Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Broken Body!! and....NEW MOVEMENT!

Well its late and once again I thought I would share with the world (or at least those who follow my blog) all that has happened to me recently. On Monday my therapist arrived to workout with me and we were able to do new exercises and once again find NEW MOVEMENT!! I can sit on the edge of my workout table with my feet on the floor. I then lay back but still having my feet on the floor I am NOW able to kick my legs out and straight them at the knee. My movements are quick kicks straight out then they fall back to the floor. This is GREAT news because it takes my quads to do this movement. My movement is slowly working its way down. First I was able to move my legs from side to side for just a few inches. Then my hips got firing and I could pull my legs up to my chest. I was then able to get my adductor and abductors these are muscles that run on the side of your thighs. This has given me the ability to spread my legs apart and pull them back together, and NOW my quads are firing allowing me to kick my legs forward! Some of these exercises are hard for me to do and some of the movement is slow with minimal to no assistance, BUT ITS THERE!!
I have come SO far from my initial injury and the ONLY reason I am getting this movement back is because of GOD and his blessings. All my prayer warriors are going to God and HE IS LISTENING! He is performing MIRACLES in my body. Miracles that can not be explained by modern medicine. I was a COMPLETE injury with NO HOPE of recovery, I was told that I needed to learn to live my life in a chair. I wasn't about to except that answer. Nothing the doctors could ever tell me would change my belief that GOD would heal my body. He would do what doctors and medicine could not! It was in that time that my faith was tested. I had no other alternative but to trust 100% in God. Doctors and medicine had gone as far as it could go, now I knew if I were to get better it would have to be a miracle from God. I couldn't loose faith because it is THROUGH faith that he would heal my body. Since my accident people never stopped bringing my case before God. We all asked him to please touch my legs and heal my body and with the prayers of so many he answered our cries. Please I still have a LONG ways to go and I still need your prayers and your faith in God to complete this miracle. I humbly ask everyone not to give up on me! I need your prayers for my upcoming trip to Shepherds. Both myself AND Jennifer needs your prayers. We have been given a huge trial in our lives and I need everyone to help us over come it! God is the ONLY answer, he is the only one who can heal me so we must not loose faith in our creator!
Several weeks ago my friend who works at UAMS where my surgeries took place sent me copies of my CT scans of my shoulder and back. These are AMAZING photos that I want to share with everyone. I want you all to see what an amazing God we serve. My body was BADLY BEATEN and the doctors gave me no hope of recovery. God is proving them wrong and we must praise and glorify him with each and every miracle


Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Thank you for influencing me to further strive for Christ.I like the point you made that turning to God was the only alternative. When facing life's daily trials,I seek Him.After all, He is the author and perfecter of our faith. I firmly believe God is our great physician!You will overcome this,so keep it up!

Johnny & Christy said...

Your recovery continues to amaze us. We do serve a wonderful and gracious Savior. I do believe you will be able to walk again. Your faith will be a testimony of never giving up and waiting on the Lord.
We love you,
Aunt Christy and Uncle Johnny
P.S. Your facebook class picture is a classic! I vote you most likely to Succeed!

Dave Reed said...

The Cat Scans all looked normal to me! Except it appeared that you have swallowed a lot of nails or something!!! Maybe it is just my lack of medical training that makes me see wierd things in the negatives! Hey, I am really glad to hear those nerves are mvoing on down your leg. I am very excited for you. They say God moves in mysterious ways; I think you are getting a real feeling for that quirk of wisdom. Keep up the good work and the great faith and positive rewards will continue to come your way. Thanks for being a daily encouragement to me and many others.

Dave Reed

Kimberly said...

Brent this is POWERFUL testimony to our Almighty God!!! I have joy in my heart for your progress and your faith. You got a big quote from Chuck in this week's bulletin too :) You continue to inspire me and so many others.

Love you blood brother and keep up the awesome progress! YOU ROCK!


Terri Anderson said...

Hi Brent! Wow - what great news!God is indeed working miracles through you so continue to be the inspiration you are. We will continue to keep you in our prayers so please continue to keep us updated!
Terri Anderson

Kathy said...

Don't worry, Brent. We will never give up on your and never stop lifting you up before God! You are HEALING proof of His power and might! Keep up the hard work. I know you will.

Robin and Kathy

Anonymous said...

I saw this tonight and thought you would enjoy seeing some of God's other miracles! It brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the hard work! God is using you in such great ways! You are such an encouragement! Paul wrote to the Colossians that whatever we do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord, giving thanks. You're strength and perseverance are truly in the name of the Lord and that is so awesome to see! Keep it up!!!! I am still praying to our great physician for complete healing!
Sara Kathryn

Anonymous said...

haha so i forgot to post the link :) here it is:
Sara Kathryn