Sunday, March 30, 2008


I justed wanted to thank everyone who has kept up with my blog. I know I do not post as often as I should but it means a lot that so many of you check it regularly.

Let me just take a few minutes and let everyone know what has been happening in therapy. ITS HARD! That about sums it up really. During my first stay in rehab I was non-weight baring on my left arm which means the therapists kind of took it easy on me. Since the Doctors have lifted my restrictions I think my therapists want to make up for lost time by working me hard. I have never in my life experienced something like this before. The simplest of tasks seem to take so much longer now. I am working on transfers from my wheelchair to the exercise mat and doing tasks like long sitting and short sitting. I work on getting my balance and strengthening my trunk so that I can stabilize myself when putting on pants or a shirt.

I have been having some pain in my left shoulder which the doctors said was inflammation. During the past few sessions I have had steroids applied to my left shoulder. AMAZINGLY I can now bench 600lbs! Barry Bonds has NOTHING on me! jk. They are not anabolic steroids so my muscles will not impress if they did before anyways! Since this accident I have learned to never take anything for granted. I guess some things we just have to put in God's hands! I believe my sister said it best, I was unconscious when she made this comment but it is very true. "God does not promise us this world will be easy, but he DOES promise it will be WORTH it!" -Thank you Amanda I think of those words often!

I have not given up on my legs and I will NEVER give up on them. They say this injury takes a long time to know anything and my body is changing everyday. New feelings and sensations are constantly going through my legs. Some say it takes 6 months to a year and sometimes a few years after your injury before you can truly know what you have in your legs. I KNOW that with ALL the prayers that are going up in my behalf that the Lord will bless me. I have already seen so many blessings that I can not even begin to list. ONE DAY....ONE DAY!! I have to keep the faith because without believing I can guarantee I wont make it thought this ordeal. I know I WILL make it though however and I know this through my faith in God.

I humbly ask that everyone please bring me before God so that he can touch my legs and make me whole again! I thank everyone for there love and support. I get encouraged by each and everyone of you! KEEP THE FAITH!


Dave Reed said...


Brent I have said it in the past but I must say it again, you truly are amazing! Whether you realize it or not, you are communicating to all of us a tremendous message of how vulnerable we are without faith. As you have said, and we all know, you are a living miracle! Through you God has touched more hearts than many ministers that preach all of their lives. In every Blog entry you remind all of us how important it is to have faith; and you do it with the gift of humor that God gave you from the beginning of your life. God has gifted you with the talent and a purpose because you are special to Him; because you glorify Him through your pain and suffering like another special son we all love. Keep up the good work, the positive spirit, and the great faith and He will reward you in this life in ways you never imagined. Remember it is O.K. to become a Hunk, but not a Hulk-it is too hard to find shirts to fit!!!

Dave Reed

Judy May said...

Brent, it was good to hear from you again. It strengthens my faith to know there are young people like you who are so dedicated to making the most of their lives for the Lord, no matter their circumstances. He will see you through!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,

You're doing great man! Keep up the hard work. As always, we're praying and thinking of you. It really is amazing to see God working in your life. We'll miss you this weekend (Mule Day) but we know that everyday you are getting better and are at a great place right now. Don't worry because Dad plans on having many more rib cookouts. In fact, the next time you are able to come over, he'll be sure to fire up the smoker for you!

Always praying,
Joe and SJ Bedwell

Kevin Bacon said...


Hey dude, red your blog.

Keep the faith.

Puttin a package together for you.

Maybe one day we can make it two degrees.


Terri Anderson said...

Hi Brent,
God is hearing our prayers and keeping us patient all at the same time. You continue to be an encouragement to all of us keeping up with your blog. Never lose sight of who you are, and that is one of God's people that He is expecting special things from!
Terri Anderson

Anonymous said...


It is so good to hear from you and all the things you are able to do now. How far you have come. Am sure it seems like it has been such a long time, but you are right to be patient and keep working hard.We continue to pray for your full recovery. Keep your positive attitude, and your wonderful faith and strength, I know God will continue to bless and heal you. Just want you to know how precious you are to us.I carry you in my heart daily. Keep up the hard work.


Terry Lashley

Kimberly said...

Brent we are inspired by how hard you are working your rehab. I agree 100%: NEVER GIVE UP (that is the ultramarathoner's motto!). I told Joe yesterday his pumping you up has paid off in Spades. Remember to eat your Wheaties ;)

OH MY Kevin Bacon wrote on your blog. I am honored to have two famous friends (you and Bill!).

Love ya,


Amanda said...

Just thinking about you today and I hope you're doing well! I sure do miss you! (and your family!) I'm so proud of how well you're doing in rehab. I only wish I were there in person to help cheer you on. We're all still praying for you out here. Just last Sunday some older friends from church (that I haven't seen since Christmas) came up and asked how you were doing. They aren't blog people, but they have still been praying for you every day.

Keep up the good work!! Love you!

Amanda Raibley

Linda Vaughn said...


It is so amazing at how well you are doing. Keep up the good work and we will keep praying for you as well as your family. We sure do miss seeing them at church. Tell Kathy and Pete hello.

Linda and Ronnie Vaughn

Anonymous said...

Hey Sparky,

I'm gald you are feeling well, give me a call,Julie and I would love to come and see you

Anonymous said...

hey handsome,
I think about you and pray for you often...your improvement from Christmas is mindblowing and encouraging to anyone who has seen you through this! Wish I was closer so I could see you more often. Take care of yourself, and keep on keepin' on- God's strength and energy are with you always!

love you,
Rachel Cogburn

KSullie said...

Hey Brent. Its been a long time. This is Kristin (Organ) Sullivan (from HU). I had heard about you and you and your family have been in my heart. Just found your blog. More and more blessings on you and your family.

D Lang said...

hey brent,
I just want you to know that my wife and I are constantly praying for you. Also, I check your blog often so keep writing! I always love to see what's new with you and your rehab process. Fortunately I know a little "medical talk" so most of what you explain makes sense to me. As always, let me know if there is anything I can do.
Miss ya
-Derek Lang