Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorry it has been awhile!

I apologize for my delay in posting on my blog but I was having some computer problems. Well not really computer problems so much as forgetting the password haha. Now that I have fixed the problem I will try to start posting more frequently.
Recently I have been working out and trying to rehab my left shoulder. My new friend Joe Monan has been coming over to my apartment and putting me through a pretty strenuous workout. If someone were to watch these workouts you might laugh at how easy it looks but I am doing the best I can with my shoulder! My range is getting a lot better in these last few weeks. I can raise my arm up to the side and out in front of me a few degrees. With assistance I can raise me left arm over 90 degrees (which is straight out). I need to get my arm stronger so that I can do these exercises without assistance.
Let me give everyone a little lesson in physical therapy. Everyones arm has three movements which makes up your entire range of motion.
1) Flection: This is moving your arm straight out in front of your body. I can currently get my arm to a little over 90 degrees with assistance and about 20 degrees by myself.
2) Abduction: This is raising your arm out to the side (kind of like using your arms as a wing). I can get a little over 90 degrees with assistance and about 45 degrees by myself.
3) External Rotation: Keeping your elbow against the side of your chest and then bending your elbow 90 degrees. The rotation is trying to move your arm outwards while keeping your elbow against your body. This is VERY difficult for me! Even with assistance I can not even get my arm to neutral (which is straight out in front of me) I currently have a negative range. I can move my arm from my stomach out to straight in front of me but I can not go any further. I was told this is the hardest range of motion to get back. I only have 3/4 of a shoulder so I do not know how much range I will get back. ISN'T PHYSICAL THERAPY FUN!
Next post I will try to teach everyone more about my therapy sessions. In a few months everyone should be able to take the test and become physical therapists (there is a lot more to it than that!)haha.
I have to constantly keep my arm and shoulder moving so I can strengthen my muscles and increase my range of motion in my left arm. On March 19th I have a meeting with my surgeon and he will take x-rays of my shoulder to determine if I can bare weight on my shoulder once I have been cleared it is back to rehab at the hospital.
My legs are still the same story BUT I am starting to get a lot of sensations not FEELING but sensations (which is a good sign)!
I want to thank EVERYONE for there continued support and prayers. I can assure you that I can NOT do this alone and I know that I have so much support from my church family both in Arkansas and in Florida. I will do my best and work as hard as I can to start back on my road to recovery. My legs are out of my hands and ONLY in God's hands. With persistence and prayer I have faith that I will be a miracle. I have already experienced so many miracles since my accident. The Doctor told me parents I had a 1 and 10 chance of surviving the accident (those are not good odds). The Lord saw me through that accident and performed a miracle I know that there are still more miracles in my life for people to be a witness. I give all the Glory to God for all of my accomplishments. I know he will continue working miracles in my life.
Thank you all for your continued love and support!
In Him,


Cristina AKA Your favorite OT!!! said...

Well, well.. Look at you with all of your therapy terminology! :) I have to say..I'm impressed!! Although... you did leave out "internal rotation"! :) Ok I'll shutup! Just opposite of external rotation --> I'm pretty sure you can do it anyway! You knew I had to throw that in there! You will be telling US what WE need to be doing when you come back to Rehab! Can't wait to see your face everyday! I think of you and am inspired to be the best that I can for each and every one of my patients...Hugs!! :)

Robin said...

You need to quit talking about all this positive outlook stuff. Your putting all the rest of us to shame, as we would like to wallow in our shallow sorrows and have our pitty parties over little obstacles in our lives. You are "THE MAN" and you continually inspire me to put all things in God perspective. I'm sure that we can't really know how much our love, prayers and support mean to you, but you also can't really know how much YOU have helped and inspired us. Especially me. Thank you!
With much love and continued prayers,
Robin Pruitt

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome Brent! Keep up the fight. I'm loving the lessons on Physical Therapy. The PTs better watch out. You might have their job one You are a great inspiration to us all.

So this new CD/DVD club/exchange we got going on for you in the singles class sounds pretty cool. I have a few DVDs myself. I need to update my list. I'll try to get some over to you to borrow. Any certain type of movies you like?

Amanda Slayton

Brenda said...

We are so encouraged by your progress and attitude. You remain in our prayers.
Morris and Brenda Seawel

Anonymous said...


I ran across your blog, well your Dad's at the time I guess, back in December or January. I just cried at what you had been through.

I told a couple of people in the office about you and they come by an ask if I have checked on you I personally know you...then we will get on and see what your latest news is.

You are God's proof of miracles happening today. I have kept you & your family in my prayers. Keep up the hard work and your faith.


LInda said...

You are doing great! We are so impressed by your attitude and faith in God. You are such a special person and you have taught us alot. Especially don't sweat the small stuff. Keep up the good work and press on. You are in our prayers constantly.

Love, Linda and Ronnie Vaughn

kristy patterson said...

You are awesome!!! Thanks so much for the P.T. updates and, of course, the added humor :) You have already come so far, and Payton and I are praying for your continued healing! You are such an inspiration to us all!
Much Love,
Kristy (and Payton) Patterson

Kathy said...

Hey Brent,
Sounds like you are doing a great job in rehab! Sounds like a lot of work. Keep it up! We are praying for your full recovery still!
Robin, Kathy and Christopher

Kimberly said...

Hi Brent, in Tulsa, beautiful blog, ***you are amazing***. Work that rehab, I hated it too but it paid off in spades eventually.

With much love and prayers,