Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Im HOME! In the Sunshine State!

Sorry for the delay in writing on my blog. My internet went out at my house so I have to use a air-card to get a signal. Well on Sunday I arrived back in sunny Florida. My dad flew me home in the company plane in which I wanted to thank Farner Barley for allowing me to come home in luxury! haha My dad is a great pilot! I slept most of the way home and when I awoke we were landing in Leesburg. I arrived to a bunch of my friends from home waiting for me at the airport with balloons, signs and all!! I felt like I was a Beatle arriving in America for the first time except there were no SCREAMING woman! (I WISH!)
I arrived to a fully furnished apartment on my parents house! I want to thank everyone who worked on my apartment, my shower is huge now, I tried it out for the first time yesterday, one word- "AMAZING"! I can not BELIEVE how everyone has come together to make my life so much easier. We could not have done this without you! To everyone out there who gave of their time and money you are an example to all, especially me! I am so lucky to have people like you in my life and I am forever grateful. I want to thank Long Medical Supplies for donating equipment as well as Marva and Bob Blaise who helped me out with a chair on loan from the Medicine Chest in Lady Lake. Yeah.....I have great friends!
Now that I have thanked everyone let me tell everyone my good news! Miracles keep flooding my way PRAISE GOD!! A few days before I headed home to Florida we decided to video a session at rehab (BRI). My friend Joe Monan and I are making a video of my progress most of it comical with a bit of seriousness. We decided to go back to BRI to film me with my therapists and shoot me moving my legs again (which I mentioned in the last blog entry). Well Allen my Physical Therapists put a board between my legs again but instead of moving my legs a few inches like before I moved them about 50%!!!! It was AMAZING!! My leg just kept on moving and moving.....AND MOVING!! My knee was almost in my chest when I stopped! Miracles DO happen and I am living proof of that! Nick Hamilton a preacher from my church was even there to witness the event! I still need prayers if I am going to complete what I set out to do the minute I woke up which is WALK! So far medical science has gone as far as it can go and the rest I need God's help. He has already surpassed medicine and I need prayers from everyone to get more back. I have faith that one day I will walk again but I can not do this alone! I need everyone to bring me before God! I want to thank everyone so much for there continued love and support!



Kimberly said...

Brent you are a testament to the power of faith and prayer, miss you blood brother. Thanks for the update. Love ya, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

What an amazing God we serve!!
This is awesome news Brent. Glad to know that God is hearing our prayers. With the great progres you are making you will be walking into the PV doors sooner than later.
In Him,
Cynthia M

Cindi Burleson said...

We know that God can accomplish what we cannot on our own. He is going to bless and bless you. We are continuing to pray for your complete recovery. Enjoy being back in Florida.

Mickey and Cindi Burleson

wilsonbest said...

I recieved a e-mail concerning you from our church today.
When i read your story (they gave your blog sie info)i froze!
We too have been in your position.On May 19,2007 my 2 year old daughter - Sierra - was in a wreck with my sister. It left her with a spinal cord injury. C1 C2.(same exact as Christopher Reeves)Paralazed from her neck down!
But GOD heard our crys for help! Today Sierra is a WALKING LIVING MIRACLE!!! She was given less than 5% chance of living and we were told if she did she would never walk or breathe on her own! We had many people all over the world calling her name out to GOD and her chose to HEAL her! It was a very long road and we sure had alot of obstacles to overcome ,but with Gods help and AMAZING GRACE we were able to substain. Brent DONT GIVE UP KEEPING PRAYING AND CLAIM IT!!!! I fully beleive that is why God honored our request! our family will lift you up in prayer! We KNOW how important that is! God CAN and WIll help you!!!My favorite verse through our trial is 2 Corn. 12:9....
We will pray for you!!!! Just remember we have a walking talking 13 year old teenager who leads a full active life today because GOD CAN!!!!!!!
In Christ, Stacey Wilson

Judy May said...

You're living proof there's no limits to what our God can do, if we but ask and believe! Keep working hard and let us know how things are going for you. I know your family is glad to have you home. You remain in my prayers each day.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear you are home safely! Congratulations on the leg movement...you are a true testament to the power of prayer and your faith is amazing! Keep up the hard work because I know this is not easy!
Sara Kathryn Smith

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!

Our God is an awesome God and I pray that you and your family will continue to receive His wonderful blessings!


Kevin Bacon said...

Hay dude,

Glad to hear ya news. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

If we can one day make it two degrees, Kyra,Spuds,you, and I can do the footloose dance.

Rock on and rock out

Cherlin said...

Good words.