Sunday, April 20, 2008

Out of the hospital!

Hello everyone!!
Well, it's a Sunday night and I am currently in my apartment. I left Baptist Hospital on Friday afternoon and I am spending a few weeks here in Arkansas to tie up some loose ends before going back to Florida for a little while. I was glad to leave the hospital but I am going to miss all of the friends I met while I was there. My therapists were very good to me even if I did give them a hard time. HAHA whats therapy without a little bit of fun. I have a bunch of funny stories to tell about my time in the hospital. If you have a little bit of time and want to laugh A LOT let me know. Now that I have left the hospital with the best possible news EVER (see previous post) it is time for me to work extra hard to regain motor function. For those of you who do not know or didn't read my previous post the Doctors upgraded my status to a LEVEL-B. This is UNBELIEVABLE! OK....not unbelievable when you consider the one behind the miracle.
Time for a little crash course in what a miracle consists of....YOU BE THE JUDGE! As a Level-A I am considered as having a COMPLETE spinal cord injury. This basically means that my chances of regaining any function is slim to none. I was basically given a chair and said hope for the best! HOWEVER, now that I am a LEVEL-B it means I have an INCOMPLETE spinal cord injury which changes the outlook drastically on everything. My lower body IS receiving signals which means my chances of regaining my senses and motor function greatly increases. What makes this a miracle is how rare this is to have an injury level overturned. One of the therapists said 1 to 2 % of people get cases overturned the way mine did; coincidence I think not!
So....what does this mean for me now?!? Don't get me wrong I am NOT out of the woods yet. I have a LONG...LONG road to recovery. I have to work EXTRA hard to get my legs used to moving. I need to keep my muscles strong and keep the nerve endings firing in my legs. As my nurse told me that being a level 12 it means I am a 1/2 a centimeter away from being in the LUMBAR level which means I will regain motor function in my hip flexers this is the beginning stages of WALKING!!! 1/2 a centimeter away!!
I cannot stress enough the power of prayer! God LISTENS to us when we ask him for help and have faith in his power! Faith with doubt is not considered faith in my book-I don't think its considered faith in God's book either (the Bible)! Peter's doubt when walking out of the boat to walk towards Jesus proved he didn't have complete faith...look where that got him (a mouth full of water!) In order for my healing to be complete I MUST believe in God's power and ask everyone to pray on my behalf. I pray that the Lord will touch my legs and make them whole again. I pray that this tragedy will touch others lives and that God will be glorified through my struggles and perseverance. I am not going to lie to you, this is the hardest thing I have ever faced and will ever face! Luckily for me I have a band of Christian brothers and sisters who will help me get through this and with the help from God I will be used as a tool for him.
Please everyone keep me before God. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers


Multifuncional said...

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The Reinhardt's said...

I have been following your blog through Sarah Schaffer's blog for the past couple of months. Your Faith and ability to stay positive are absolutely contageous. God has amazing plans for you! I look forward to hearing about your first will happen. God is GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Brent, I have been following your progress from the beginning and
praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida. You have an amazing family. May God continue to heal you.....Owen

edensfamily said...

that is awesome brent!! Keep up working hard, you are in an inspiration to so many. Praying big stuff for you. Blessings. Jana (Weaver) Edens

Norma said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news! God is indeed sooo good. I will continue to lift you in prayer and know that God is preparing you for good things. Keep working hard and you will be up walking before you know it. Praises be to God. In Him, Norma Anderson

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you in Florida!!!
Paul, Kim and Zane Taksey

ncreeves said...

brother it was great hearing from you today.. i hate that i've been missing out on serious prayers for you, but i'm on board and prayin for you and your recovery! glad to hear about the recent news and just want to encourage you that your testimony is incredible, keep it coming!!