neighborhood! Love to you and the family.
Janice & Lee

Renee (Nay) said...

Wow you are such a stud...You just won't let things get you down. God has blesssed you with such a spirit for life and oh how we can all learn a lesson about you..When i get upset over the little things I think of you and i shut up quick.Keep up the good work and you will see progress weekly. the Prayers go up and the blessings come down. In him, Renee in K.C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,

It's so amazing to check your blog & hear all the progress you are making! Your attitude is so awesome & I know that you will keep defying the odds! I check the blog every few days & am so glad that you keep us updated! You are constantly in our families prayers!!

Cassandra (Mangahm) Hicks

Marcia Bollinger said...


God is good! I am glad to read that you are daily making progress and your attitude is awesome! It was wonderful to see your parents last week at church! Your entire family is a testimony to the power of God and how he works in our lives. You are daily in my prayers.

Love you!

Shana said...

We are praying for you, Brent!

Troy and Shana Wolfe - HU 2000

Whitney said...

Hey Brent! It's Whitney (Leach) Hardy! I heard about your accident soon after it happened but just stumbled across your blog today. I'll be checking in on you from time to time. Your attitude is so encouraging.

Christy and Johnny said...

Hi Brent,
We are always encouraged by your updates on the blog. We are still praying for complete healing and know God has a wonderful plan for your life.
We love you,
Aunt Christy and Uncle Johnny

Norma said...

Hi Brent,

I just wanted to let you know that I work with your sister Amanda at Mayfair Child Development Center. I am praying for you and know that God is watching over you, protecting you and guiding you. I praise God for your faith and your example (and Amanda's faith)for your complete healing. And we realize too that it will all be in God's time; that takes great patience on your part as well as your family and those who care about you. Good luck with your therapy and keep up the faith. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. God bless and keep.
In Christ,
Norma Anderson

Anonymous said...

Brent - You are an encouragement to all of us who are tracking your progress and keeping you in prayer. We all need to remember that God is always in charge, and that having faith that serving him no matter what our life's circumstances are glorifies Him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your faith, and your indomitable spirit! Sandi Gray said...

Hey Brent,
your recovery is a graet encourangement, a reminder for us to appreciate the special beings we are. may there be total healing to your body.
We keep you in prayers.
- Seth and Kampala singles