Sunday, April 27, 2008


WELL..... As most of you know my injury status has been moved to an incomplete which rarely ever happens. This means that my chances of regaining movement GREATLY increases. Just yesterday I was in my bed and joking around with my mom shaking my body and making my legs move. She said, " haha brent, real funny but can you move your legs without shaking your body?" So my mom bent my knee and planted my foot into the bed. I tried and tried to move my leg..... AND I DID!!! I could very slightly move my hip flexors. My knees could move in and out just a few inches. I could move them in and out and it took all the energy I had to do this. Believe me it is nothing spectacular but a few inches IS movement. Some is better than NONE! I just have to keep working on it. Everyday keep my legs moving and focus on all my energy on moving my legs. To be honest with you NONE of this could have been possible without the continued prayers of EVERYONE! The progress I make has NOTHING to do with me but with all the support and prayers that have been given on my behalf! I will continue working as HARD as I possibly can but I ask that EVERYONE PLEASE continue to keep me in their prayers. I need all the help I can to get through these hard times. I know that this entire ordeal will be a blessing! I will use whatever I can to help others!

On another note! I wanted to thank KEVIN BACON for a package I received the other day. Kevin was nice enough to send me 8 autographed DVDs and a CD with some pictures and a nice letter. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and send me the package. Maybe one day we can make it 2 degrees!



Anonymous said...

God is so good!

Terri Anderson said...

Hi Brent and Kathy,
I have been away and just caught up on the great news!!! I just knew it would happen! Brent, keep up the fight of faith and your strength. God is definitely working through you to bring a lot of people to Him. And we'll keep up the prayers. Kathy - thanks so much for your sweet card. I passed it along to the other ladies that helped. Remember how much of an inspiration you are to all of us!

Judy May said...

Hello, Brent! We've been gone a week and it was a good ending to a trip to get back and read all the wonderful news about your progress. Yes, God is Good and you are a perfect example that He hears and answers prayers.

Kimberly said...

Brent this is amazing news ~ I am thrilled for you. Yes *prayer works* Praise Him for all He has done!

Luv ya,


Kevin Bacon said...

Glad to here the news!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HA HA)

Spuds posted your comment in a email and sent it to me. Good Boy!!!!!!!!

Sense u can host the Kevin Bacon Film Festival in your living room, we may be able to do 2 degrees.

Aunt Carol said...

Hey Brent!

Maybe you and Kevin Bacon can do the Footloose Dance together some day!

So glad to hear your good news! We are continuing to pray in Alabama!
Aunt Carol

meredith said...

You are truly incredible... and such an amazing example! I look forward to seeing you as soon as possible. Maybe Pete will let me fly the moonie again.. haha!!

love to you and all your family,

mattsgirl said...

hey brent i just read about you on the matt hughes site keep the faith He will not fail you stay srong and focused you are in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Great News Brent, I really can not wait to see you walk into the office. keep it up!

David Bowers

debbie and jim said...

Awesome news,Brent. Keep those legs a shaking! We'll keep the prayers amovin'. Give your momma a big hug from us. Love to you all. debbie and jim

Lindy said...

hooray for miracles, we are thinking about you! God is so good :0) -Travis and Lindy Carr