Thursday, September 25, 2008

I took my FIRST steps!

Well its Thursday night and I am writing everyone to tell them that I walked with braces today. When I got to therapy I was surprised to see my therapist with braces on the mat. She asked me to lie down and she began fitting me for the braces. Once she was done we went over to the parallel bars where I took my first steps!! The braces I have on my legs block my knees from bending because I have not gotten that back YET! However, my hips are working well so I am able to freely move them forward and walk. I have not perfected the walking yet, but its just going to take time and practice. I still have not given up on COMPLETE HEALING!! This is what I pray for everyday, and I humbly ask for everyone to please pray for the same.
It is amazing how far I have come since my accident. I was in a hospital bed fighting for my life to survive and now I am taking my first steps, when the doctors said Id NEVER walk again. My legs are still not where I want them to be as far as the movement. I need my lower legs back to be able to walk unassisted. This is something I pray for EVERYDAY!! I desperately ask God to please heal my broken body and make me whole again. He has already blessed me so much and I am very grateful for all his blessings. I know he has a purpose for me, which is the ONLY reason I am with you all today! I look forward to each day of therapy, even though it COMPLETELY wears me out! Friday afternoon I am getting in the Locomat again (pictures on previous post)! I am excited about my time in that machine! Please keep the prayers coming!
Enjoy the pictures of my FIRST STEPS!!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers! It is YOUR prayers and God's awesome love which has made it possible for the pictures you see now! Please do not stop praying on my behalf! Miracles DO WORK!! I am living proof of that!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Nick said...

Wow... You see people on TV doing it, but when it's pictures of your friend -- well just WOW... You're the man...

(Sorry I've promised thoughtful comments but sometimes even I'm speechless, yes it happens)

Keep going buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Holey Moley!!! Brent-y I am just so amazed - and continue to be in awe of God's blessings and in your progress. I knew you'd be taking steps in those braces, but not in the FIRST WEEK! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing pictures and for your inspiration. :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Breeennnnnnnnt,if you keep this up,the therapists won't have a job to do.It hasn't even been a week,and you're already taking steps! Way to go!

you know who this is :)

Brett Jones said...

Keep the faith!

You are an inspiration. I know the ones that I have shaired this with are in awwww!

Dave Reed said...

Holy Moly Brent is on a Roly!!! I think our prayers all falling second to your tremendous desire to walk; or maybe it is God's way of expediting your recovery to keep up with the prayers he gets on your behalf every day. You consistently amaze me with your progress. I thank God for Shepherds and what it can do to help inspire you and physically challenge you to towards a positive recovery. Keep up the good work, it is paying great dividends.

schwen said...

Congratulations on your recovery. God has blessed you. I know it may be hard to realize sometimes ,but you have come a long way. My son turned 17 in the PICU at Childrens Hospital a couple of weeks ago due to a four wheeler accident that has left him paralized. We are now at BRI in Little Rock where I met a RN named Carla that knows you. She suggested that Travis (my son) look you up on my space. Anyway I hope you dont mind, but if you find some free time I would really like to talk to you. In the mean time stay strong and remember the True source of your strength.