Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well its Saturday night and I thought it would be a good time to post on my blog. This has been a really good week. I have been working hard in rehab and I am looking forward to going back into the hospital to finish my rehab once my shoulder has been cleared.
As far as my day to day life I can not say it is easy. In fact my life is a lot harder than I ever imagined. I have a lot to be thankful for but at the same time my future is uncertain. I firmly believe that with God I can get through this terrible tragedy. Everyday I pray for complete healing and with faith I know it is possible.
The support that I have gotten is unbelievable and it makes me feel so loved. Others have been a witness to the love that has been shown to me and it leaves an impression on them as well. I constantly hear people giving praise of the works they have seen from my church family and that is a testament to the kind of people that go to Pleasant Valley. I have also been shown unbelievable support from my family back home in Florida (I miss them a lot!)
Everyday I wish this never happened to me. However, a friend of mine summed it up the best saying instead of asking God why this happened to me I should be asking.....why NOT me!
I will continue praying and asking God to heal my body and in the mean time I will continue doing my best to give him the praise for the blessings that has been giving me. I ask that everyone please bring me before God so that others can be a witness to the miracles and that the Lord can be praised through my suffering. Jesus suffered more than i will ever suffer and he did it WILLINGLY! I have had so many surgeries and broken bones but my suffering was nothing compared to what Jesus went through and that is what gives me strength throughout this entire ordeal.
Please keep praying for me, I KNOW God hears it!
In Him,


Anonymous said...

You keep working and we will keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,

has been a while since I have written. Just want to let you know you remain in our prayers and hearts. We are so encouraged by your great attitude, and faith. We know it can't be easy for you! Keep up the hard work and know you have a lot of us down here in Florida lifting you up in prayer daily. Please give your Mom a Big Hug for me and let her know we love her so!

you are so precious to us!

Much love,

Terry and Gary Lashley

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that your working so hard. Keep it up and know that were all praying for your continued recovery. I hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...


Jesus tells the parable of the persistent widow who pleaded to the unjust judge to have her debts forgiven in Luke 18. The judge granted her request even though he was a non-believer. So if the unbeliever can be so gracious, how much more can the loving God be gracious to His children. Your persistent prayers of complete healing are not in vain. God hears you.
Your faithful spirit is a wonderful example of how much more there is for me to grow. Thanks!

Cynthia M.

LParrish said...

Hi Brent, Remember that just before he was arrested, beaten unmercifully and crucified, Jesus went into the Garden a prayed that if it were possible to please remove this "cup" from him. It was not possible, and so he obeyed. Your "cup" is also hard and the way you feel is normal and God understands. Just take it one day at a time, or even one hour at a time. We can all eat an elephant if we do it one bite at a time and not quit. Healing and rehab requires lots of time, lots of persistance and lots of patience. The most important thing is simply lots of trust in Jesus. Hang in there.
- Loretta Parrish

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,

When you want me to switch out the movies I brought you just let me know. I can send you a list of the ones I have is you send me your e-mail address. You can send me a message on PV Singles or .

Amanda Slayton

Sharon said...

Hey Brent,
Just reading through your blog and it speaks of what an amazing family you come from.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. I am reminded through trials all around us, that we should continue to have faith in God and be fervent in asking for complete healing.
I am also reminded that we should all "live in the preciousness of now!" You are such a blessing and inspiration to us.
God bless you Brent.
~sharon josey

debbie and jim said...

Brent, we continue to hold you and your family up in our prayers to the Almighty God. You are permanently on our prayer list here at Heartland C of C. We continue to be amazed at your strength; mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a great attestation to your faith in the one true God. Keep up the good work. Give you Mom and Dad a hug from us. Love, debbie and jim

Kimberly said...

Brent my life is better for knowing you. When I did the LR "walk-a-thon" I thought about you a lot, when I got tired, I remembered all your days in the hospital at UAMS and Baptist. Instead of feeling sorry for me I cheered others on, just as you do.

Hope to see you soon!

With love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Brent -
You are a blessing to us who watch and pray in your behalf. CS Lewis said that we talk about "our cross to bear" in life, but he was convinced that are more hindered by our anxiety about it than the thing itself. You remind me of this. Desiring full recovery, of course, but also displaying the overriding assurance that comes from faith in God and his purpose for your life. Whatever his will is, you are his, and you freely offer yourself for his glory. Gal. 2:20. Give your mom a hug for me. with love, Sandi Gray