Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Day At Shepherds

I arrived at Shepherds on Thursday afternoon. My dad was able to fly me down in the company airplane courtesy of Farner Barley Assoc. (I can not thank them enough for all they have done for my family!) Once we got to Shepherds I got settled into my new apartment. The apartments are wonderful! They are completely wheel chair accessible. The apartments are brand new and are on the Shepherd's campus. Once I got to Shepherd's I was pleased to find out that Jennifer and I are next door neighbors. She put signs up on every door saying "WELCOME HOME BRENT, NOW COME TO ROOM 013 AND VISIT ME!" It was so great meeting both her and her mom and I look forward to the next couple of weeks working out along side her.
Getting to rehab will be easy from where my apartments are located. I can push from my apartments over a walkway which runs over a street and into the Shepherd Center making it easy for me to go to rehab.
My first day started Friday morning. I met at the registration at 8:30 am and filled out all the paper work. I then went upstairs to the rehab gym for my evaluations. My first evaluation was with my OT (occupational therapist) her name is Mandy and is very sweet. My first day was just answering questions and setting my goals that I wanted to obtain. I told them plainly...."To Walk Again!" My OT took measurements of my range of motion on my left arm. The results were...ummmm...not too great! But being that my arm is fused I cant expect too much back. However, they are going to work on my scapula or shoulder blade (for the non biology majors out there) to help me get more range of motion. Although my range wont be much, they think they can tweak a few more degrees out of my range.
Next I met with my case manager who showed me the facility and told me what to expect at the center. My case manager is basically the one I go to if I have any problems.
I then at lunch and afterwards met with my PT (Physical Therapist), Lauren. Lauren again asked me a ton of questions and put me on the mat to check out my range that I had in my legs. She did just a few exercises because we were running short on time from all the first day questions. She noticed a lot of movement in my hips and quads but not as much from the knees down (which I already knew). We are going to finish up my ASIA testing on Monday. I am praying for an ASIA-C and I humbly ask for everyone to pray for the same. She mentioned to me that therapy will be tough and very strenuous, but I am up for the challenge.
Monday will be my first true test of rehab. Friday wasn't really rehab, just evaluations to see where I was at and what kind of therapy I will be needing. I look forward to the next few weeks and the opportunity that Shepherds will provide me.
A lot of people have been asking me what my address is:

Brent Adams
SCI Day-Patient
2020 Peachtree Rd N.W.
Atlanta, Ga 30309

I would love to receive mail from anyone! I LOVE getting mail:) Thank you all for your prayers. I pray for a miracle EVERYDAY! I know that with the Lord's help I will walk again!



Dave Reed said...

Brent, it sounds like you are in good hands at Shepherds. Work hard, i can not wait for you to walk onto my dock! You work hard and we will pray hard! Remain humble before God and hHe will lift you up!


Nick said...

Go ASIA-C!!!

-- Nikos

Kathy said...

Hey Brent,

We will continue to commit our prayers for you! We know you will work as hard as you can and God will grant your healing. NO DOUBTS.

Robin and Kathy

Lisa Carter said...

Hey Brent! Isn't it amazing how you have entered a whole new world that most of us were barely aware of? You are helping so many of us grow! I'm so grateful for places like Shepherds and know you will be as good for them as they will be for you. Love you still! Lisa