Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Blessings Keep on Coming!

So the other day I decided to make a trip to my old stomping grounds and return to BRI (Baptist Rehabilitation Institute). I made a trip to the hospital to work out in the training gym after therapy sessions were complete. I wanted to ride the motomed bike and get some exercise. When I got there I told my therapists about me being able to move my legs a few inches. They wanted to put me to the test to see this for themselves.
I got onto the training mat and moved my leg again a few inches like I did at the apartment. Still not totally convinced because my OT wanted to make sure I was not compensating another part of my body i.e. moving my upper body causing my legs to shift. My OT called my physical therapist over to confirm my movements. My PT laid me on my side and put his hands on my hips to make sure I was not shifting. He placed a plexi-glass board between my legs to reduce friction. On his compand......I MOVED MY LEGS 7-8 INCES in each direction!! My therapist told me that he could feel my hip flexors firing! I WAS MOVING MY LEGS!! THIS IS HUGE!! I did this several times with a crowd starting to gather around me to watch me move my legs for the first time. The gym was empty except for myself and several therapists witnessing my first movements! If I can get some more movement back we can begin working on walking again.
I have overcome so many odds and this has NOTHING to do with me but through prayer and everyone bringing me before God. When I first arrived at BRI and they did there test and found me to be a T-10 ASIA-A Complete injury I would NOT except that diagnosis. I was told I would more than likely never walk again....AGAIN....not what I wanted to hear. I REFUSED to believe this and KNEW that through faith and prayer that we could see a miracle happen. My doctor could only tell me the medical facts that they knew to be true....but God doesn't follow medical facts he works on his own time tables and with a different set of laws. In order for me to regain everything I MUST believe and I need prayers from everyone. I firmly believe in the power of prayer! I have already seen it happen in my life. I have overcome every single statistic. I lived, my status was changed to an incomplete, AND.....I started gaining movement back!! All three of those odds were against me. I will never stop working and NEVER stop believing. I want to thank everyone for there support and prayers! Please, please, share this story with others...lets get the prayer chain growing! I know so many of you keep me in your daily prayers and I thank you for everything! Please tell those who are not praying this story so that God can hear us through prayer and petition. I firmly believe that through faith ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I am living proof of that! I have a great story to tell and would love for others to tell it as well!
I am leaving this weekend to go back to Florida. I will be there to finish recovering and get back on my feet.....LITERALLY!! I miss all my friends from Florida but will think about my family in Arkansas EVERYDAY!!! I have met so many people who have touched my life and for that I am forever grateful! I love you all so much and just know that you will ALWAYS be on my heart! I hope to return to you in time and GOD-WILLING WALKING! Thank you for always being there for me especially during the hardest test of my life!


Rick and Sandra Welty said...

Great Neww, Brent. We are still praying in Holladay, TN. God is good!

Rick and Sandra Welty

Joe Bedwell said...

Truly amazing! You are one of the greatest testaments of faith I have ever seen. We're going to miss you in this part of the country, but I know you'll continue to make this amazing recovery as you head home. Keep it up man and we'll continue to watch the miracle!

Always your friend,

kristen said...

There are so many instances in the bible when Jesus performed miracles, and the crowd just stood around in amazement. It has always seemed like such a silly response to me-- they're just standing around, not quite believing, and I always thought I'd have caught on right away, with the full knowledge of what Christ was doing and who he was. But I feel like those crowds felt-- just baffled by God's power, and the way it works contrary to everything that I know to be true. You are a miracle, and you bless those who are watching you. We can't wait to see you in FL in July, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent! This is great news! I'm so happy to hear of the improvments you are making! I check in on your blog from time to time and I am really so inspired by your faith and attitude!

The two times you were in Nashville we missed each other. Now that you will be in FL for a while, I'll have to visit when I come home! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and God bless!

~Sarah Marie Singleton

debbie and jim said...

HIP, HIP, Hooray! Pardon the puns! You are the child of an amazing God and so are we. We will continue to pray and give praise to our loving, attentive God. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all in this adventure. Love, debbie and Jim

K-Starr said...

That is so awesome Brent!!! You are such an inspiration! I hope more people have faith and trust in God as you do. I have known in my heart since day one that you will one day walk again, God willing!
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

It was such an honor to hear you tell us the wonderful news in person last night at PV. I will continue to pray for complete healing, so that when you return to LR it will be on your own two feet.

Cynthia M

Courtney said...

We are so glad to hear your good news Brent and want you to know that you have been and will continue to be in our prayers!!! - Blake and Courtney Hirscheider

Dave Reed said...


I am very, very excited about your progress. I know your family (especially Dad) is excited beyond description. We are al excited that you are coming to Florida so we can see you take that first step! You have come a long way in five months, but God has taught us to trust and wait upon Him and good things will come. They are coming and ther is more to come in your life! We love you and our prayers for you are unending. See you Sunday!

Dave Reed

Lisa Carter said...

Brent, you write just like you talk and I can "hear" you and the excitement in your voice as you tell us your outstanding news!!!!!
God is good, all the time. Wish David and I were going to be there with everyone to see you in Florida, but we're super thrilled for you here.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you Brent! Keep up the hard work and God will continue to bless you. We're still praying for you!! Best wishes!

Amanda Heep

Kathy said...

This has been so exciting! We just ran around the house telling each other about your progress last week. Please call on us if there is anything we can help with. We are just a phone call away!
Robin, Kathy and Christopher
321-239-0888 Robin's Cell
407-298-2252 Home
407-625-3146 Kathy's Cell

cahix said...

Brent: We are so excited for you. I found a card this weekend you sent me earlier (my surgery). We are praying for you too. I hope things are going well in FL and you keep up the therapy (I know you will). God will bless you. We love you and you and your family are always in our hearts and minds.
Carol H.

Christy Canady said...

Hi Brent, your story is AMAZING!! I pray you don't lose your determination and will to walk again. It will be hard, yes, but just keep working hard and remember: YOU CAN DO IT MAN!