Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Im Atlanta Bound!

Its Tuesday night and I will spend my day tomorrow packing for my visit to Atlanta to start rehab at the Shepherd Center. Please go to there website and you can see some of the treatments I will be undergoing and take a tour of the facility.
The plans are to leave early Thursday morning and fly to Atlanta where I will check into my apartment which is owned by the center and right across the street from the facility. We will spend all day Thursday getting settled in and exploring the Shepherd Center. On Friday morning I am scheduled to get registered with the day patient program. I will then go upstairs to be evaluated in the gym. I will go through several series of tests where they will check my movements and see where I have return in my legs. Most of my day Friday will be purely evaluations and explaining to me how the program works.
My friend Jennifer is already at the Shepherd Center and went through the evaluations on Monday. She told me that they will retest my ASIA level (AMERICAN SPINAL CORD INJURY ASSOCIATION) and I need the prayers of EVERYONE that I will be moved to an ASIA-C!! I am currently at an ASIA-B but i feel that I have now moved up a level and I need the prayers of everyone for the improvement in my current status. My therapies will not begin until Monday the 22nd. My therapies will be designed according to my current ASIA status and movements.
My days will begin at 8 A.M where I will go through a couple of hours of physical therapy, and then Occupational Therapy. I will then go to lunch and afterwards I will have the rest of the afternoon where they will put me in programs based on my needs. It is in the afternoons that I will get to use the new equipment and advanced technologies that Shepherd has available.
I would ask everyone to please, please pray for me and my progress at Shepherds. I pray that these next few weeks God will touch my legs and give me more return. I also pray that Shepherds will be able to maximize my strength and my movement potential. Since the day I woke up in the hospital my prayer has been for complete healing which is something I am certain only God can provide. I need everyones prayers now more than ever. This is going to be a huge step in my goal of walking again. I CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE!! I promise each and everyone of you I will work as hard as I possibly can. I will do whatever it takes and work myself to exhaustion everyday. If I make you this promise can all of my prayer warriors please make a commitment to go to God in prayer on my behalf? I will do my part, but with God being flooded with prayers from across the country and around the world I am sure he will hear our cries and he will bless me. God has already blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I pray he will use this injury to glorify him. I want my body to be a testament to the power of God so that I can be a witness to others and show them that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE through God. I will never give up and I will NEVER doubt the awesome power of God.
My friend Jennifer got to Shepherd earlier this week and I would also ask for you to include her in your prayers as well. We are going through this struggle together. No one understands what we go through but each other. I pray all the blessings God has granted me he will extend those to Jennifer as well. She has all of her prayer warriors praying for me and I am going to add her to the prayers of so many of you who follow this blog.
I am literally blown away by how many people this blog has reached. Even players for the Buccaneers NFL team has been following my blog for awhile! Not to mention countless more who check this site regularly. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! You give me strength and encouragement to BEAT THIS THING! I plan on writing on this blog more often during my stay in Atlanta. I also hope to post pictures and videos so everyone can follow my progress.
PLEASE PRAY FOR BOTH JENNIFER AND I! Pray for strength and for God to touch our legs and make us whole again.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! I hope you post every single day while you're in Atlanta! Because I'm sure you will make progress every single day. :) We'll all be praying for ya . . . just a little extra hard (whatever praying hard means . . . )and we'll certainly miss ya around here but are just so excited for ya!

Love ya!

Nick said...

We'll be here praying, and checking your blog for updates...

-- Your biggest Greek fan

Kimberly said...

Brent not a day goes by I do not think of you.I *know* I *believe* with all my heart GOD has great things in store for you at Shepherds!!

With much love and prayer, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to hear of all your accomplishments because of the power of God. I hope the trip to Atlanta went well yesterday. I look forward to hearing updates about your progress at Shepherds.
You and your family are always in my prayers.

Amanda Slayton

Judy May said...

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you - you and the Lord, that is. I'm sure He will tighten His arms around you and give you the strength you need. My prayers remain with you.

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I am guessing that the reason that there is no Blog updates is because you are "WORKING HARD"! I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR OF YOUR PROGRESS. Who knows, Coach Gruden may be watching your Blog to make sure you are not sluffing off!!!!! We are still praying for those nerves to continue to grow and to begin an acceleration period. I know with prayers, love, and hard work, great things will happen for you.