Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I need your prayers!

I know this is the second message I have written this week but I knew I needed help from everyone for a test that I will be taking this week. I have some pretty promising news but I need your prayers in order to pass an injury level test! Since I have been in therapy my doctor has always leaned on the conservative side in giving me a diagnosis. There always seemed to be a medical explanation for all the progress I thought to be making in therapy. Every time I felt good about something new in my body (a feeling or sensation) my hopes would be dashed by medical jargon explaining everything I was feeling. However, recently I have experienced a lot more sensations in my legs and I have been making progress in therapy.
My physical therapists was talking to me today about there staffing meeting they had with my Doctor. The staffing is a meeting held to discuss my progress with all my therapists and doctors. My therapists told me that my doctor was discussing some promising things that have been happening in my body. The doctor never gave ME much hope but talked about how he was hopeful to my therapists. I understand the doctors point of view always needing to weigh on the safe side when dealing with the patient for liability reasons. However, my doctor ACTUALLY said I could be a possible ASIA B which means I have an INCOMPLETE INJURY! If this is the case my prognosis drastically changes. My hope for recovery greatly increases. The doctor never does the ASIA testing twice unless he sees a reason for possible improvement. WELL, he has ordered another testing on my prognosis. I am currently a complete injury which the odds are not good, but God doesn't work on percentages. God doesn't care about medical jargon his power is beyond everything medical science can explain.
If you would PLEASE keep this special request before God I would greatly appreciate it. I need all the prayers I can get to pass this test and go from an ASIA A to an ASIA B prognosis (incomplete injury). Please pray for me and the outcome to my test. Thank you all for your support throughout the toughest test of my life!


mike&lori said...

We have & will continue to pray for you. I am hopeful for good results on your next test. Keep up the great work. You have shown tremendous inspiration to so many. So proud of you & all your progress!!

Mike, Lori, Brighton & Cortland Janeczek-West Orange Church of Christ

Sissy McWhirt said...

I have been and will continue to be very hopeful about your complete healing. I just prayed a tearful and gut-felt prayer for that. I love you and I am so proud of you. You continue to encourage me by your faith.
Sissy McWhirt (CH&BS)

Kimberly said...

YOU ROCK. Keep it up Brent.

With constant prayer and love,


Dave Reed said...


I get sooo excited every time I read the ppositive news of the little miracles grwing inside your body. Needless to say I see you as a miracle, and I see God working through you as another miracle. The little itsy bitsy nerves that grow from the brain will take a while to get to your toes (years), but it sounds like God has kept a few little passage ways clear to send rays of hope and teach all of us the great lesson of how to wait upon the Lord. Our mens class will have a very special prayer on your behalf tonight. Keep positive.

Dave Reed

debbie and jim said...

This is such a positive outcome to all the prayers that have been sent up on your behalf. We are and will continue to pray for full recovery. You are a blessing to our family and an inspiration to the world. Jesus loves you and so do we. Love ya, debbie and Jim

Jess Alonso said...

We have been praying for you and your family since learning of your accident in December. We are also ever mindful of the need for continued prayers that will lead to your complete recovery.
You are such an awesome young man and a testament to His words and work. Please know that God has a master plan for you and his work in future years, as He is now using you to reach out to many others.
Love to you, your family and all that are praying for you.
The Alonso Family
Fort Worth, Texas

Renee (Nay) said...

In our Wednesday night sevices we brought you before God tonight. Our prayers are for the best to happen for you if it is Gods will.
It sounds like you have improved alot and we a so happy to hear this. Our prayers will keep on going....

Marybeth said...

Brent, I just heard about your accident from a friend and wanted to assure that "Nothing is impossible with God!" I am praying that God will heal you and show His power. You will have a wonderful testimony of His healing power. "By His strips you have been healed."
I know that the DR's tell you lots of bad news but the Bible says to think on those things that are of good report - Phil 4:8. Stay focused on the good things that you see happening. Sounds like you are already doing that but I wanted to encourage you with the Word of God!

Anonymous said...

my husband and I, and our church in Searcy have been and will continue to keep you in our prayers! You are such an encouragement!
Jamie Spears Henry

wkb said...

Prayers are going up for your request.

jerry burchfield said...

You and your dad touched many hearts in Wednesday night's service at PV. May God continue to bless you with healing as well as opportunities to witness.